How to connect the Satellite Pro P100 to Hifi

I've got Satellite Pro P100. How to connect this laptop to stereo
It's probably easy, but what I can say... Call me stupid.

I have head that comes out of the headphone jack, it connects to my friendly hifi.
Ill be there is a unpleasant hissing in the background. Trying to hook up my boys in head mp3 player, and that works very well.

Any chance of some help... Thank you



To my knowledge, you can connect the satellite Pro P100 to HiFi only via a cable 2 RCA Audio Y adapter. To my knowledge the laptop doesn't support the S/PDIF audio output so you only to use an analog audio port.

You can also buy a stereo adapter with 2 x cinch sockets to connect the laptop to the stereo. This card can be plugged into the headset jack

Check this box:
Stereo adapter

I think you should visit the nearest dealer of portable. It can show you the right and taken in charge of cables and adapters.

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  • Activation of keypad on the Satellite Pro P100

    I just got my laptop new Satellite pro P100 and cannot find how to set the number pad (integrated) to be enabled at power on.
    I checked in the Setup, the Toshiba HW setup... nothing

    Does anyone have an idea?

    Thanking you in advance

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no sense for me to have 'num-lock' enabled at startup on all laptops.
    As you know, all the keys the keypad uses are shared with the regular alpha keys. In order to avoid interpretation of the wrong password (on a reduced keyboard set), the "Numlock at startup" function has not been implemented in most (all?) notebook BIOS.

    You can hold the key while you tap on the "blue pad", but that's all you can get without activate "num lock" with the +.

    If you have an attached external keyboard, very probably the num-lock on the extra cushion will be "on" by default. Otherwise, if you do a lot of the use of the numbers, you can get a num - pad usb to your laptop. There are quite expensive "toshiba-made" on e - bay ;)



  • How to disassemble the Satellite Pro A60

    I need to open my Pro A60.

    I tried to delete all the marked screws B14 B8, B20 and F3, but there is still something preventing a complete separation around the area of the CD tray.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The Satellite Pro A60 is very similar to the Satellite A60.
    I found a very useful website that explains how to disassemble the A60.

    [How to disassemble the laptop Toshiba Satellite A60/A65 and replace the system board |]

    But note; everything you do are ALWAYS at your own RISK!

    Good bye

  • The Satellite Pro P100 motherboard must be replaced

    Hi, can someone help me?

    My laptop PSPA4E-001001EN Satellite Pro P100 need raplace a motherboard but I am not sure if I can use m/b with the other party doesn't.
    My is A00000507026145641W and I can't find

    Why n t contact you authorized service provider? I mean the technicians are very friendly guys and I sure they will help you to get a new mainboard and they can exchange for you if you want m.

    On the Toshiba site, you can search the nearest ASP: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good luck!

  • How to connect by Satellite Pro A300-1LW to TV - only monitors VGA port available

    I want to connect my Satellite Pro A300 1LW to the TV to watch DVDs and videos on the internet.
    There is only a single VGA output.

    I have this connected to the input VGA on TV (Sony Bravia LCD TV) and it displays the start-up screens such as the BIOS, Windows startup screen password but fails when the user login screen.

    The television then shows a message indicating "signal not supported.
    Adjust the PC output '.

    Is the complete list of available interfaces:

    1 x DC-in
    1 x external monitor (this is the port that I use)
    1 x RJ-11
    1 x RJ-45
    1 x i.Link (IEEE 1394)®
    1 x external microphone
    1 headphone (stereo)
    1 x SP/DIF (optical) shared with headphone jack
    1 x 5-in-1 Bridge Media slot (supports SD ^ TM ^ memory cards up to 16 GB)
    Stick® up to 256 MB, Memory Stick Pro ^ TM ^ up to 2 GB, MultiMedia Card ^ TM ^ to the top
    to 2 GB and xD-Picture Card ^ TM ^ up to 2 GB)
    1 (shared with a USB port) x eSATA
    4 (2 left, 2 right) x USB 2.0 (USB Sleep-and-Charge of support)

    Have you tested when laptop is not connected and that Vista is fully charged?
    I mean start your laptop and wait for Vista to be fully charged. Cannot connect to the TV, then use the FN + F5 key combination to have the image on the TV.

    It works correctly?

  • How to connect the Officejet Pro 8100 printer to wireless network

    Bought a "nine" Officejet Pro 8100 and want to use via my wireless network. The CD supplied with the printer is obsolete. Updated Apple software but can't see how to connect the printer to the network. Getting Started Guide is no help on this issue. Searched for support without result pages. Utility HP does not provide a method to set up a wireless feature. Find all the instructions, I say first of all make sure that the printer is connected to the wireless network, and that's what I can't find out how. What I forget?

    Finally, I called HP hotline for help and was rescued. It turns out that Apple's software update software includes all the required components. The software from the HP Web site is no longer available. It's frustrating to see the Getting Started Guide refer frequently to the HP installation wizard and be unable to locate it. Once the wizard tech took control of my computer and installed the necessary software, it was a breeze!

    I also note that compose the support number to talk with a guy was rather brief: between 1 and 2 minutes, I recall. Although there was a menu of the phone, it was not a large (unlike the attempt labyrinthine and often circular to locate the online help).

    Insofar as HP knows the necessary software in not available via software update or directly from HP, wouldn't make sense to inform buyers, as well as how to access? At least do not place meaningless, useless on the Web site links that lead into oblivion and frustration!

    Although I did appreciate the journey, I finally arrive at my destination. Thanks to Aris, HP technician. You are exceptional!

  • How to remove the Satellite Pro 4600 BIOS password?

    A friend of mine recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 (PS460E-03371-EN). Unfortuately the password of the BIOS was set before the purchase and would like to know how to reset it.
    The machine will not start now.
    Any help as to the location of the BIOS battery or work around this problem will be appreciated.


    To remove the BIOS battery will not help. BIOS by removing on laptops is more complicated than on desktop computers. BIOS by removing the procedure depends on the laptop model and it is not the same on all models of laptops.

    A lot of people get the laptop with password and to provide an accurate description how do this in the public forum is not good idea.
    Have you tried to contact the person who sold this laptop and ask BIOS password?

  • How to open the Satellite Pro 4600?

    Tea fell on my satellite pro 4600. Anyone know how to open it?


    It seems that you don't have much experience with these procedures.
    I think that it s not a good idea to do something if you n t know how and what.
    Visit the simple computer dealer and especially that they know how to disassemble these devices.

    But I put t know if it s profitable. The laptop is old and maybe you need a new motherboard. These pieces are not cheap and I think that it is best to buy a second hand laptop. Maybe on eBay?

  • How to access the Satellite Pro 6100 wireless network card?

    I'm cleaning a Satellite Pro 6100 for a customer and noticed that it has built in wireless card (something they didn't know). However, I just can't work out how to access. I pushed the little switch on the side backwardsa and I rocked forward, Fn + F8 and everything else I can think. But nothing happens.

    I even found the Switch Device Network utility, but that is only to show the LAN card.

    Any ideas?

    First of all please check if Device Manager in the laptop has an integrated WiFi card. The switch WLan available on the website of the laptop does not. Laptops are delivered with different specifications, and the WLan card is optional.

    I think that the WLan card is not installed in your laptop and so you cannot use it.

  • How to disassemble the Satellite Pro U200


    Lately, I have come to the need of the back opening of Toshiba Satellite Pro U200, you know the place where RAM and all the other stuff is stored.

    I have my tired to do it, but I could not open, so I was afraid to break something.

    Any of you know if it is possible to open the back of the laptop?

    If possible, it would be possible to close it later? :]]

    What you want to change on the laptop? The RAM?

    As far as I know the locations of memory are placed under the keyboard. Therefore, you must remove the keyboard stand and keyboard.
    It's a little tricky and if you n t have experience with this that you should ask a technician for laptop help.

  • How to pass the Satellite Pro A120 adapter?

    My laptop runs on the battery, but now it is only 3%.
    I get a message to pass to an electrical outlet? I don't know how to do this?
    The AC power led is off.

    Help! This is a new laptop.

    I really wonder about this question usually you must simply connect the adapter to the laptop and the device should automatically switch to the main supply and should begin to charge the battery.

    Have you tried to remove the battery and use the laptop with the power adapter? Check it!

    Maybe the power adapter is faulty?  :| ….
    In this case, you must contact the ASP in your country for a control. Probably, the adapter must be replaced.

    Good luck

  • How to reformat the Satellite Pro C660-21 without recovery disks?

    I have a Trojan horse on my Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-21f, I have more available disks to reformat the laptop.

    Is there a way that I can do?

    You can install recovery image using recovery disk (F8 at startup) facility?

  • How to use the Satellite Pro A100 speakers as a hands-free SmartPhone device?

    I have a your Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAC) and a T-Mobile SDA Smartphone. I would use my laptop speakers and microphone to talk to my cell phone hands-free. I use Vista.

    Are you sure that something like this is possible?

  • Cannot connect the Satellite Pro L series to TV


    I have trouble displaying to an external source (LCD TV). There is no display when I connect to the TV. When I press Fn + F5 the only option available is the LCD cell phone IE. I checked on the driver settings and there is no option to select the parameters for a secondary/external monitor.

    Does anyone know what I need to do so that I can display to an external source?

    I use the connection of 15 pins with an adapter to convert video connection - is it ok or should I use the S-video connection on the back of my laptop?

    Any help would be appreciated


    This TV option does not appear because you have connected the TV to the wrong place.
    The TV device must be connected to the laptop s-video port via compatible and s-video cable supported!

    Then, you can use FN + F5 to switch the display to the TV set.
    Please note: sometimes the s-video channel must be enabled on the TV!

  • How to connect by Satellite Pro L10 to TV?


    I have a Satellite Pro L10, which has a VGA out put but put no s-video output and I would run on my TV! Someone know what I get or do to allow me to do this? I have a VGA to SCART, but this dose doesn't seem to work!

    See you soon


    Maybe something like that can help you

    Good bye

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