How to convert a large number to the spell without truncate to 32-bit.

I'm trying to convert a hexadecimal number (string). The number is truncated to 32 bits, which is not what I want. For example, the number 28037546508295 (double) must be 0 x 198000000007. LabVIEW truncates and the resulting string is 0x7FFFFFFF, using number of Hex I'm stuck. Thank you.

'Number of hexadecimal string' accepts only data of I32. So, you should see a red dot of coercion when you connect your floating point number.

You must use "Format of value" (also in the String > number of rope/coercion-pallet) and use '%x' as a format string.

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    In the transformation of the mediator, the Source element is a string

    < xs: element name = "CREATED_DATE" type = "xs: String" > < / xs: element >

    Target is of type dateTime

    < xs: element name = "Creation_Date" type = "xs: DateTime" minOccurs = "0" nillable = "true" / >

    To avoid the above error, I used < xsl: value-of select ='xp20:format - dateTime (/CREATED_DATE, "[Y0001]-[M01]-[D01] [H01]: [m01]: [s01]")'/ > in the transformation, but its does not work. The value is blank display after processing.

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    Thank you


    Unfortunately, the format required by the dateTime format is YYYY-MM - DDTHH:MM:SS.sss

    You can use the substring, and on the entry's concat function to create YYYY-MM - DDTHH:MM:SS.sss

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    Kind regards


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    Simply activate your expression.

    not tested

    SELECT to_date('30/03/2010 11:48:29','dd/mm/yyyy HH24:mi:ss')-TO_DATE('01011900','DDMMYYYY') FROM dual;
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    I tried a long time ago and didn't, but I would try again.

    I've got about seven pages of intro to chapter in my book.  Each of them uses a Master Page that has the title of my book and the page number at the bottom.

    But in each case, I added a content text and background color, and background color covers the number of title and page book down.  I see again the page number and the title, but they are not separate.

    Is there an easy way to keep whatever it is, but have the title and the page number appear ' on top ' (without getting rid of the background color)?

    Best regards, Malcolm

    On your master page, make a new layer and move it to the top of the palette layers. Put your page numbering and title on this layer and then lock the layer so nothing else can be put there.

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