How to convert a letter scanned in a Word doc?

Original title: scanning and conversion

How can I convert a scannned letter to a word doc? I tried remaning file to a .doc, but when I went to e-mail it it came. doc.jpg it takes way to much space for a page simple photocopy of letter...



-What operating system is installed on your computer?
-What version of Microsoft Word you are using?

I suggest you to follow these steps and check if they help.

a. save image scanned in *.gif, *.jpeg.

b. open this image in paint, go to ' file-> save under "and name it"xyz.tiff"in" TIFF ".

c. go to "Start-> programs-> Microsoft Office-> Microsoft Office Document Imaging Tools"

d. go in "file-> open" and open your scanned document that has been saved in *. TIFF format.

e. go in ' tools-> send text Word.» You will get a prompt indicating that this process will take time, click OK. This will take some time depending on the speed of your computer (a minute or two at the most).

f. when it's done, it will open Microsoft word on its own, and the scanned document will be in editable mode.

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    Hi arrow888,

    See this KB document for help to convert or export PDF files to the file formats, Adobe Acrobat.

    Kind regards

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    You need Acrobat and can then use the file--> save money...--> Microsoft Word. Do not expect miracels. PDF files are not intended for the edition and you can end up with clumps of text and lose all the formatting and may have to rebuild the document completely.


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    Hi Enriquillo,

    You must use Adobe Acrobat to achieve this.

    Please see: vert-pdf-to-microsoft-office-word-tutorial_ue.pdf

    Kind regards


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    Hi davidp33429376,

    When parsing the document, you will also be able to save it as a PDF file, it is the feature of your application to scan.

    Later, you can view the PDF in reader Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Distribution

    Kind regards


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    Hello Sharon,

    Here is a quick guide:

    1. log-in to

    2. click on the tab PDF export

    3. click on the big blue button labeled as "PDF files selected for export

    4. a Pop up window appears, you must click on "Choose the files on my computer" and select the file to convert.

    5. click on continue and then click on the button "export to Word.

    You will be asked to download the converted file once finished the process of file conversion.

    Kind regards


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    Hello sam1178,

    I wonder if you can take a few minutes to explain how you came to post your question in this forum?  What link you click on what page?  I ask because this is not the right forum to ask questions about the use of PDF, but for some strange reason, many people end by posting questions just like yours... almost identical for some.  So I figure there must be a link somewhere that needs to be changed.

    The extent of the turn a pdf file into a doc Word will, there should be an option "save under" in Adobe Acrobat which allows you to specify a Word document in the output file.

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    Hi Carolina,.

    I just checked your account details and found that you have export pdf subscription, you can use the following link to access pdf online service export:

    Alternatively, you can install Acrobat Reader DC ( Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Distribution ) and service pdf export using the player software.

    Kind regards

  • Can I convert a PDF scan to a word or other text editable with Acrobat 9 Pro? In my view, it can be done in Acrobat DC.

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    In Acrobat 9, you will first need to use the OCR function to convert the scanned PDF document. You would then export to Word.

  • How can I edit a scanned document using word processing software

    The printer is a Deskjet 3052 a, OS = Vista,

    I would like to know how to edit a scanned document using a word processor (ms Word).  Or do I need OCR software that came with the printer.


    You use an OCR module, it is not included with the printer software.

    Personally, I know that Read IRIS offer good performance, you can check the web for any other.

  • How to change a letter with ext.bnk to doc

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    Thank you it's examView they have their own format. Thank you

    What version of ExamView you use can export in XML format?
    (Save as--> XML)

  • How to convert a pdf attachment to a word document?

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    If you mean that you open a PDF with Adobe Reader and the document appears to use a symbol instead of something recognizable font... the file is damaged and you will need to get the sender to send again.

    If you mean you are trying to edit a pdf document by opening Word, you can do that.

    You can change (some) pdf documents if you have Adobe Acrobat (which, unlike Adobe Reader, is NOT free).  The only way you can change a pdf without Acrobat document is to use the optical recognition of characters (OCR) software.  If you have a scanner, this software might have been bundled with it.  Or you could see if the pdf to print and scan file then it would result in an editable document - once again, if there is an OCR software at your disposal.

    You can ask the sender to send the document as a word (or Rich Text Format (rtf), which can be opened by Word).

    Or you can simply print the pdf, annotate the old-fashioned (with a red pencil) way, take to Kinko's, Staples, or a similar office supply place and get it scanned to pdf and then send this return pdf.

  • I'm trying to convert a PDF file to a Word Doc.  I click on convert and then connect and it says can not find the network.

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    Hi christinemsd,

    Looks like you can try to access the service through Adobe Reader. What happens if you connect directly to ?



  • How to convert my file to Microsoft Word?

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    Hi dvlore,

    You can use either ExportPDF or Acrobat to convert a PDF to Word format.

    This document will guide you through using ExportPDF: Getting Started with ExportPDF | Adobe Community

    In Acrobat, choose file > save as other > Microsoft Word > Word Document.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.



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