How to convert outlook contacts PST file to work with Windows Live Mail?

PST file

I have a PST file of contacts on a USB key that came out of Microsoft Outlook. I want to export these contacts in Windows Live Mail desktop. How can I do this?

Once that is done, is there a way to then export these same contacts for an Apple IPad2?

Hello MarkPhillips77777,

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  • How to keep Windows Contacts to update if you use Windows Live Mail... only for iphone

    Dear people of MS,

    The guys at tech Windows Live forum helped me as much as they could, but suggested I bring my topic to give you is a question re: Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail (WLM).

    Anyway, I had a computer crash on my Vista computer (all data had been backed up fine - it is) but in the meantime I bought a notebook with Windows 7 above. I started to use WL Mail on my new computer and when I finally got my old a return of the boutique (Vista), I downloaded WL Mail so that I would use same program of electronic mail on both computers. It makes sense to me.

    However, I have since discovered that when my iphone syncs with my computer, it only picks up the contacts of my Contacts from Windows Messaging folder, and * not * those of my WL Mail one.

    Question: what do I do if I want to keep my Windows Mail contacts up to date, ensuring that all new Contacts that I have receipt/get through WLM are also in my Windows Contacts so that when I sync my iphone the iphone is up-to-date with Windows Contacts.

    Windows Mail Contacts are so easy to see and then move that WL those who are not. It's horrible!

    Can you please help - after reading a lot of posting on the website of Windows Live, I'm assuming that I need to import the WL Contacts in Contacts in Windows Messaging is that correct? Is there anything else I should know or should do?

    Thank you very much.


    Psych :)

    Hey Psych13 and Gary,.

    Looks like you two neglected, first paragraph, of Halima. Just to summarize his position, it is not possible to synchronize contacts between Windows Live Mail and Windows Contacts. They don't like each other, there's bad blood there. :)

    Assuming that you have different contacts Contacts Windows and your Windows Live Mail, the third link posted Halima will help you to consolidate your contacts in a single application.

    And assuming that you need help to set up your iPhone to sync with Windows Live Mail, you can use the fourth link for help.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How can I make Outlook my default e-mail program? My Hallmark cards program is trying to send my cards with windows live mail

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    What version of office you are using?

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    Sorry to say no luck, no more support from HP and Microsoft.

    Kind regards.

  • Missing important files after migration to Windows Live Mail from Outlook Express 6.

    Original title: Windows Live Mail.

    I changed my email to Windows live from Outlook Express 6. All good transered but all my important files disappeared after a week. Is it possible I can get themback?


    What is missing important files to Windows Live?

    When you face the issue in Windows Live Mail, I recommend that you post your question in Windows Live email support for assistance.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • How can I save my list of blocked senders in Windows Live Mail as a file?


    I need to copy & paste my senders list blocked in WLM, Windows 7, and store it in a separate file.

    Q. is it possible?

    I've tried highlighting all the "blocked senders" while pressing Ctrl c then [and even tried A Ctrl + C]

    then Ctrl V, but nothing happens?


    Danny 11

    Split an thread unrelated 

    Here you can leave the Windows Club:

    WLM to blocked sender tool: manage the list of blocked in Windows Live Mail senders

    Add, delete, export, and import into WLM with this freeware tool.

    There may be times that you want to export and save the list. This tool will also let you export all the identifiers e-mail blocked with one click. Just click on the export list, and the entire list will be saved in text format, in the folder of the program.

  • How can I add a contact to my list of contacts with Windows Live Mail

    I have a list of contacts.  To send a message, I click on the arrow to and list comes up.  I'm not able to add to this list.   If I search for a contact, a new will be on this list, but not the one to use for e-mail messages.

    Can't seen to find anything in the help section, can someone help me?  Thank you

    Switch to the contacts window by clicking the address book at the foot of the pane or by pressing Ctrl-3 records. The commands you need to add and edit the contacts are both on the Ribbon or on the context menu.

    Questions about products and services Windows Live belong in the Windows Live Solution Center. Windows Live Mail forums are listed on the right side of this page, where you can also see links to support articles.

    Outdated information hit 2015-09-26

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    Have you tried to export the e-mail?

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  • Is it possible to retrieve e-mails from an Outlook Express to the new computer running Windows Live Mail somehow.

    Original title: transfer emails to new computer

    Pls is it possible to somehow retrieve the emails from an Outlook Express account on a broken computer to transfer to my new computer which runs Windows Live Mail or do I need to get the old computer fixed? Thank you very much

    You are welcome. If you can get the files from hard drive accessible, here's what you need to know.
    Transfer of data from Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail:

    For Messages:
    Copy the * ENTIRE * OE message store folder to a flash drive. (Folders.dbx must be included). Place it on the desktop or another location on the computer using WLMail.

    V-2011/2012: Menu button. Import Messages. Microsoft Outlook Express 6, and the point where it was saved.

    Location of OE message store:

    In OE: Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Note the location and navigate on it in Explorer Windows or, copy and paste in start | Run.

    In Windows XP the OE User (DBX and WAB) are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must enable Show hidden files and folders under start | Control Panel | Folder Options icon | Opinion, or in Windows Explorer. Tools | Folder options | View.

  • How to recover an email that was lost when the windows live mail program closed?

    HI -.

    While I was almost finished writing a rather long email and detailed...
    The Windows Live Mail program I was using was a pop up message that says: "must close this program NOW.
    and I have tried everything to try to SAVE my Email before it closes - to send it to air currents - everything!
    But at the end of the e-mail program Windows Live comes to close right up.
    I re-started...
    hopi9ng to find this email in my DRAFTS - but no!
    NOT in any folder, or even in that section below where it says "email" etc etc.
    It is not the case I can see.
    How can I get that back? -My almost half over email, I was writing when the program closed?
    If this almost over email exists somewhere?  A place where I can get it back then?
    Thanks for any help on this!
    Windows XP
    I have about 6 e-mail addresses one leading is (if this is important) a email address and I was working on when he said than necessary nearby.
    Once again... Any help, thank you in advance


    Given that the problem is related to Windows live, I suggest you post the question in the forums and check them off below if it helps:

    It will be useful.

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    Windows Live Mail - my ex sent me unpleasant emails. I want to block his email address. How do I do that?

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