How to convert string to [AVLayer]

Hello world.

I have this code:

var myComp = "app.project.activeItem";
var text = '.layer("4").effect("Unsharp Mask")("Amount")';
var myLayer = myComp+text;

alert(myLayer.value)               // doesn`t work

How can I convert to string (myLayer) [AVLayer] object to get its property?

This should help you closer:

myComp = "app.project.activeItem"; var

var myText = ".layer("4").effect (" unsharp mask ")("Amount").value";

var myVal = eval (myComp + myText);

Alert (myVal);


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  • How to convert string input streams

    Can someone tell me how to convert string input streams...

    There are multiple ways. I will list down few of them.

    With the help of the old solution and standard java.

    publicstaticString fromStream(InputStream in)throwsIOException


       BufferedReader reader =newBufferedReader(newInputStreamReader(in));

       StringBuilder out =newStringBuilder();

       String line;

       while((line = reader.readLine()) !=null) {






    If you use Google-Collections/guava-

    InputStream stream = ...

    String content = CharStreams.toString(newInputStreamReader(stream, Charsets.UTF_8));


    If you use the common Apache library... then it is worthwhile.

    StringWriter writer =newStringWriter();

    IOUtils.copy(inputStream, writer, encoding);

    String theString = writer.toString();

    Quick way but only work during deserialization.

    String result = (String)newObjectInputStream( inputStream ).readObject();

    Note: ObjectInputStream is on deserialization and the flow of data must respect the Protocol of serialization to work, which may not always true in all cases.

    Ultimately, the most effective solution and only in two lines using java class Scanner.

    Tricky is to remember the \A regex that matches the beginning of the entry. It actually indicates Scanner to mark all of the flow, from start to beginning next (illogical).

    publicstaticString convertToString(InputStream in) {

       java.util.Scanner s =newjava.util.Scanner(in).useDelimiter("\\A"); 


       returns.hasNext() ? :"";


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  • OpenScript/Bank of data/how to convert string to int


    As far as I know, the values read from the database is a type of Sting. Now, I want to convert a character number stored in the database of type int.
    For example, in "Test.csv" I stored the '9' in the column 'Number' character, then I use the following code to read the character and convert an int in one:
    getDatabank("Test").getNextDatabankRecord ();
    String Testnumber = "{{db." Test.Numberr}} '; Info (Testnumber);
    int number = Integer.parseInt (Testnumber);

    However, it seems this does not work, because he says "basic unexpected failure caused by: NumberFormatException occurred." For the input string: «{{db.» Test.Numberr}}.
    I think that this error can be caused by the conversion of character '9' int 9.
    Can someone tell me how to convert a character to be read from database in an int?

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards


    You can use the same approach. Use eval()

    String Testnumber =eval("{{db.Test.Numberr}}") ;
    int number = Integer.parseInt(Testnumber);

    Kind regards
    Dembélé M

  • How to convert String to Date

    hell there everyone,

    I have a question which is:

    How to convert a string that we get by reading an XML in the instance of date value type?

    So there is a XML that modifiedDate as an attribute on a node of the XML and how I put this value in an instance variable date?

    the timeformat in the XML file is: mm/dd/yyyy hh: mm: = > 31/12/2010 23:57:46

    I chose this time format because I want to use the method . parse() which always causes an error, but that's another topic...,.

    hope I was clear on the issue,

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    First of all, you should watch the Date object constructor to find out how to specify different parameters.

    public void Date (yearOrTimevalue:Object, month:number, date:number = 1, hour:number = 0, minute:number = 0, second:number = 0, millisecond:number = 0)

    Then you need to determne how to break the string by using the String.Split method.  The first split() should be the space between the date and time, the second for the slashes in the date and the third for the colon in time.

    Then you come to take each of these paintings of substrings and feed them in the constructor as the Number() values.

    If you remain unsure how to do this, look at the different terms that I have identified in the help documents and you will find them all explained with examples.

  • How to convert string data from the serial port to double?


    I am very new in LabView and attempt to read data from an OHAUS pioneer pa-313 electronic scale via RS232 serial port. I use the VISA. I can read the data and see it as a string to the screen, but when I try to convert it to a double, it is just the integer and decimal numbers have disappeared. Here's the question: what can be the problem? How can I get the decimals as well?

    What is your normal decimal point?. or?

  • How to convert string to datetime in the transformation of the Ombudsman


    I am getting error below when inserting the data in the database using the database.

    Exception occurred when the link was invoked. Exception occurred during invocation of the JCA binding: "JCA binding run reference"insert"operations have to: DBWriteInteractionSpec Execute Failed Exception." insertion failed. The descriptor name: [InsertPayload.XxohInsertStgTable]. Created by Exception [EclipseLink-3001] (Eclipse - 2.3.1.v20111018 persistence Services - r10243): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.ConversionException Description of the Exception: object [2015-09-14 15:19:51], class [class java.lang.String], couldn't be converted [class java.sql.Timestamp]. Inner exception: LINK. JCA-11636 couldn't convert Timestamp Exception. Cannot convert a string value in the xml file to a java.sql.Timestamp. Although the databases accept strings representing the timestamps in a variety of formats, the adapter only accepts strings that represent xml ISO dateTime format. The input value must be in the format XS: DateTime to iso 8601, i.e. YYYY-MM - DDTHH:MM:SS.sss - 07:00. Please see the logs

    In the transformation of the mediator, the Source element is a string

    < xs: element name = "CREATED_DATE" type = "xs: String" > < / xs: element >

    Target is of type dateTime

    < xs: element name = "Creation_Date" type = "xs: DateTime" minOccurs = "0" nillable = "true" / >

    To avoid the above error, I used < xsl: value-of select ='xp20:format - dateTime (/CREATED_DATE, "[Y0001]-[M01]-[D01] [H01]: [m01]: [s01]")'/ > in the transformation, but its does not work. The value is blank display after processing.

    Please suggest me how to solve this problem.

    Thank you


    Unfortunately, the format required by the dateTime format is YYYY-MM - DDTHH:MM:SS.sss

    You can use the substring, and on the entry's concat function to create YYYY-MM - DDTHH:MM:SS.sss

    See formatting string to date in BPEL

  • reclassification how to convert string into array

    Hi all

    I do the code



    but I got to l_data error how can I solve

    l_str DEFAULT LONG ' pankaj/dukare /';
    l_n NUMBER;


    l_n: = INSTR (l_str, "/");
    WHEN the OUTPUT (NVL (l_n, 0) = 0);
    l_data. EXTEND;
    l_data (l_data. (COUNTY): = LTRIM (RTRIM (SUBSTR (l_str, 1, l_n - 1)));
    l_str: = SUBSTR (l_str, l_n + 1);

    L_data RETURN;



    Published by: user9524857 on July 1st, 2009 23:36

    using your code:

    SQL> select *
      2    from table (sample_split_string ('this is a long string', ' ')
      3  /
  • How to convert string to number

    Hi everoyne, I need to make a program simple calculation of the GPA in 5 classes. Where A, B, C, D, F are the entries for each other...

    Here's what I've done so far.

    But it seems that it is not recognized when I assigns numeric values to each letter. So I would appreciate any help. I tested for the release of "GP" and input A (4) = CT. The answer for GP should be 4 x 3 = 12. But I get a number beyond that.

    I'm relatively new to Labview so sorry if this is a stupid question.


    I would like to make a table of the clusters.  Each element of the array corresponds to a single course.  Inside of the bunch, I would have a string for the name of the course, an enum for the grade and a digital for the number of credit hours.  Use an enum for the grade, so you can make sure that the user space only in the values that you no longer the enum is actually a number.  No actual conversion.  Then you just use a loop FOR (autoindexing) including some shift registers to keep your totals, then divide the totals of the year by the credit hours.

  • How to convert string to numeric number

    I have a list of dollar amounts which amounted to on a cfloop and the query:

    < cfset FileCount = 0 >
    < cfset FileDollar = 0 >

    < cfloop query = "TxtQuery" >
    < cfset FileDollar = #FileDollar # + "#Payment_Amt #" >
    < / cfloop >

    Here's the data (entry in the first column, payment_amt, combined with the title of the FileDollar column):

    Payment_amt (Text) FileDollar
    14645791.820 14645791.82
    5302608003.600 5317253795.42
    405642.240 5317659437.66
    11354914264.600 6672573702.3
    1532528.280 16674106230.5
    1532528.280 16675638758.8
    1532528.280 16677171287.1
    1532528.280 16678703815.4
    16470800280.000 33149504095.4

    It seems that once it hits the entrance of 11354914264.600 payment_amt, the FileDollar two decimal one.
    Is it possible to convert the numeric text field before it gets totaled?

    Thanks for the help. I eliminated the cfloop to add fields payment_amt and replaced by a Q Q (as you recommended) using a cast statement.

    SELECT SUM (CAST (Payment_amt AS decimal)) AS TOTAL_AMT
    to TxtQuery

    The TOTAL_AMT has correct total field now and is in decimal format.

    Thanks again for your help!

  • How to convert a string to a number?

    How to convert a numeric string to a number of TestStand?

    Use Val().

    Example Val (Locals.myString)

  • How to convert a single byte String?


    Show a result byte on the BB 9900 screen.


    How to convert a single byte String?

    Part of the code:

    byte value = con.cpu_config.elementAt (i)

    stop here

    String valuestring = new String (value);

    _rtf. SetText (valueString);

    If you know how to fix it, please share your idea.

    Thank you for your attention,

    String valuestring = new String (new byte [] {value}};)

    _data. Append (valueString);

    _rtf. SetText (_data.toSrting ());

    Solve it.

  • How to convert int to String

    How to convert int to String. I get the error 'cannot convert integer to int.

    Dim str As String = "abc";

    int NB = Integer.valueOf (str);

    Use Integar.parseInt (). But make sure your str contains the integer value (like str = '123') otherwise you will get the exception.

    String str = "123"; int num = Integer.parseInt(str);



  • String::view - how to convert to wchar_t

    Hello friends of coherence,.
    I would like to know, how can I convert String::View wchar_t in C++
    I need to transfer the result of consistency to xqilla/xerces parser that works with XMLCh * which is of type const wchar_t *.

    If I have:

    String::view mystringview

    obtained from the deserialized object of POF

    How can I convert to type wchar_t variable please?

    I'm quite lost...

    I use coh 3.6.1.

    Thank you

    Hi Jan,

    The easiest thing would be to convert a std::wstring first and then access its array of wchar_t. The chain of consistency supports the direct assignment from std::string and std::wstring.

    size32_t cch = mystringview->length(); // character count
    size_t cb = sizeof(XMLCh + 1) * cch; // byte count
    XMLCh* xstr = (XMLCh*) malloc(cb);
    std::wstring wstr = mystringview; // converts UTF-8 to wchar_t and inserts content into wstring
    memcpy(xstr,, cb);

    It was however to make at least an intermediate copy of the data. A more effective solution would be to browse the contents of the string to extract a wchar_t both. Internally, the string is stored in UTF-8 format and direct way in wchar_t format memcpy is not feasible. Here is the iterative approach.

    size32_t cch = mystringview->length(); // character count
    size_t cb = sizeof(XMLCh + 1) * cch; // byte count
    XMLCh* xstr = (XMLCh*) malloc(cb);
    const char* iter = mystringview->getCString(); // obtain raw access to UTF-8 array
    for (size_t i = 0; i < cch; ++i)
        xstr[i] = String::next(iter); // decodes the next wchar_t from the UTF-8 array, and increments iter accordingly
    xstr[i] = 0;

    Thank you

    The Oracle coherence

  • How can I convert String type to a Type of BinaryEntry?

    We must differentiate between the keys that come to the custom editor Erase method. So, we have added ' | ' at the end of the key as below

    key = "a"; Actual key which is cached

    If (//some condition)
    newKey = "a" | newKey to differntiate
    getCache () .remove (newKey);
    on the other
    getCache () .remove (key);

    Now, the call comes to our custom editor Erase method. Here, we must perform a different operation of the key which has ' | ' in there. So, we have added below code in the custom Erase method.

    public void clear (BinaryEntry binEntry)
    Key of type string = (String) binEntry.getKey ();
    If (Key.Contains("|"))
    You will need to do a DB here. Then,
    now, the key is "a |" We need to eliminate the "|" symbol and call the Delete method to delete the current key ('a') of the cache. So we added code below

    Replace string newKey = (nom_domaine_dns) ("|", "");

    Here, the problem is, key is of type String. But Erase method can take only BinaryEntry type. So, we tried this

    binEntry = (BinaryEntry) (binEntry.getContext () .getKeyToInternalConverter () .convert (key));

    Super.Erase (binEntry); but it dint work. The entry is not deleted from the Cache.

    How to convert key to type the string to BinaryEntry?

    on the other
    Super.Erase (binEntry);

    Can anyone suggest?


    Yes, JK is right! I forgot that the remove() will remove the entry from the BackingMap. Another alternative would be to use the EP below:

    public class EP2 extends AbstractProcessor implements Serializable{
         private boolean isSynthetic;
         public EP2(boolean bln){
         public Object process(Entry entry) {
              BinaryEntry binEntry = (BinaryEntry) entry;
              if (isSynthetic){
                   //Synthetic Remove                    
                   // This is a bug and should evict entry and not call erase
                   //Alternative solution is to expire with a minimum delay of 1 ms
                   //This will call the store method so make a check of the original and new value and do nothing if they are same to avoid DB update
                   //Will hit the cache store
              return null;

    Client side, make a call to delete as below:

    cache.invoke(key, new EP2(true)); // coherence eviction only
    cache.invoke(key, new EP2(false)); // for invoking erase()

    I hope this helps!

    See you soon,.

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