How to convert wma and wav, mp4 files and what not not mp3 with Windows media player?

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Music has become a huge problem for me.   My car CD player only supports mp3 format.  I wish I could burn my CD from which I get used various locations, so that I can play in my car. Or convert files I have, which are not in mp3 format.  I played the same CD in my car for years.  It's a little sad.  And convert mp3 no mp3 files, so I can play them in my car, because I don't have a player other than Windows media player and speakers belong good markets.   How to convert files to wma and wav and mp4 and what not in mp3?

Music is expensive nowadays and the multiple formats and thus loss of music bought and in the cloud, or itunes 'cannot locate the source' will not play, and when devices in the event of a failure or who are upgraded drives me crazy.  I have more music in my life and I wish that we would go back to portable music as CD.


I usually use Windows Media player to RIP CD, that I find at thrift stores.   I have my brother gave me, on the PC that is in all sorts of types of music files.  I found a job online converter and it is, according to me, so thank you guys for suggesting that.  Have tried 3 different ones and finally found one that works in the last one.  I think my brain might need a bit of adjustment, of our days, (won't tell you music I have on CD, would seriously date), no kidding, but probably my PC could also use the setting.   I also have itunes for Windows, but have hardly used it.

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