How to copy my files to email contact lists for transfer on my laptop after repair of the manufacturer.


My laptop almost 3 year, shows signs of age and I have to send it to the manufacturers to replace a keyboard and the reader of cd/dvc. I'll have to save all my pictures and documents on a portable player so I can copy them to the repairedcomputer once it is returned to me. I also have a load of saved bookmarks which I want to keep and I think that it is also possible. My biggest problem is I use Thunderbird as a filing system for all important emails and keep my email contacts list and I wish I could copy them all when I clear my computer so I can copy them on my laptop newly repaired.

For most of you, this task is as simple as copying my photos or documents, but I get very confused with profiles etc in Mozilla. I wish it were as easy as a file, copy of emails to... but not yet. I would appreciate help on this.


Crush the Thunderbird profile folder ends the new profile. So, you have just an old.

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