How to create a slideshow of heroes of filling full browser for your homepage with Adobe Muse CC?

Is it possible to create a slideshow of heroes of filling full browser for your Adobe Muse CC homepage?

Terry White has a video that shows that it does that in a part of the site, but I want my hero image to fill in the whole browser.

How to create a slide show of hero for your homepage with Adobe Muse CC | Adobe evangelists - Terry White | Adobe TV

Thank you!


If you want the legend to display on some Images of heroes, then try the following steps.

1 open the control panel of the slideshow Options full screen and uncheck the box "Edit together.

2. go to the image of heroes who would have no legend.

3. Select the legend and make its filling like "No fill" and do the same with the text inside the box of legend as well.

Note: As this is the slideshow widget you cannot add external text on an image of the slide show/hero. legend text box and only relativity with Image of hero.

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