How to create a stop button to send commands via the serial port and finish labview vi?

I want to send two commands on my camera, the first to stop the execution and the second to get out of the remote control mode. This is done on RS232. What I want is a way to put this in my existing VI that tells the device to run. Now if I stop the program, that the devices just run the last command unless I have stop manually. How can I set up a stop button that are not sent to all orders except in such a hurry? I tried the structure of the case, but didn't know how to put a part of 'status quo' If island stops in the while loop is not pressed the button.


Tags: NI Software

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  • Sending data through the serial port and the mscomm control is not the same as the original data

    Please find attached the and the resulting image.

    Try it and find that when data "FFAE" 4040 EA41 D8FF is sent,

    the received data are "FFAE" 4040 EA41 3F

    I tried other data, the result is as follows:

    sending: 4164 8163 4341 03 receive: 41 64 81 63 43 41 03 leadK
    sending: A143 B245 6AAA BBCC receive: AA BB 00 A1 B2 45 6a 43 result: NG
    sending: A1A1 A1A1 A1A1 A1A1 A1A1 receive: result A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1K
    Send: FFAE 4040 EA41 D8FF receive: FF AE 40 40 41 EA 3F result: NG
    Send: FFAE 4040 EA41 D8FF AA23 AB33 A233 AAAA A404 ABCD A2CD A22D B22C receive: FF AE 40 40 41 EA 3F 3F 3F 3F AA AA AB CD A2 CD result 3F 3F 3F: NG
    Send: FFAE 40A 2 SDAC AETS receive: result FF AE 40 A2 CC DD EE 00: NG

    Please help me solve the problem.

    According to Microsoft, you want something with non-printable strings as an array of bytes, not a string.  I don't know that it will make a difference in this case, but may be worth a try.

  • How to periodically send various types of data via the Serial Port?

    Hello! Everyone

    I have to send data to LabVIEW to my device on the Serial Port.

    I know how to send data on serial port in LABVIEW, I already have this part.

    Now the problem is that I have several types of data I need to question my embedded device, if I want to send the query periodically command.

    So lets say that my four Op Codes are the following, which will send four different types of query command to my device on the serial port.

    (To be honest only OP_LED and OP_SENSOR is used now)

    0, OP_SYNC

    1, OP_LED

    2, OP_SENSOR

    3, OP_FUTURE

    Structure of basic package is as follows:

    Header (0x2C), Checksum, length of the data (n bytes), Op_Code (1 byte), length (length of Code + data Op)

    For OP_LED, I need to send the package as follows:

    0x2c 0x02 0x01 0 x 00 0x2F (0x2F being the XOR checksum) (calculation of Checksum part is done and SUB Vi form)

    Length of the package this is 0x02

    0x01 is Op Code for OP_LED

    In the same way

    For OP_SENSORi need to send the package as follows:

    0x2c 0x03 0x02 0x00 0 x 00 0x2D (0x2D being the XOR checksum) (calculation of Checksum part is done and SUB Vi form)

    0x03 is length of packet here

    0x02 is Op Code for OP_SENSOR

    So, how can I do this periodically in labview, in such sort that period can be adjusted whenever necessary.

    Is there something in LabVIEW to do.

    I had done the reception and decoding part and working properly.

    So I must implement read and write the part of same while loop?

    Do not insert in the table if you put data in an array at index 0.  Just use array to build.

    No need to have Visa to write don't be a part of wire to the wire of reference and error VISA go in the upper part.  These wires should go THROUGH the entry VISA.

    Don't your checksum requires all the bytes up through data?  Righ now, you only put the checksum on data bytes and forget the opcode and length bytes.

    Your sending is not the opcode for Opsync or Opfuture.  You just send the empty tables.  At the same time for the other two, you put the opcode in the data table.  All your original opcode in the table build thread.  Get the data out of these structures in case item which is supposed to represent the opcode.

    xpress_embedo wrote:

    Now it works but I have now two problems.

    (1) OP_SYNC and OP_FUTURE do not data, but still receive its data on serial port, can I do something here as I have nothing when the table is empty in the structure of the case.

    I do not understand this statement.  Perhaps my answer above will fix any issue you have here.

    (2) how can selection operation Code to be send is done using control façade but real application, this task should be automated to a certain frequency, like OP_LED package must go out to the serial port to 100msec and packet OP_SENSOR must go out to 1000msec, I do this.

    Now you agree a little more architecture.  I would encapsulate the code that is in the while loop as a Subvi.  Then with the hand of your program while loop, use two time Express VI, a game for 100 msec, the other for 1000 msec.  When an express VI is true, run the Subvi with a command set waiting for the answer.  When the other VI Express is true, have it run the Subvi with the other set of commands.

    The device responds with anything when you send these commands?  You only send data.  I see no VISA Read to be able to recover all the data.

  • How to create a search button custom Muse that shares the page on Facebook?


    I tried to find the answer in the forum and on Google but I don't have a chance. What I'm trying to do is to create a search button custom from scratch in Muse, and when he is selected to share the web page it sits.

    What I did, is to have a share of full-screen, but I can't do it in a pop-up window as in most of the sites with the photo that describes the site.

    The button example how far is here:



    Try this, use your own image for the button and the url to share:

    Thank you


  • How to register via the microphone port and play at the same time?

    How to record via mic mic.jpg port and at the same time I playt bydownload.jpgport ?

    cs6 hearing support, or any other software would help?

    Your screenshot was a little small so I zoomed in on one of my friends... the 'I' is the area click on my yellow arrow is pointing:

  • Cannot send command via the VISA test panel in MAX

    Hi all

    I have a small question by using the VISA test panel in MAX.  I try to send a simple command to a device and then retrieve the response data.  I am able to do this successfully through Labview, but for some reason I can't get a good answer in MAX.  The command I sent you is merely a letter (unit address) followed by an end of line character (\r\n in ascii).  In MAX, I simply adding \r\n on the string sent in the buffer (end send on written == FALSE).  All parameters of series are the same as what I have in LV (19.2, 8-n-1).  Someone at - it ideas?  It of a bit frustrating that I just want to make something simple and do not want to have to build a whole routine in LV to do this.

    Cheers, Matt

    Oops!  Dysfunction of the user.  I was so positive that I sent a term of constant line that I don't look my own code.  In this case, it's a new line!  Duh!  Thanks for trying to help with this arrow.  Sorry to waste your time.

    Cheers, Matt

  • How to connect Agilent 8163 b via the serial port

    I have a problem connecting to the serial port with Agilent 8163 b. The driver that I use is driver_vxipnp_816x_4_1_4.exe. The problem always message display "Visa resource not found. Check the HPIB-Bus address"when I use the components inside the"hp816x ". However, I have no error if I use normal read and write VISA.

    Y does it can someone help me answer my question? Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I face a problem that you use with GPIB-USB-HS due to the physical dimension, as shown. The width between the remote locking connector (FIR) and (w1) GPIB connector to the appliance is too small for the GPIB-USB-HS (w2) connect to this topic. If I unplug the connector RIL, tunable Laser will not be activated. So I have a few questions as follows.

    1. the LabView can always activate the tunable Laser if I unplug the connector at RISK in my case via GPIB?

    2. the LabView is compatible with GPIB connector (model x 10833) Agilent?

    3. is there a way to solve the problem posed by the RIL connector unplugged?

    The drop box

    P/S: version please is 4.84 to 8163 b.

    Thanks for the help and I'm too new in this field.

  • How to set the number of packages to be send per second on the serial port in labview


    I need to send data to the serial port such that each data packet must be sent at a rate of 4 packets per second? How can it be done?

    Thanks and greetings

    What defines a package?

    You just need to have a while loop with a timer waiting for 250 milliseconds surrounding your VISA writing the function.

  • 2 ways to send 16-bit to the serial port. What is the good?

    I am trying to send data via a serial port... This data consists of a 16-bit format. The data are sent by a DSP. Searching in the internet I found two ways to send data. The first is that the first photo anda the second way is the second picture.  I read data ok, which in this case is a sine wave. But I 'don't know if it is correct or not.

    In the first case , the citation read buffer sende th 8-bit to decimate them VI that will be concatenated after to join numbers function...

    Is it fair or not?   Second question. I noticed when I put multiples of 8 in the number of bytes the graph is ok. But when the number is not a multiple is the graph 'missing pieces '.  Why?

    In the second case, I confess I didn't undertood it. I know that the CASTING of TYPE function transforms the string on a table swap bytes (DSP sends the MSB and LSB) I know what subset of string.  I read that the 4 in the offset is put there to avoid the reading of the data header. But I don't know why 2048 is here. The latter reads data too...

    With any who answer my questions would be a really really help

    Thank you guys.

    First case

    second case

    Both are probably correct for the data being sent.

    If you want to read a unique 16-bit value at a time, then obviously you would set the number of bytes to read to be 2. The following code shows two ways to convert the two bytes to a single value. The chain Unflatten to specify the boutien.

    You don't mention her, but how do you synchronize the data. With the dsp to send two separate bytes, not sure what byte you will read first. Do you send start/stop characters so that you know this vital information?

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    Download icons FontAwesome and install it manually.

    Add web fonts self-hosted | Adobe Muse CC tutorials

  • How to create our own button to print the dashboard to PDF

    Hi Experts,

    Someone can tell me how to create our own button to print in PDF dashboards, and similarly to save, we create a button more. The one facing this type of requirement can.

    Thank you

    CheminPortail = / shared, KeyBank, _portal, Test AND page = name1
    In your code below shud be the same portal path of your dashboard and page shud exactly equals name of the page you want to view in pdf format. It was just an example I gave you. Replace the 2 values and you are done

  • Creating a rule entry time custom to read the start time and the stop as entry time

    Hello world

    I hope this is the right forum to post this question.
    We are putting in place the time and work package, and we need to write a few rules of the time for this entry.

    The first of them is to have a rule that validates the start time and the stop time has entered the entry-level feature Self Service scorecard.
    So, I created a formula to achieve this objective. This formula eventually calls a PL/SQL function that checks for card points, the Start and Stop time values stored in the database.

    However, this is not what I intend to achieve. What I have to do is to get the value of time as she walked and apply the Validation

    This expansion in a scenario:

    1. the employee connects via the Self Service and access the timesheet feature to make a time entry
    2. on August 20, he entered 13:00 as the start time and stop time 20:00
    3. click on the button

    When he clicks on the button Save, (assume 20:00 is an incorrect time), an error message should be displayed to the user informing him of this

    Now, I have to spend the early hour 13:00 and the 20:00 in the formula stop time so that I can post it.
    This is where I run on issues that I don't know how to get these start and stop within the formula time

    Grateful if someone could help with this.
    It's quite urgent given the lead times for completion on that.

    Thks in advance folks

    l_timecard_info: = hxc_self_service_time_deposit.get_building_blocks;
    l_building_block_attr_info: = hxc_self_service_time_deposit.get_block_attributes;

    However, I do not understand this:
    If there are no parameters that are passed to these calls, then how the correct score card to be recognizable? I'm assuming that there is something like a Timecard_Id or setting Timecard_Ovn that allows to identify the correct sheet when reading this info.

    Pls advise me on this point, because I'm just not understand this bit.

    You do not need to pass all parameters. The overall picture of pl/sql is filled for the session before the rule of time entry. If you want to restrict, the formula will be an id_ressource of entry which is an employee self-service Person_Id. and compare this value against id_ressource in l_timecard_info.resource_id

    If this isn't an inconvenience for you, I want to understand how these function calls to keep the start time and stop time, and to access these variables, I would need to loop as a table through?

    The l_time_card_info of pl/sql table is filled exactly the same as how is stored in HXC_TIME_BUILDING_BLOCKS when save is saved / submitted. It's just that the pl/sql is here filled.

  • I tried EvevryThing! The "CREATED WITH ADOBE ELEMENTS 9 TRAIL VERSION FIRST" will not stop Displaying, even after I put in the serial number and Regerstered. Also the product does not show under my profile?

    I tried EvevryThing! The "CREATED WITH ADOBE ELEMENTS 9 TRAIL VERSION FIRST" will not stop Displaying, even after I put in the serial number and Regerstered. Also the product does not show under my profile?

    How can I fix it? Nothing in help or on the Site.

    Once you have registered the product, you should not see the banner of 'Trial' on NEW projects. This isn't the case, right? You only see on the project that you created before you register the product, right?

    That said, to remove the banner, go to the folder of directory on your hard drive where your project PREL files are stored and delete the folder called Adobe Premiere elements preview files.

  • How to create a new project with other page with the new version of Muse layouts?

    If someone would continue to operate as before with the inadmissible Muse version... is - this posible to have both versions installed? or how to create a new project with other page with the new version of Muse layouts?
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    Thanks for any help,


    Use the new version! What you want to achieve, will work! Go to the 'Page' menu and choose 'Add another Layout' and the missed buttons are in plan view.

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    Coordinate shape.jpg

    It will work as a form, not a button, so there is no need of different States. I looked at a few tutorials to create buttons, and they seemed much more complicated that I think you need to create a form like this.


    Experience 3D bevel & emboss, front view and Tall-round bevel. Adjust the lighting you want. Then add a light shade.

    Personally I have always found these bevel unsatisfactory effects, but you can produce similar results using carefully controlled mixtures

Maybe you are looking for

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