I have a problem. I can't put a stop to the VI attached here. I want to stop an iteration without support on cancel execution, because I want to connect this VI by a Subvi to control a motor continuous.

Thank you


in order to stop your first vi, you can use a stop button for the while loop to 'or' with the release of your "equal" comparison function Then you can also use a local variable created the stop button to stop the loop for, configure it with a conditional expression (right click on the loop for > conditional expression).

This way if you press "stop"button, you will stop the while loop and the loop together foor.

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  • How to create a validation "not null" unique for all elements in a page?

    Hello world

    How to create a validation "not null" unique for all elements in a page? I love textfields. Rather than create "not null" validation for each article, I would like to create a single validation control that will be used

    Thanks and greetings

    Nice1 wrote:
    Bob, like u said I did the following:

    (1) less to create a button, there are 9 elements, and for each item, I put in the light of 'yes '.
    (2) under the button Delete, there is 1 point and have in light of the 'Yes' for the item
    (3) validation of the page defined for the 9 items under 'create a button' and put it to fire when 'create' button clicked
    (4) the page validation set for 1 number under 'remove' button and put it on fire when "delete" button clicked

    now, when I click on the 'create' button it shows same for the item under the "Delete" button that's a required element

    Sorry, I do not see this note. The required model will not work, there is no way to attach it to the button.

    The best solution is that the answer only a few answers to the top

    Create 2 validations page type as a PL/SQL with code

    1st validation
    :P1_ITEM1 IS NOT NULL and :P1_ITEM2 IS NOT NULL ...... and :P1_ITEM9 IS NOT NULL  include all 9 items
    Set the When Button Pressed to the CREATE button
    2nd validation
    Set the When Button Pressed to the DELETE button

    I think that this will be the best way to do it.

    Published by: Bob37 on April 27, 2012 12:02

  • How to use the select statement in loop for

    Hi all

    My question is can I use a select statement in for loop like as follows.

    for the key in the selection of one_table key.

    When I use this am getting an error as found select invalid I ID

    How to select a statement use in loop for

    Please suggest me.

    Thank you


    You can use code below

    For key in (select button from table_a)
    If key.key = 1 then
    -insert statement
    on the other
    -Select statement
    end loop;

    Thank you

  • Create a table in a loop 'for' (reset the number of loops)


    I try to incorporate a signal of acceleration from an analog input CRIO to get speed and then further integrate to get the moving of a vibration system.

    I understand that to achieve integration, a table must be fed in. My problem is that I could not buffer the signal in a buffer block, as I couldn't find buffer blocks. so I decided to create my data table by using a loop "for". The nests of the loop 'for' inside a timed loop. The problem that I'm stuck on is how to reset the loop 'for' in order to fill the buffer with each iteration of the outer loop timed.

    I enclose the code if that helps. Note that I use labview in 2013.

    If anyone who has encountered a similar problem before can help me, I would be gratefull.



    You can use a shift register initialized as inputs to your curls, to build your table of one. However, you realize, don't you, that the execution of your program as written loops as soon as the computer can spit out responses, then the output array may contain several points that took place before the entry has updated? Assuming that your thing cRIO (I've not worked with these) has integrated into its routine acquisition of calendar data, I suggest you put that inside the loop to get a data point by reading.

    And do you really want your graph to distance for update only every thousand points (points of acceleration million) speed?


  • Create several screws using a loop for


    I am still fairly new to LabVIEW, that this issue might be easy for you guys here...

    I'm going to simplify what I'm doing.

    I have two digital controllers who act as the rows and columns of a matrix.

    I would take those figures of these two controllers and use them to create a matrix of a certain image.


    The controller of lines is 3, and columns controller has 4.

    Using these numbers, I would like that the final result to show a certain image (say, a cube) on a matrix of 3 times 4.

    Let's say that the image is an X, then the end result should be:




    I think I should use a double loop for (one inside the other, obviously), and I should also create the 'position' property to display each image of the cube to its rightful place.

    The problem is that I don't know how to CREATE the images over and over again, while being able to control the position of each property.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    These small 'boxes' (key word being little) are simply called under screws.  Express vIs are large blue abominations that take valuable real estate and are intended to make life easier for you.

    This is the VI recorded in LV8.6

  • How to create the cover of the app for my application


    Please help me with step by step tutorial how to create an appcover for my application! I'm kinda noob on C++ and I read the paper, but could not apply! (didn't know where to put the code - C++ part) not Qml

    I want to put a picture of the asset as a cover of the app

    Your prompt response is much appreciated!

    You can do with QML also.

    Follow this Code:

    import bb.cascades 1.4
    Page {
        attachedObjects: [
            //Active Frame is called as Scene Cover
            SceneCover {
                id: activeFrame
                content: Container {
                    //To Do Fill Me with QML
                    //fill what you want. Image, Label, much more
        Label {
            text: "Hello World"
    // After Application is minimised or Active Framed This Function shows
    onCreationCompleted: {

    This is how you create with QML. C++ is used for highly recommended as animative and well known to the user.

    When you love it, you can accept it as snap

  • How to create the column of the table for long-form Master detail relationship

    Apex 4.1

    Oracle 11g

    I created a form master detail and see the main table hotel_list and table hotel_mapping as detailed below.



    1 Holiday Inn

    Hotel Hilton 2



    1 Inn Holiday Inn Select hotel

    2 holiday hotel Holiday Inn Select

    3 hotel Holiday Inn Holiday Inn Hotel

    4 Hilton Hotel Hilton Hotel chain

    Hotel Hilton 5 HiltonHotel

    Table Hotel_name Hotel_list is a linked table Hotel_mapping

    When I add a line to the Hotel_mapping table for the selected row in the hotel_list table, mapping_name of column is null, therefore impossible to create the relationship between the main table and the secondary table.

    I would like to know, how to create the relationship?

    Thank you very much

    Best regards

    Yong Huang,

    simple step see creating a form detailed master with APEX - Assistant Master retail

    and check how to maintain the relationship between two tables,

    simple return the packaged application «Sample of Masters details»

    and try to understand this concept...

    In your example, use Hotel_list.ID as a foreign key in the table Hotel_mapping

    and maintain the relationship with the column ID...

    and choose the display type of the column Hotel_list.ID in table Hotel_mapping as List(Query Based LOV) select.

    otherwise the best way is to create sample on

    I hope this helps...


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    Kindly support me to create this page

    Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 4.20.54 PM.png

    Tell me how to create a lay out for the cover image and background text

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    Thank you and best regards,
    Ajwan Arouje

    I invented myself,

    Thank you

  • How to create an entry page protected password for a site of muse?

    I created a site in the Muse and the client wants that it is password protected for the moment... the usual Javascript between the head and body tags does not work.  Any ideas?


    Please check previous password protection:

    Can I create a login/password in the Muse for a HTML5 page or two?

    There are several ways you can perform password protection, but as noted Cristian, there is no native way to do this in the Muse...

    The only way to password protect Muse pages today would be to implement of the secure areas of the coast accommodation of the House. If you host on Adobe Business Catalyst is quite possible, but requires a good knowledge of all BC content management system. You can get a quick idea of what it would take to set up such a secure area in this BC knowledge base article.

    Others have succeeded with services such as, JavaScript password protection, or to implement protection of password files and folders in the control panel cpanel/control of their web hosting provider. This creates the so-called "http authentication". Here is an article on how to create the .htaccess and .htpasswd files to password protect your pages or directories using basic http authentication: password protect your Pages with htaccess

    Best regards


  • Create multiple objects using a loop for

    Help, please

    I am newer to AI Scripting.

    I need to create 30 arrow as objects (d0, d1,..., d29) with different lengths.  I can store lengths in an array (' mylength [] ' ")- but I have to copy the same code and more than 30 times?  Can I create an object where the name of the object is a member of another table?  If I could I could run a loop for to create all 30 arrows.

    This is the code I have-

    var d0 = peoplelayer.pathItems.add (); privacy of D0= true;

    D0.setEntirePath ([[0,0], [-16, 12] [-16, 8] [-mylength [0], 8],[-mylength[0],-8],[-16,-8],[-16,-12]]);

    This code has the idea, but it doesn't work - not

    var arrownames = ["d0", "d1", "d2",..., "d29"]

    var arrownames [0] = peoplelayer.pathItems.add (); private of arrownames [0]= true;

    arrownames [0].setEntirePath ([[0,0], [-16, 12] [-16, 8] [-mylength [0], 8],[-mylength[0],-8],[-16,-8],[-16,-12]]);

    Something that could have?

    Hi theBGF.

    var mylength = [5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100,105,110,115,120,125,130,135, 140,145,150,155];
    var d = new Array();

    for (i = 0; i<>
        d [i] = app.activeDocument.layers [0].pathItems.add ();
        d [i].setEntirePath ([[0,0], [-16, 12] [-16, 8] [-mylength [i], 8],[-mylength[i],-8],[-16,-8],[-16,-12]]);
    private d [i]= true;

    Try this script.
    You can access arrow object (pathItems) are d [1] d [30].

  • How to create a stop button to send commands via the serial port and finish labview vi?

    I want to send two commands on my camera, the first to stop the execution and the second to get out of the remote control mode. This is done on RS232. What I want is a way to put this in my existing VI that tells the device to run. Now if I stop the program, that the devices just run the last command unless I have stop manually. How can I set up a stop button that are not sent to all orders except in such a hurry? I tried the structure of the case, but didn't know how to put a part of 'status quo' If island stops in the while loop is not pressed the button.

  • How to start and stop two parallel loops?


    I want to control two parallel loops with different timing in a vi. Second, it means that to start the loop 1, roll 2, stop 1 or 2 restart loop 1...

    But if loop 1 turns that I can't start looping two then reverse.

    Can someone help me and show what is bad in my example?

    Thank you


    Hello Christian,.

    The reason why you can't do what you want is actually quite simple.

    You have an external loop which is 'on' the two inner loops.

    So when you stop one of the inner loops, the outer loop will still be in the same iteration until the other inner loop ends - stop the other inner loop.

    You can see very easily if you explore the outer loop iteration count - only when both loops internal, it is incerment.

    So, to do what you want, you need to make them independent - you need two external loops.

    Check my attachtment, see if that's what you need.

    Hope this helps,


  • How to create a menu command in a script?

    I want to add a line or two at the end of a script.  I want to add is a menu command.

    I don't know if this can be done in jsx, and I wanted to ask here, that if it's possible, someone show me what that looks like, or point me to a reference on the web that covers?

    Thank you!

    He replied.

    var myMenuAction = app.menuActions.item("$ID/Name of Menu Item");

    If (myMenuAction! = null) {}

    myMenuAction.invoke ();

  • How to export an image animation that loop for a certain period of time?

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    As far as I know, the only way to get in the gif / png is to repeat the executives making the size of the largest file 25 times, which is obviously not ideal.  But you might be able to control the number of loops in the application that you use to play the animation.  For example, I think you can do that from PowerPoint.

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