How to customize the menu bookmarks, such as remove subscribe to this page and and hide or remove the unsorted bookmarks in the bookmarks menu bar?

In the old version you could hide the or delete to subscribe to this page from the bookmarks bar option menu option and the same for the unsorted Lily book option.
I would also like to remove some spaces that surround these options in the menu.

I want to talk about the menu bar with the bookmarks menu item.

All of these options in the bookmarks menu makes for lots of unnecessary scrolling for the bookmarks menu in any direction (upwards or downwards). I think it's very annoying that there is NO option to hide these elements either to just outside and to remove it!

The toolbar that I speak has this list on this.

File Edition display history bookmarks tools help

In this menu bar in the drop-down menu bookmarks menu is now where I want to get rid where hide the items mentioned above, that allows you to be able to do.

If you want to hide Unsorted Bookmarks in the bookmarks Menu (However he always appears in the bookmarks library), follow these steps:

-> Create a userChrome.css file in a folder named chrome in your Firefox profile folder

-> Close Firefox

-> Now enter (or copy / paste) the following code into the userChrome.css file.

@namespace url (""); / * This line is needed only once * /.

#appmenu_bookmarksPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
#bookmarksMenuPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
#BMB_bookmarksPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
#BMB_unsortedBookmarks {display:none!important;}

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    Hi, STC,

    There have been a number of suggestions for change or disable the table , right-click menu, but I see that this does not affect the context menu of legend , which is what you ask for help with.

    To prevent completely the menu right-click to work, you must disable the chart control entirely. You can do this by double-clicking on the chart and select Advanced Options > active state > disabled. This will prevent the operator to be able to generate a menu right click on the chart control.

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    Mr. Bilal

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    Jdev ALICE BC & ADF Faces

    Requirement: How to customize the expiration of session WARNING text messages?

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    I want to show a messge like
    ' your session will expire in XX minutes, do you want to continue? "
    Any help will be appreciated.

    ~ Abhijit

    These are other resource strings:

        {"af_document.PRE_SESSION_TIMEOUT_MSG", "This page will expire unless a response is received within {0} minutes. Click OK to prevent expiration."},
        {"af_document.PRE_SESSION_TIMEOUT_MSG_SECOND", "This page will expire unless a response is received within {0} seconds. Click OK to prevent expiration."},
        {"af_document.PRE_SESSION_TIMEOUT_CONFIRM_TITLE", "Expiration Warning"},


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    danield_2 wrote:

    Thanks for your suggestion. This page has tabluar shape, and I do not see here of "the column definition. The content area is "Report" and when I click it, I see: "Alias"; 'Link '; 'Change '. 'Title', 'Coumn Width","The column alignment", etc.
    I tried to 20px in the "column width" and I got an "Invalid number" error when I ran this page. But if I put 2 or 200 - column is always in the same width.


    Hi Daniel,.

    On the page you describe with the Alias, the link, position etc. beside the column in question, there should be a link change (type of pencil icon), to get the column attributes for that particular item, you need to click on this icon. On the resulting page there is (on APEX 3.1 there is) a column formatting section of the column, you will see the scope of the CSS style there.

  • How to customize the JSP page in iSupport


    I worked on the OA framework. But I have a requirement to customize page iSupport in oracle applications. There is a button on the page, I want to call a DB function passing 2 parameters for this function. The result of this function and display the error message to user based in the result of the function.

    This is the JSP page. I got the name of page JSP of URL in the browser. I discovered the source of this page and found after statement...

    onclick = "JavaScript:document.identifyproblem.JTFValidateFlag.Value = 'Yes'; * Next * ('identifyproblem', 'NEXTFROMIP');" "return false" type = "button" > next < / button > < img src="/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gif" width = "10" height = "10" > < table > < /tr > < / table >

    "next" function is available in a .js file that is imported in above file.

    function next (shape, opcode)
    If (opcode == 'NEXTFROMCI' | opcode == "NEXTFROMIP") {}
    If (! checkContactPoint (form)) return;

    If (checkRequiredField (form)) {}
    document. Forms [form]. IBU_CF_SR_OPCODE. Value = opcode.
    document. Forms [form]. Submit();
    else {}

    If I want to change the functionality can I add my code and more to have a "next"?

    Or I have to change something in the file of the page controller?

    Hi Paraq,

    My mistake, I'm not familiar with iSupport pages, but do a search on google I see that they are standard JSP and not OSTEOARTHRITIS.

    I'm not sure if this will help iSupport Extension

    I'm sure there are many examples of how to extend the iSupport OTN pages


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    Using the latest update of Firefox gave me a new search bar, one where I can't change quickly, search engines to the contrary having to go into a menu to do so. This is detrimental for me since I use each search engine search suggestions, I installed. I can't do that. How to move the search return bar to the previous version?

    I found a solution. If you go in Subject: config, then find the boolean and rocking that it restores the old functionality. (You may have to restart your browser)

    Note that, as always, to edit your subject: config at your own risk.


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    Hi burlybar,

    -What web browser do you use?

    -When you uninstall the Zynga Game bar for?

    Please see the following article for instructions on uninstalling Zynga Game Bar:

    Zynga Game bar: how to uninstall

    For more assistance, contacting Zynga support or post your question in the community of Zynga Forums.

    Gokul - Microsoft Support

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