How to delete alias iCloud Apple ID

How to delete alias iCloud Apple ID

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  • How can I connect on a deleted on iCloud apple ID?


    Have recently purchased a new 6 iPhone and when I have the attached to my computer an older version of my 2014 data restored. This left me with my old apple ID (email), which is linked with my email address from the University which I can access is no longer. I have my new ID apple through the iTunes store have accessed but am unable to connect through iCloud. Everytime I try, it is said to provide a password for my old apple ID, which I can reset is more like the email I put it on that is inaccessible. Any ideas/help would be very appreciated


    If you are unable to remember your password, security issues, do not have access to your address of rescue or are unable to reset your password for any reason, your only option is to contact the Support of Apple ID, to speak to an operator you should explain that your problem is related to your Apple ID This way you can be attributed to the assistance, even if you do not have an AppleCare plan.

    You will need to be patient with the process and to be ready to prove without doubt that the account belongs to you. Do not expect access to be restored immediately and if you are not the owner of the Apple ID saved to the device the account will not be reset.

  • How to delete emails from Apple Watch

    I can't find a trash or remove the option on my new Apple Watch

    Hello Darrell

    To remove an email:

    -If you view the list of e-mail messages in the Mail application ^, swipe to the left on a message, and then tap on Trash / delete.

    -If you have open and read an e-mail on your watch, press firmly on the screen, and then press Trash / delete.

    -If you post a notification about an email, scroll to the bottom of the message, and then press the trash.

    ^ To open the Mail app, go to the homescreen (accessed via a simple press on the digital Crown) > press the icon of the Mail application.

  • How can I remove the Apple one of the 5s 2 phones in order to separate the two that have been synchronized for 2 years, ID also pay 2 to 1 TB of space iCloud that is synchronized on both, how separate it so

    How to delete & recreate ID Apple on 2nd-5 used by my son? Separate lines, using the same Apple ID. Also, I pay for 1 to iCloud space used by two phones, can it be "assigned" or separate?

    Howdy Dereck,

    This looks like what you want to do, is to have your son to use his own Apple ID, rather than your own, because there is currently, on his iPhone. Is this fair?

    It is recommended that each user has their own Apple ID. This makes sure the property of purchased items, such as music and apps, goes to the person using them. It keeps your privacy, so that emails, messages, and passwords are available for the person who has to do. See this article for more information - use your own Apple for sharing the family ID. In particular.

    Avoid sharing an Apple ID

    If you share the same Apple ID with a member of the family to iTunes & App Store purchases, some services will treat you like the same person. You can see these and other questions:

    • Family membership Apple music: rather than receive your own membership with your own library, you will share a library and recommendations with the other Member of the family.
    • iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases: If the family sharing is already stopped, the owner of the common Apple ID will keep all purchases. You may lose access to everything in the account, including all purchases that you have launched.
    • IBooks and iTunes u Podcasts: Podcast episodes, bookmarks, and iTunes U course could synchronize according to the preferences of the other Member of the family or deleted accidentally.

    So, you will need to create an Apple ID for your son, if you don't have already done. If it is less than 13 years of age, this should be done by using the share of the family. See this article - family sharing and Apple ID for your child. Older children and adults can create an Apple by following the steps in this article - ID create and start using an Apple ID. IMPORTANT - If your son already has an Apple ID of hers, do not create one for him.

    Once the Apple ID for your son was created, he will want to enter important places on his iPhone. This article tells about all locations, you may need to change the ID in use on this phone Apple - where can I use my Apple ID?

    Your iCloud account is intended for an Apple ID.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    Best for you.

  • How to make boxes to the letters for my alias iCloud in Mac Mail

    How to make mailboxes mailbox for my alias iCloud in Mac Mail?

    I have just set up my e-mail address of iCloud for the first time.  I had an Apple account for many years, but had not hitherto iCloud email address.  After that, Mac Mail automatically created an Inbox and an Outbox called, "iCloud" in the Mac Mail.

    Following the instructions I found online from Apple, I created an alias.  I would like to create the mailbox for the alias. How can I do this?

    Because it cannot be changed or deleted, I won't use my "main" iCloud address email for anything whatsoever.  Everything will be done by one or two aliases.

    Thank you for helping.

    You can create a folder for iCloud in the same way, when you create folders for any of your e-mail accounts. However, I suspect that you hope to create an Inbox specially for your alias addresses, which you can not do so. Aliases are aliases for your primary address, they are not different addresses, as such mail to your iCloud address and it's aliases are all moving in the same Inbox.

    What you can do is create a folder for mail addressed to your alias and create a rule to move relevant mail in the Inbox in this folder.

  • How to delete pictures on the phone and keep about iCloud

    Pls will have this problem and a little confused. How can I remove photos from my iPhone 6 and keep these photos on my phone X someone help pls simple format pls


    When you use iCloud photo library, your iCloud storage can work to free up storage on your iPhone by keeping versions space saving on your iPhone and the full-size originals in iCloud. However, unable to save pictures to iCloud instead of have them on your iPhone at all.

    Another option is to import all existing photos from your iPhone to computer, and then delete the originals of your iPhone, freeing up a space for new.

    The following support article explains the difference between the storage (on your iPhone) device and iCloud:

    You can also find these resources useful:

  • How to delete stuff on icloud to make more room?

    I tried to reduce the amount of things on icloud (on my iphone 5s and Macbook pro) as I keep notifications saying that my storage is full. I looked at the amount of SPAC SOUL was sating upward and the pictures were the msot so I deleted them on my phone. But when I looked at the location for the storage of left has not changed. In addition, has the photos that I deleted on my phone deleted on my Mac. First of all, is there a way to sync the phone and Mac, when you try to delete things even when the storage is full, then, is deleting photos make actually more space, and thirdly, if not, how can I free space on icloud?

    On my Mac:

    On my iPhone:

    The following can help: manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

  • How to delete photos on my iphone but not my icloud

    How to delete photos on my Iphone without deleting my icloud

    You can not.

    iCloud is not to do what you ask. It is a synchronization service. It is designed for exactly what you see.

    You could import from the phone to a PC. This would free of space on your phone. You can use iCloud for synchronize * only * between your PC and the cloud.

    If you set the photos on your to OPTIMIZE, will decrease the amount of space on your phone.

    Please read these FAQS. > > > Photo library FAQ - Apple Support iCloud

  • How can I change the default 'from' address in iCloud/Apple Mail

    I changed it to a point to my alias iCloud, and no matter how many times I change it in Apple Mail preferences it does not stick. When I close my iMac down, the next time I start up my alias address you "from" still my default address once. V. frustrating. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Please, back up all data before proceeding.

    This procedure will unlock all your user (not system files) files and reset their ownership, permissions and default access controls. If you have voluntarily set special values for these attributes on any of your files, they will be be restored. In this case, either stop there, or be ready to recreate the settings if necessary. Do that after checking these settings that did not cause the problem. If none of that is meaningful to you, you need not worry about this, but do not follow the instructions below.

    Step 1

    If you have more than one user, and the one in question is not an administrator, then go to step 2.

    Triple-click anywhere in the next line to this page to select this option:

    sudo find ~ $TMPDIR.. -exec chflags -h nosappnd,noschg,nosunlnk,nouappnd,nouchg {} + -exec chown -h $UID {} + -exec chmod +rw {} + -exec chmod -h -N {} + -type d -exec chmod -h +x {} + 2>&-

    Copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination.

    Launch the Terminal application integrated in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

    ☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

    Paste in the Terminal window by pressing Command + V. I tried these instructions only with the Safari browser. If you use another browser, you may need to press the return key after pasting.

    You will be asked your password of connection that are not displayed when you type. Type carefully, and then press return. You can get a warning to be careful. If you do not have a password, you will need to configure one before you can run the command. If you see a message that your user name "is not in the sudoers file", then you have not logged as an administrator.

    The command may take several minutes to run, depending on the number of files you have. Wait for a new line ending with a dollar sign ($) to appear, and then quit Terminal.

    Step 2 (optional)

    Take this step only if you have trouble with the phase 1, if you prefer not to consider, or if this does not resolve the problem.

    Start in recovery mode. You may be prompted to select a language, then the OS X Utilities appears.

    If you use FileVault 2, select disk utility, then select the icon for the volume FileVault startup ("Macintosh HD", unless you have given it a different name.) It will be nested under another icon of the disc. Click the Open button in the toolbar and enter your login password when you are prompted. Then quit disk utility must be returned to the main screen.


    Utilities ▹ Terminal

    in the menu bar. It will open a Terminal window. In this window, type this:


    Press the tab key. The partial order you entered will automatically end this:


    Press return. Opens a window to reset the password. You do not need to reset a password.

    Select your boot volume ("Macintosh HD", unless you have given it a different name) if not already selected.

    Select your username in the menu option allows you to select the account if not already selected.

    Under Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs, click the reset button.


    ▹ Restart 

    in the menu bar.

  • How to delete my account my daughter iCloud iphone6

    My daughter has implemented my iphone6 and relates to her iCloud account. How can I remove my iPhone from your iCloud account and create my own?

    Using more an iDevice on the same computer

    This mainly applies to couples who add another device and don't want their electronic mail, messages, etc. being duplicated on both devices. To start reading: How to use several iPhone, iPad or iPod devices with one computer. You must create a login separate Apple and password for anyone who will use the new iDevice. See Apple - my Apple ID and frequently asked questions about the Apple ID. The easiest way is to do it on the computer using iTunes: iTunes - how to set up an Apple ID iTunes.

    On the computer, create a new user account for the person with the new iDevice. This is the user account always uses this person. He or she will no longer use the other user account. This way the person will have a separate iTunes library. Note When finished, do not 'share' apps under a single Apple ID. Each of you must buy your own applications under your own Apple ID. When you decide to divide like this you will have to buy new applications they want to use.

    First, transfer the new devices to a new account as well as all your data.  Save pictures of flow picture you want to keep for your camera (unless they are already in the camera roll) by opening your Photos app, tap Albums icon at the bottom. Now press the album My Photo Stream; Press Select; tap the photo you want to select. tap the share (box with the face up arrow) in the lower left corner icon; in the film, and then click Save.

    If you synchronize notes with iCloud, you want to keep, you must open each of your notes and email it to yourself. Later, you can copy and paste the text into the new notes created in your new account.

    Tap Settings > iCloud > remove account (removes it only from this device, not iCloud; the person who maintains the current account is not affected) provide the password to disable find my phone and choose to keep on my iDevice when prompted.  Sign in with another Apple ID to create your new account. Choose merge to download your data.

    Once you are on separate accounts, you can each go to and remove data from the other person to your account.

    The above was created by the user randers4. Changes were made to improve the readability and the syntax.

  • How to recover files deleted in icloud

    How can I recover deleted emails icloud files?

    Hi chetfromisle of palms,.

    If you have recently deleted e-mail messages from iCloud, you have 30 days to retrieve them from the trash, unless you change these preferences.

    iCloud: remove email

    Deleted messages are moved to the Recycle Bin in iCloud Mail. When you delete a message, it is saved in your Inbox for 30 days, after which it is permanently cleared from the trash.

    Delete messages

    Select one or more messages, and then do one of the following:

    • Click the move to trash button in the toolbar.

      If you do not move it to the Trash button in the toolbar, click the pop-up menu Action in the sidebar, then choose Preferences. In the general pane, deselect the option "Icon Archives Show in the toolbar."

    • Press the BACKSPACE or DELETE key.

    • Drag messages to the trash in the sidebar.

    To select multiple adjacent messages, click the first one, and then shift-click the last one. To select several nonadjacent messages, command-click on Mac or Ctrl-click on a Windows computer.

    Take care

  • I tried to remove pictures of iCloud to make more room and they had also deleted from my Macbook Pro. How can I remove iCloud without deleting my Mac?

    I tried to remove pictures of iCloud to make more room and they had also deleted from my Macbook Pro. How can I remove iCloud without deleting my Mac?

    How iCloud library works is that all the photos are on iCloud and on the device connected to this library to iCloud. If you remove anywhere from anywhere, they are deleted.

  • How can I remove Icloud account without password?

    How can I remove Icloud account without password?

    Some things to note-

    -an impossible to delete an iCloud account if you can remove a device.

    -If your wish is to remove an iCloud account, simply remain dormant.

    -to answer your question, if the account the disconnection of a device, you will need the password to the account.

    -If you have forgotten the password, then go here

  • How can I change my Apple "username".

    How can I change my Apple "username"?

    I assume you mean the email address which is your identifier Apple and the connection?

    If your primary address (ID) is a, or address you cannot change. If it is a non-Apple address, you can change it as follows:

    1. First of all, if you have 'Find my iPad/iPhone/iMac' enabled on any of your devices, turn off the power.
    2. Create a new address of e-mail, such as Yahoo or Gmail or anywhere convenient (or you can use an existing address as long as it is not associated with one identifier Apple).
    3. Go to and click on "manage your Apple ID". Connect with current ID.
    4. Where it says "Apple ID and primary e-mail address" and give your email ID address, click on 'change '.
    5. Enter your new address, and then click "save changes".
    6. Now, you will need to go to each of your devices and log in Preferences system (or settings) > iCloud - "Disconnect" on a Mac, "Delete this account" on an iOS device (this will not delete the account of the server).
    7. Then reconnect you with your new code. Your iCloud data will disappear from your devices when you disconnect, but reappear when you log in.

    I have re-iterate: before you begin, turn off 'Find my Mac' (or other) or you need support services.

    GOLD: do you hear the name that appears at the top of your messages in the forum, in this case probably your real name? You can not change this. Only hosts can change, and they will therefore only in cases where it poses a security risk. If you think that this is the case, say so, here I or someone will pass information about guests: it is up to them what they do.

  • Deleted alias for the new account. Says that it is used.

    I deleted my email alias so I could use it to create a new Apple ID, but for some reason when I tried to save it within seconds, he said that he had been taken. I sent this e-mail, then I got an email saying: it could not be delivered, which suggests that the email does not exist. Does anyone know if there are delays on the creation of new emails based on the deleted alias?

    Once an alias has been created it can be moved to another account or ID for a new account, even after deletion.

Maybe you are looking for

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    My son has a 487 A100, running on Windows XP. I recently bought him a game and it loads fine. The game played for about 15 minutes and close that back to my desktop screen and gives an option to send an error report. It has 1 GB of RAM so I am a litt

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    OS: Windows Server 2008R2 (64-bit) Hey guys,. I'm looking for some ideas. There is a server that I am the admin who has a folder with some protected data on it. The problem is that there are about 1 000 subfolders, each needs its own security setting

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    I'm trying to download Epocrates on my computer to recharge on my PPC.  I get an error message - Ikernel.exc could not be copied into C:\ ProgramFiles (x 86) \CommonFiles\InstallShield\Engine\6\Intel32 "make sure you have the appropriate privileges t

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    Hello Even if this happened to me once before, I not had this problem once again so far. The agent apparently installs ok, restart the workstation, but on reboot it is not displayed by the operating system to the system tray and can be reinstalled or