How to delete emails from Apple Watch

I can't find a trash or remove the option on my new Apple Watch

Hello Darrell

To remove an email:

-If you view the list of e-mail messages in the Mail application ^, swipe to the left on a message, and then tap on Trash / delete.

-If you have open and read an e-mail on your watch, press firmly on the screen, and then press Trash / delete.

-If you post a notification about an email, scroll to the bottom of the message, and then press the trash.

^ To open the Mail app, go to the homescreen (accessed via a simple press on the digital Crown) > press the icon of the Mail application.

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    not possible, except by deleting all messages from this account on the device.

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    1. what email program are you using?
    2. you are trying to delete the emails saved in the documents folder?
    3. How did transfer the email from your old computer to a new computer?
    4. have you imported or exported the emails to the new computer or just transferred by manually copying?
    Suggestions for a question on the help forums
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    I do not know how to find Inbox.dbx.  I still find 41 messages in the Inbox, 78 in the deleted items and 14 in mass mailings.  When I click on "remove" messages, I get a message - "the server is not found. In addition, unable to poll for new messages on your HTTP server.
    "I uncheck" "include this account" so then, I probably is no longer get emails in Outlook Express.  My hard drive is pathetic looking.  I find a small "Ribbon of pink pie (unused space) and in the rest of the cake shape is 'BLUE'.  I thought that E-mails from Outlook Express can be responsible for my hard drive being so full. After I empty all these junk emails in 2008, I have to know what else I can remove to open more space on my hard drive.
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    After deleting messages in OE, go to file | Folder | Compact to reduce the size of the folder.  Otherwise removal does not affect the size of a folder.  You should probably go to file | Folder | Compact everything to reduce all sizes of folder in OE.  I would like to make a backup first.

    For more free space on your disk, click Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup.

    It is not best to start a new message when you are tracking on another, because nobody knows what you're referring to when you the previous thread.  I managed to find it well and Bruce said: ' tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Note the location and navigate on it in Explorer Windows or, copy and paste in start | Run '.


  • How to export Email from Apple Mail addresses?


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    You export the contacts application address. What you trying to do with the addresses of mail?

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    This looks like what an IMAP email account made by design. This isn't a matter of Apple.

    Is what email provider? How do you account set up?

    Get help if you have any questions using a POP email with multiple devices - Apple Support account

  • How to permanently delete emails from my computer?

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    Simple: compact your trash folders after deleting.

    You might close Thunderbird, ferret on his profile and remove garbage files, and of course you are free to use all of the 3rd party utilities for scrubbing erased files.

    I read users who run Firefox in the batch that deletes all the files that can store data in the session after Firefox has been closed. You may be able to adapt and adopt this approach too.

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    Sorry, but you cannot recover deleted emails from spam.

    See you soon.

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    It would interest me, is really very silly.

    In German:

    Habe ich Täglich mit sehr vielen emails zu tun. ICH konnte sie immer too im Sperrbildschirm löschen oder als markieren read equal. Das ist jetzt nicht mehr possible.

    Jetzt muss ich jede E-mail erst im Sperrbildschirm lassen um sie dann löschen oder als zu markieren read ads.

    Warum wird eine Funktion removed einfach so?

  • BlackBerry Z10 z10 deleting emails from server to download

    Just today my z10 began to delete emails from the server after downloading the.  My phone not updated today, I do not understand how it is startted and I can't find the settings for it.

    I need my phone do NOT delete, which is reserved for my outlook to make sure I make sure that all my emails access this Inbox.


    I solved the problem by deleting the e-mail account on the phone and install again. Something happened, I don't know, but it works correctly even once, he "was obviously a problem with the phone.

  • How to delete alias iCloud Apple ID

    How to delete alias iCloud Apple ID

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  • I can't delete emails from my Inbox

    I can't delete emails from my Inbox

    Confirm that the "Deleted" folder is empty.
    Right click "Deleted" (which might be called "Trash") folder and select "Delete empty."

    It is a POP or IMAP Inbox email account?

    As we know not if there is no corruption on the Inbox, please create some duly named folders and move all the good emails sought in these cases.

    Then, when the Inbox has that unwanted emails - no you don't mind to lose - just right-click on the Inbox folder and select "Compact".

    Assuming that you haven't lost any email, try to remove them.
    Right-click on an e-mail in the list, then select 'Delete Message'
    Select an e-mail so that it displays in the messages pane, and click the button 'delete '.

    Report on the results and INFO.

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    All you need to do, is to go into your profile > communities and following the judgment.

  • After adding a new account, I can't delete emails from the Inbox for this account.

    I just added a sixth account to my installation of Thunderbird. There was no problem in adding the account and I can send and receive emails without problem. However, I can't delete emails from the Inbox. What should I do to correct this?

    OK, then compact Inbox:

    Right click on Inbox - Compact

    It is recommended that you enable automatic compaction. More information on the compaction in this article.

    I don't expect more problems with deleting messages after compaction.

    If you still have problems, follow these instructions.

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    How to delete photos from my i phone 6 but keep them on my i mac os x

    peterfromcredin wrote:

    How to delete photos from my i phone 6 but keep them on my i mac os x

    And how does your photos get your iMac?

    Photo stream that you use?

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