How to disable all the selections at once?

How to disable all the selections at once?


If you are referring to the playlist, artist, album & kind selection boxes, then I don't think that there is a way to uncheck those all at once.

If you mean the boxes in the view of songs Ctrl + click and the checkbox to check or uncheck all of the boxes. Note, however, that the use of these boxes is a bad way to manage the synchronization. Uncontrolled songs are ignored in the normal course of track in track or shuffle playback. Better to use one or more playlists to control what is synchronized and have checked most, if not all of your library. Items not controlled in my library are things like interview bonus tracks that had never what to hear accidentally, I keep in my library.


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    Hi Experts,

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    How can disable us the selection of lines under certain conditions.

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    Can achieve us.

    Please me advice accrdingly

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    You are implementing a generic selection as shown here Manager in this handler, you check and validate the selection of our not.


  • Creating GIF images, how to edit all the images at once?

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    I really want to change individually the 58 frames, lol.

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    PS - I use Photoshop CS3, if that helps!

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    Have you tried to convert all layers to a smart object or group together them? Then apply your effects to the dynamic object or group.

  • How to close all the worksheets at once


    How to close all the worksheets at the same time (with one click)?

    It of so annoying to close one by one and asked if you want to save the script or not.

    Thank you

    Have you tried right-clicking on the name of the tab and selecting 'Close All '?

  • How to download all the songs at once on itunes game rather than one by one?

    How can I download my iTunes correspondence library to a device at the same time rather than one song at a time or synchronize with a USB cable?

    It's the forum for iTunes for Maccategory, if you download via iTunes on a Mac?  Or "device" that is not a Mac?

    If this is on a Mac, iTunes, select the songs you want to download a list of songs, then right click on the selection and download.

  • How to disable permanently the selection follows playhead


    Whenever I open the first CC 2015, I have to disable selection follows playhead.  I'm sure that some people like to have, but I'm not one of them.  I am, however, one of these users of the body which must reboot several times during a single day because of MANY bugs.  So, I want to off selection following head and never having to think again.  I can't find anywhere in the menus or preferences that will allow me to do.  Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance.

    MacPro Late 2013 (trash)

    32 GB of ram

    3.5 GHZ 6 core

    Double over-pants D700

    Hi Revron,

    I'd love to off selection following head and never having to think again. I can't find anywhere in the menus or preferences that will allow me to do.

    Currently, this feature is not available. Please file a bug report/feature request.

    We have a written request for "allow selection follows playhead be user not based on project.

    EDIT: Use the more descriptive title for the feature request: user will disable automatic allowing selection follows playhead

    If everyone used this wording on the bug report, we get traction in the next version.

    I kindly ask you to take this time. I will advocate for a preference or similar to users that this is a user selection basis.

    Thank you and sorry for the frustration. I hope that I have answered your question, at least.


  • How to disable all the tricks af: validate *?

    I use af:validateLength and af:validateRegExp for an af:inputText

    I would like to disable all windows note displaying "messages of suspicion."
    for example "Enter between min and max characters" that appears before the user has entered a value.
    because our team thinks that this will be inconvenient for the end user.

    I'd rather keep only the error message that appears when the user leaves the af: inputText.

    Or, we can be interested in disabling also error messages and just keep the red on the af: inputText to inform that there is something wrong with this field...
    (personally I don't like this idea, but we are interested to test)

    I have read the Oracle documentation, but I found nothing for our need, except maybe to create our own validator... any easy way to do it?

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Hi JP,

    AFAIK, you can't use of some complex involving skin ' view: no ' on the part of the index so that there is a mistake and do everything the same based on an obscure condition on the popup itself. Another option to create your own validators and not supported boards and validation on the client side. Briefly, but unfortunately there is no easy way to do it.

    Kind regards

    ~ Simon

  • How to disable all the zoom in mobile Firefox

    I'm trying to get rid of this delay of 300ms for double zoom tab. It works on websites than the zoom block, but I would like that it works for all sites. I don't mind not being is not able to zoom as I have Firefox, Firefox Beta and installed every night. I guess it would be in the config. I disabled the delay of 300ms in Chrome Dev version, that works really well. I don't quite see the same thing in Firefox.

    Thank you.

    Hey, sorry been busy trying. I just tested around with the config and it goes back to ui.zoomedview.disabled and set it to true. It was on the beta of Firefox. She seems to have no ill effects change. I've also updated to Chrome Dev and no longer have the option to deactivate the lag. I am happy that I found this.

    Thank you.

  • How can I disable all the pings and tones and notes and sounds of the HP Officejetpro 8610?

    I can't tolerate the noise.  How can I disable all the pings and tones and notes and sounds of the HP Officejetpro 8610?  This 'thing' emits a beep and the pings and plays music.

    Thank you


    Hi Sam,

    On the front panel of the printer, scrool main screen to the right and the clock setting icon.

    Then click Printer Setup, and then select sound effects Volume.

    Select and confirm, that should disable all these sounds.


  • I need to know how can I turn off the automatic updates of Firefox, because I work in a business that requires that. In the ideal, of group policy or some ways to disable all the computers on the network

    I need to know how can I turn off the automatic updates of Firefox, because I work in a business that requires that.
    In the ideal, of group policy or some ways to disable all the computers on the network

    Some info here (Group Policy)->

    Above article refers to->

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

  • How to disable all types or error messages (appcrash, initializing the dll, the material error messages) via regedit (HKCU only)?


    I was wondering how to disable all types of error messages on windows (XP/7/8/8.1) through registry through HKCU only.

    I know that I can change on win 7/8

    The HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows error report

    DontShowUI to 1

    and on win xp (is it possible to do this through HKCU instead of HKLM?)


    ShowUi to 0

    But that doesn't have errors like "The DLL initialization failed", in order to correct these you will need to fix (nothing to do in HKCU)?


    ErrorMode in 2

    However, I need all doing just that only through HKCU. Are there other means directly or indirectly disable all sorts of error messages, preferably by HKCU HKLM not?

    Another question, if it is not possible to disable the other error messages, is there a way to make the machine close more quickly, so that the error messages are not shown while the machine stops.

    I tried on XP.

    HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop

    AutoEndTasks 1

    HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop

    HungAppTimeout 0

    HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop

    WaitToKillAppTimeout 0

    It helped a bit but manages the error message is displayed, unless you set


    ErrorMode in 2

    but I need to make the changes through HKCU only.

    Hello Mantas,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community Forum.

    I wish to inform you that Microsoft does not encourage the registry change to disable the display of errors.

    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forum. It is better you post the same query in the TechNet community. There may be users who have the expertise in this area and could help you.

    Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you:

    TechNet community

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

    Thank you

  • How to disable all user accouts in oracle EBS R12

    Hi DBAs,

    How to disable all user accounts in EBS R12 except sysadmin, comments & some other users using any piece of competitor or rear standard. Because tomorrow we will change all the sequence number in our applications. If we want to restrict all users. Once this sequence changing activity was made the activation of all users? Please help us in this activity.

    We already know the end of Putting front end date.

    Thank you

    Use the code of the FND_USER_PKG API. This issue has been discussed several times in these forums - pl using the search function

    Re: Disable Oracle apps user accounts

    When you use FND_USER_PKG for users to toggle should be value for X_OWNER? [948191.1 ID]
    How end-Date/remove a user of Applications [ID 1064798.1]


  • How to disable permanently the spell check in Notes

    How to disable permanently the spell check in Notes?

    Here are my steps:

    1. With the help of Notes in OS X 10.11.5, click Edit/spelling and grammar and then clearly the 2 options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling."
    2. Close and re - open Notes.

    What I expected:

    only the two options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling" is always disabled when Notes is reopened

    In fact:

    the two options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling" is enabled once more

    Spell check in Notes for a reason any seems particularly disruptive and unnecessary. Any way to turn it off permanently?

    System text/keyboard/preferences and uncheck automatically correct spelling.

  • How to remove all the photos from my iphone 5?

    How to remove all the photos from my iPhone 5?

    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. Click on the photo or video you want to delete.
    3. Type > delete the Photo.

    Delete several photos

    1. Open the Photos app and press Select.
    2. Click on each photo or video that you want to remove.
    3. Type > delete Photos.

    Delete photos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

  • How to cancel all the nonsense of bull recently integrated into firefox?

    I liked firefox since I installed it first in 2.x days. I've HATED since 5 or 6 version control system. NOW, when I open a new tab, I have a bunch of crap that I don't want to be displayed. I'm sick and tired of firefox trying to emulate chrome. If I wanted chrome, I would install it.

    At this point, I'm ready to give up firefox all together and try some independent browser of fucked.

    How the hell can I disable all the nonsense and return to a real browser?

    There is an icon in the top right corner which allows you to turn off the new thumbnail view.

    Alternatively, you can set the preference browser.newtab.url on config for ' subject: empty.

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