How to disable direct sound when you use a plugin for guitar?

I use the Waves GTR plugin for recording guitar in Logic Pro X, but because it puts a lot of pressure on the CPU, I tried he governs through a "bus" instead of having the plugin separately on every guitar track. The difference is that when I use the bus option, I can't seem to get rid of dry direct sound which is obviously very embarrassing. The only way for me to get rid of the direct sound is to use the RTM plugin on every guitar track that quickly causes the overload program when using several of these titles.

Anyone know how to get rid of the direct sound when you use the alternative of bus for the guitar tracks?

just at the exit of the guitar channel strip no output. This way you won't hear at the follow (because the dry track will not be transmitted to any output)

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    Good bye

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    See Microsoft Developer Network: (vs.85) .aspx

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    Note it is a Toshiba user forum and here you will encounter common users who share knowledge and solve common issues of interest.
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    Pat Immel

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    Hey mocheesehead,.

    I'm sorry that you use in this issue do beep. I would suggest trying a hard reset as the first, fastest and least invasive stage. This can sometimes fix strange problems because it drains all the electricity unit.

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    Remove the battery and power cord

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    Return-turn on the laptop and test to see if the problem has been resolved.

    If you still experience the problem, I also suggest to download the latest version of the BIOS F.20 and the latest Synaptics driver version 15.0.24.

    I hope this helps! Let me know the results when you get a chance please

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    This only happens when I use a shortcut to call Firefox. I am running Windows 7 Professional. The Firefox window opens after the error message occurs, so I would class this as a gene.
    Many help comments mention 'ddeexec' removal of Firefox registry entries. It worked for a while (it seems to be related to updates of Firefox), but now no longer works: ddeexec is removed, but the error message persists.

    I found a fix for Win 7 (x 64) based on two observations:

    1. the waiting period does not exist if Firefox is already running.

    2. There are (at least) two types of shortcuts: Application and URL. When Firefox is the default browser, shortened URL get a timeout message. A the application shortcut to Firefox works without any problem.

    Follow these three steps to create a new shortcut that runs Firefox with the URL as a command:

    1. create a shortcut to the Application either by copying an existing shortcut, or right-click on the desktop, select new | Contextual and choose the location of Firefox.exe.

    2. then right click to open the new shortcut, properties. On the shortcut tab, you will find:

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    Can someone take a look at my code and just see if its obvious what the problem is? In this case, I have a simple solution, but I would really like to understand what I did wrong. I have included as a code snippet, but also attached the files if that helps (Its, which is the problem). Persons with disabilities code fails, the active code works but I can't see what is really the difference between them - I can change the index of array 0,1,2, 3. and no mistake.

    Thank you.

    Your "Colormap.ctl" is a strict type def that contains a ring.  You define the elements programmatically, make the default values, and then save the "Colormap.ctl"?   I was never practicing this but here is a thread that covers this in detail. I do not understand what you expect reach by running.
    The next thing: at the same time (at the same time!), you open the (this is what we see in yout PNG) that contains an instance of the Colormap.ctl on the front panel. I'm not pretty sure if LabVIEW can handle this correctly. This could be the reason why you sometimes get the error 1105.
    I prefer StringsAndValues and eventually the value of the ring running.  There is no need to do it with a def of strict type.

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    Please try these:
    1. click on start, type Remote Desktop connection.
    2 open remote desktop connection, click options.
    3. click on the tab advanced; Put a check mark on the font smoothing.
    4 if it is already checked, then uncheck the font smoothing


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