How to disable permanently the sidebar? Provide answers above do not work.

My operating system is VISTA. site is not valid.

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Run the FixIt on this article:


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  • How to disable permanently the spell check in Notes

    How to disable permanently the spell check in Notes?

    Here are my steps:

    1. With the help of Notes in OS X 10.11.5, click Edit/spelling and grammar and then clearly the 2 options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling."
    2. Close and re - open Notes.

    What I expected:

    only the two options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling" is always disabled when Notes is reopened

    In fact:

    the two options "check spelling as you type" and "automatically correct spelling" is enabled once more

    Spell check in Notes for a reason any seems particularly disruptive and unnecessary. Any way to turn it off permanently?

    System text/keyboard/preferences and uncheck automatically correct spelling.

  • How to disable permanently the tab "Search firefox help" which starts each session?

    An unwanted tab starts to the right of my home page whenever I start Firefox. I can close it, but it is up to each session. I tried to pin it as a tab app but it starts well, each session. It drives me crazy. I don't want and never did! How do I permanently remove or disable this tab (I still want the new tab '+' available)?

    Follow the suggestions mentioned in the following articles:

    Check and tell if its working.

  • How-to: disable permanently Lightroom mobile sync, so I'm not asked about each catalog to create?

    Every time I have create a new catalog, I wonder whether or not I want to keep the Active Sync feature (default: enabled).

    When I click to turn it off and apply, he seized my mouse pointer and take it at the edge of the screen.

    I do not use this feature. Not at all. Never. It to say, it's boring as hell. What's happening on each. new. creation catalog...

    I also do not approve of a program / Picture Manager Editor seizing my mouse pointer and take it anywhere.

    How can I say this 'feature' to look for greener pastures at all times?

    Peut I even do that?

    Just sign in and then cut the Sync - under the identity plate. I think it should be. You enable actually as a catalog, which means that your installation of Lr records he is already a catalog synchronized.

    If you want to use Lr Mobile then you need to enable synchronization under the identity plate and synchronization with this catalogue.

    In addition, the catalogue 600000 is perfectly manageable. I don't see any value in fragmenting the image control.

  • How can I change the search engines if /searchreset does not work?

    I just upgraded to 23 FF, and it or some other setting changed my default Yahoo search engine. I want to go back to Google, which I think is the default value. Another thread of support was driven to, but that has not worked. I went in: config and Yahoo changed to Google on several lines, but it did nothing. I tried to change the searchreset.backup.keyword.URL and the keyword. URL, but they would not change the setting Yahoo.

    Not only is my default stuck with Yahoo, but even if I click on the arrow pointing downwards in the search box, I can not select a different search manually engine. The drop down menu shows me a list of search engines, but by selecting one of them has no effect. Help?

    Hello kirkpete, please try this: go to firefox > help > troubleshooting information > profile folder - "view folder", then a new window will open. in this search on a file named user.js window (it can be used to overwrite your custom settings). where it is present, delete or rename this file and then restart firefox.

    How to fix preferences that will not save

  • How to disable permanently the images of premium display

    Hi, I have a subscription that does not include images of the premium, so I would like to disable them permanently displayed in the results the research until it becomes a nuisance, I'm looking for is something to see a beautiful picture and then only to find that I have to pay £399 for IT... because it's a premium, I prefer not to see one of these images, it's a pain

    is this possible?


    Please click here for the answer - Re: Download Images

    Thank you


  • How to disable permanently the selection follows playhead


    Whenever I open the first CC 2015, I have to disable selection follows playhead.  I'm sure that some people like to have, but I'm not one of them.  I am, however, one of these users of the body which must reboot several times during a single day because of MANY bugs.  So, I want to off selection following head and never having to think again.  I can't find anywhere in the menus or preferences that will allow me to do.  Can anyone help?  Thanks in advance.

    MacPro Late 2013 (trash)

    32 GB of ram

    3.5 GHZ 6 core

    Double over-pants D700

    Hi Revron,

    I'd love to off selection following head and never having to think again. I can't find anywhere in the menus or preferences that will allow me to do.

    Currently, this feature is not available. Please file a bug report/feature request.

    We have a written request for "allow selection follows playhead be user not based on project.

    EDIT: Use the more descriptive title for the feature request: user will disable automatic allowing selection follows playhead

    If everyone used this wording on the bug report, we get traction in the next version.

    I kindly ask you to take this time. I will advocate for a preference or similar to users that this is a user selection basis.

    Thank you and sorry for the frustration. I hope that I have answered your question, at least.


  • my screen has suddenly become half size at the top of the screen. Answers below do not work. Very annoying.

    just happened... It's just saying no, but all of the screens?


    Below where - there is no previous replies to your question.

    It is possible that your monitor, video card, the cable between them, or even the

    computer has developed a problem.

    Check all connections.

    Re-install the video driver and check the settings of resolution - see the video
    map of support and forums.

    Reset the monitor (controls on the screen itself - refer to the support of its creator,

    documentation and forums.

    Start - Settings - system - display (and advanced display settings<- scroll="">
    for them).

    Rob - SpiritX

  • How do I change the sidebar on the right side of the screen to the bottom of the screen?

    How do I change the sidebar on the right side of the screen to the bottom of the screen? I called Best Buy to help me with the problem, but they were unable to help because they did not have the answer for me.

    How do I change the sidebar on the right side of the screen to the bottom of the screen?

    The Vista Sidebar can be moved to the right of the screen to the left and back again if the sidebar of Windows Properties dialog box (right-click of the icon box in the Area of Notification then Properties. I don't know any way to convert a sidebar for a bottombar, but there may be a third party alternative.

    ... Best Buy to help me with the problem, but they were unable to help because they did not have the answer for me.

    A retailer, Best Buy may not be the source of information about an operating system they sell is no longer. You are always welcome to post your questions here.

  • How to disable all the selections at once?

    How to disable all the selections at once?

    If you are referring to the playlist, artist, album & kind selection boxes, then I don't think that there is a way to uncheck those all at once.

    If you mean the boxes in the view of songs Ctrl + click and the checkbox to check or uncheck all of the boxes. Note, however, that the use of these boxes is a bad way to manage the synchronization. Uncontrolled songs are ignored in the normal course of track in track or shuffle playback. Better to use one or more playlists to control what is synchronized and have checked most, if not all of your library. Items not controlled in my library are things like interview bonus tracks that had never what to hear accidentally, I keep in my library.


  • I want to add the sidebar gadget to my office. When I right click the option for the Gadgets does not appear. How can I complete the sidebar gadget?

    At the same time, I got the sidebar gadget on my desktop.  I removed all the gadgets, earlier, but now I want that they return once again.  The instructions say do a right-click on the desktop and select gadgets.  However, this option does not appear.  How can I complete the sidebar gadget?

    Go to: Start menu, all programs, accessories, Windows Sidebar.

    Or: Check Control Panel, Windows Sidebar Properties,: Start Sidebar when Windows starts.

  • How can I expand the sidebar of Windows so that for example the photos are a bit larger?

    How can I expand the sidebar of Windows so that for example the photos are a bit larger?

    You can use your mouse to drag the sidebar of windows...

    Windows Sidebar: Frequently asked questions

  • How can disable us the selection of lines under condition

    Hi Experts,

    JDEV version

    How can disable us the selection of lines under certain conditions.

    As the lines newly unregistered should be allowing the selection of lines.

    Saved lines should be disabled from the selection.

    Can achieve us.

    Please me advice accrdingly

    Thank you


    You are implementing a generic selection as shown here Manager in this handler, you check and validate the selection of our not.


  • How to hide permanently, the tool group

    How to hide, permanently, the tool Panel


    This question for Acrobat Reader DC has already been fixed in the July update, please refer to this note of release hide the tools Panel in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader DC at all times.

    Kind regards


  • How can I uninstall the sidebar grippy that I recently added. I can't keep my bookmarks in the sidebar, as they hide quickly. This feature does not work as it did immediately after I installed it

    The sidebar grippy allowed me to switch between full screen and one that shows my bookmarks in the sidebar. This feature no longer works so I have to manually view my favorites who then disappear as soon as I go to the page. I don't want to fix - I want to just get rid of it.

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