How to disable Smart see available client version

Hi all - I would like to disable the context menu 'New Smart View Client version available' on all my PC users.

It's to come cos we went to recently. Please let me know how I can disable the pop up.

I've read some threads here (as of 2010) to set properties in the file and parameters in Data Source Manager. I tried, but all in vain.

Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

under Administration, next to tools and support, the title of the Application-> properties.

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    Pressing CTRL-shift-o on the keyboard should disable rotation in Firefox for N900.

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    No, there is no setting or control access to the smart connector.  It connects automatically whenever it is in contact with a compatible device.

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    Kind regards



    Don't assign it SiteGod ACL for the user, should not be accessible.

    Thank you


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    Hi indi68632954,

    I can understand your concern & you need to worry about this, as the folders in your PC are not available on other PCs as this option is just to browse through files of the specific system you are working on as shown in the screenshot below.

    Only the files that have been uploaded to the cloud of Document will be available over the Internet using Adobe Document Cloud service during authentication of your Adobe ID & password.

    I hope this will answer your query.

    In the case where if you have any other question please let us know, we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards


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    Hi dharo, welcome to the Forums of HP. According to me, the idea of a "smart cover' relies on a proximity devices sensor. When it is covered, he must put the unit in standby, and vice versa. In theory, you can disable the proximity sensor should remove this behavior. I don't know if the option is directly in the settings, but there are many applications 3rd party that allows to disable the proximity sensor. I have not tried any of these applications, but I suspect that some would require root access. I hope you can find one that doesn't work. Read carefully, because you are looking for available applications. Let me know how it turns out.

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    Kind regards


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    For most applications, you can activate the application framework. Look under the menu of Windows.


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    Thank you


    Without comment, I'll just send you a link to the topic with the same theme

    Please check!

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    Go to the Services.msc and check the settings for the smartcard (manual test) service.


    PS 29 December 2011

    The position of the OP, have been reported since a lot of this problem on the some notebooks Dell and HP. There are a few reports that a replacement of the motherboard fixed the problem and the other that the relocation of a certain connector (no mention of exaclly one that) solves the problem. Direct contact with the manufacturer of the laptop computer, Dell or HP wether, might be useful. Try a follow-up if you have already made contact.


  • We just bought the new version of Acrobat Pro DC and need to know exactly how to disable updates.

    We just bought the new version of Acrobat Pro DC and need to know exactly how to disable updates.

    Hi gordank90520006,

    Open Acrobat DC, navigate to the Edit-> Preferences-> categories Updater & uncheck "automatically install updates."

    Kind regards


  • How do I see the old version of the IOM process form

    Hi Experts,

    Could you please let me know how to see the old version of the IOM process form. According to my understanding now if we will do an active version in IOM, then we can see the details of this particular version. How to see the details of any previous version. Currently if I choose the old version in the form of process, then also it shows me the current values of the version, or the field.

    Thanks in advance.

    Select the previous version the current version drop-down list. It will show you accordingly. This is how you can reactive the older also

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    NATHALIE wrote:
    Senario: trace file grow
    How to disable the trace files in the oracle 11g version
    pls guide with best practices

    11 g, there is an extended tracing which happens for reasons best known only to Oracle. But if you want to disable, Coskan had published a small ticket mentioning a parameter not documented (which means you should think twice before using it) to disable it - disablehealth_check *. Here you can read the full message,


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    Hi richardh30236921,

    Smart zoom seems to be the feature of your device for Surface Pro 3, I will recommend you to consult the Surface Pro support team, they might have a work around for this.

    Kind regards


  • How to see the latest version of Vmware Tools in CentOS guestOS?

    After the installation of the new v5.0.0. VmWare Player on Win7 hostOS I improved as VmWare Tools in CentOS guestOS.

    After that (and restart) I wanted to check/verify the current installed version of VmWare Tools and entered (as usual in previous versions):

    VMware-toolbox - version

    Unfortunately, the Terminal was told: "unknown command".

    Who is wrong?

    If not, how can I check the currently installed version of VmWare Tools?


    Try the following command:

    vmware-toolbox-cmd --version

    It reported the following on my setup: (build-799703)

Maybe you are looking for