How to disable the screen saver

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Does anyone know how to disable the screensaver for Winodws 7 via Group Policy or regisity.

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Open the Start Menu and type gpedit.msc into the search box and press ENTER.
When the local Group Policy Editor opens, navigate to User Configuration-Administrative Templates-Control Panel-personalization. Then in the right column, double-click on prevent the background screen change.
Now, check the radio button next to Enabled, and then click OK.
Back on the screen of group policy, double-click on prevent changing the screen saver.
In the next screen select the next radio button to activate it, click OK, and then close the Group Policy Editor.
If you click on to change the screen saver, an error message appears to let them know that the function is disabled.

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  • How to disable the screen saver when you watch videos in full screen in firefox?

    This only happens with Firefox, other browsers videos play normally and without interruption. I want to keep my window screen saver by default but not when watching full-screen mode.

    The Flash Player plugin must normally block the system to go to sleep, reduce the brightness of the display or go to the screen saver when you are using full-screen. It is strange that you have this problem with Flash.

    There are workaround solutions such as the use of an add-on or an external program that simulates the movement of your mouse, but those who really shouldn't be necessary.

    VLC, I don't know.

    Furthermore, you closed and restarted Windows because this problem first occurred? Just in case where some component shared Windows crashed.

  • How can I disable the screen saver when you run apps fullscreen.

    Using vista 64 bit and I cannot figure out how to disable the screensaver for the apps full screen.   I don't know how to WMP, but when you watch a video fullscreen online he goes to the standby.   Used to be able to do it with xp.

    Hello deadeyea09,
    Welcome and thank you for viewing on Microsoft Answers - Vista Community Forums!

    We need more information to be able to help on this issue.

    1. what applications are fullscreen you use?

    2. which site we use to play video online?

    Options to disable the screen saver need to have within this player in particular, watching movies online, if there is no option to turn it off, then we need to turn off the screen saver manually. Please follow the instructions below to turn off manually:

    1) click Start and then click Control Panel

    2) click on Customize

    3) click on screen saver

    (4) select NONE under screen saver

    5) click apply and close the window

    Please let us know if it helps.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Diana D
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How do disable you screen saver for watching movies or surfing the web

    How do you disable wallpaper/screen saver while watching movies or just surfing the net?

    System Preferences--> Desktop & Screen Saver--> screensaver tab--> begins after "Never."

  • Disable the screen saver to logon in XP Home

    I'm deploying many gifts machines running XP Home to

    an elementary school, & it's better for them if the screen saver is
    people with disabilities and no password required to start up.  (Please - we)
    don't need no help to this decision).
    I need a register or install the solution based on the script - it is not possible
    go back & many accounts of click-click-click on many machines.
    I watched a lot of scripts and scenarios of regedit posted
    the years, & no work.    These involve generally change different
    roots versions of control panel\desktop ScreenSaveActive key 0.
    They do not work.  Accounts get up always prepare you with ScreenSaveActive 1.
    I edited default user\ntuser.dat for ScreenSaveActive 0.
    Does not help.
    Can I change the timeout to many registry setting.
    in default user\ntuser.dat - out of work.  I put it in 10 years,
    I had 9999 minutes.   It is about 7 days, not too bad.  Power
    management should take over there.  Yet, I would have preferred something
    better than this kind of hack and there are applications that could
    be better with a kiosk - like approach so that they are always on.
    Is it possible known and modern management script of screensaver in XP Home?
    How is this screensaveactive = 1 parameter is re-applied, anyway?
    It is also not possible to delete SCREENSAVE. EXE - it always returns again
    Thanks, is mwh


    I suggest you for this post in the following link.

  • How to get the screen saver photos slideshow goes completely after 2 minutes

    Since I got windows 7 my photo slide show I had always put to screen saver turns off after 2 minutes. I love looking at all the photos of my grandchildren, my screensaver settings is correct, but I don't want my screen to go black after only a few pictures

    Hi Emmauscapeofgoodhopesupportteam,

    I think I have the solution to your problem, who can you look at pictures of your grandchildren.

    As you said you have the correct settings for the screen saver, but your power management options can be verified.

    Please follow the instructions below.

    1. click 'START' and select 'control panel '.

    2. click on 'Harware and its' option

    3. now, select "Power Options" now you should see the options of 'Balanced or High Performance' under 'Select power management.

    4. Select the "Balanced" option and click on "change plan settings".

    5. now, you will find an option "Disable display" default is 'Never' and if not please change it to "never."

    so this should keep your monitor after happening to the screensaver. If you want to be off after some time, you can select required time to the same option settings.



    Just reply to your convenience.

  • How to use the screen saver password

    want my computer to disconnect after being away from my computer for so long.

    Use your Windows password for your screen saver password

    You can help make your computer more secure by creating a screen saver password, to lock your computer when the screen saver is activated. The screen saver password is the same password that you use when you connect to Windows drives.

    Read the info on the link above.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How to activate the screen saver in windows 7?


    Impossible to activate screen saver like menu drop-down is dimmed.

    Need help! This is a very serious problem. Imagine that you watch videos from your laptop connected to HD TV via the Port of the display, the screen is HD and suddenly screen goes black because the screensaver is already activated. Then, you must get up and touch something to recover the picture on your screen. And must repeat the operation every 20 minutes!

    I have Canon set up or do anything with the settings on the screen saver as menu drop-down is dimmed.

    Hi Deyett,

    In Windows 7, the local Group Policy Editor will be available in the professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

    If you have any edition of Windows above, then you can try to open the Group Policy Editor as follows:

    a. click the Start button, type gpedit.msc in the Search box and press ENTER .

    Then you can follow these steps:

    (b) in the left pane, click to expand User Configuration, model of administration, Control Panel, and customization.

    c. in the pane, click with the right button to Activate the screen saver and click Edit.

    (d) to activate the Screen Saver select not configured or enabled.
    Note: Not configured is the default setting.

    It is now the eyes of the Local Group Policy Editor:

  • How to disable the screen white

    Since there is no screen saver (and I wish that it was a device that was soon included in an update) I use the wallpaper to scroll through a few photos I have, but the screen turns off after 5 minutes. How to disable that?

    using firefox 18.0.1 for conical ubuntu

    Thank you

    It is about 5 minutes
    that's what the program is set up for, but I heard there was a way to disable this feature

  • Satellite C670D - 11G - no way to disable the screen saver

    I bought a Toshiba c670d - 11g and I can't turn off "screen saver".

    Every 3 minutes my screen fills with the waves & Fractals if I don't touch any key.

    How can I disable this extremely annoying fuction?

    Best regards


    Start > Control Panel > display > personalization (lower left corner) > screensaver (lower-right) > screen saver set to NONE


    Right-click on the desktop > customize (last option) > (lower-right) screen saver > screen saver set to NONE

  • How to remove the screen saver file?

    I'm losing all my icons because of my screensaver file is bad, please help me remove this file. Thank you... JAY PATEL.


    1 are. what screensaver and icons you referring?
    2 have you installed any third-party screen saver file?
    3. what exactly is the problem?

    Your question does contain all the required information necessary for us to help you. Please re - write your question, this time make sure you have all the information necessary and we will try to help.
    How to ask a question

    If you try to uninstall third-party screen saver then the article below might help you to do.
    How to change or remove a program in Windows XP

  • How to disable the screen of the laptop, while that connect the laptop to Tivi?

    Please help me with this. When I connect to my laptop (HP Probook s 4525) to the TV by HDMI cable, instead of looking at the laptop screen, watching the screen great tivi. So I would only turn off the laptop screen (to save the battery/power).
    Please tell me how to do this. Thank you and have a nice day.


    With the laptop connected to your TV, press f4 (depending on your configuration, you need to hold down the fn key while pressing f4 ) to launch the release of the screen options, use the arrow keys to select "Projector" only, and press ENTER.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How to disable the screen only without pill to sleep?

    Is it possible to disable only the screen, PC not everything? When I put to sleep - it loses connections, turn off 3 G (and he wakes up on the clock), turn off the music. It's terrible. Battery is good enough to work with her.

    Are there ways to tell tablet "turn off screen"?

    Can occur in your control panel. Windows Mobility Center.

    My Lenovo before upgrading to win8 had a turn off display it and also has a separate keyboard shortcut keyboard Fn + F2 to toggle the display.    Looks like a Tablet unless there is a specific or programmable buttons... How do you turn on the screen.

  • How to make the screen saver full screen using windows 7?

    Windows 7

    What size are the pictures that you have questions

    If the pictures are taken in the portrait and not landscape they will never fill the entire screen.

    What is position of the image set to now? to fill the screen with a picture of portrait, you will need to use Stretch. photo will not look good at all / you need to culture and framework of rotation / turn into a landscape image.

    Pictures to fill the screen? compare and validate different pixel sizes.

  • How to disable the eps, save the file as < Filename > backup - 01.eps?

    Hi all

    I'm not to good course how I came across a box that was checked off in the saving options, but whenever I save files eps, Illustrator will also save another backup file with-'01 "after the name of the file and before the extension".eps". In addition, every time I have save the document (as opposed to "save under") a dialog box appears asking me if I want to replace the existing file. Of course, I do.

    My question is: How can I turn this off?

    NOTE: as far as I know, this problem of mine is only limited to the .eps files, or more precisely, it doesn't happen during the recording of .ai files.

    Thank you.

    During the recording of the EPS files remember unckeck the box, lower left in the Save dialog box indicating the use of work plans.

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