How to display multi-line text in XML report?


I use the default style sheet that comes with TestStand 2013 (TR5_Horizontal.xsl). Some of my test steps pass multiline text to Step.Result.ReportText. I use an adapter of LabVIEW and channels are cocatenated with the constant EOL.

Unfortunately, when I open the ATML report, the end of the line to print - multiple lines get crushed in a long series.

How can I print multiple lines? I found a reference to RemoveIllegalCharacters in but may not know how to use it.

Thanks in advance!



It is a known issue with ATML5 style in 2012 TestStand sheets, and we actually created a modified version of the style sheets to implement this feature for ReportText. See this thread for more information forum:

I'm also going to attach a .zip file containing the three leaves of ATML5 updated style.

On a side note, you're on the right track with the RemoveIllegalCharacters - basically, updated style sheets call it this function for ReportText data as it is being processed in the style sheet.

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    When I hit the return key I eventually trigger the 'ok' button in the dialog box instead of going to the next line in the text box in that just, I was typing.  I can remedy this situation by creating a tracker for the element of text box manually adds a '\r' when the key 'kADMReturnKey' race is followed, but that substitutes the feature by clicking on / mouse of the multi-line text box selection.

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    Thank you


    That I could find, the best way to do this is to create your own tracker. You don't have to manage it all just treat the return key and call Tracker by default if it is not coming back. It takes only a few lines of code.

    Why don't you create a tracker?

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    Many LiveCycle Designer is uninstalled when you install Acrobat 11, you must be eligible to receive the latest free version, so you can continue to use the dynamic forms designer.

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    Is this possible?

    I found this ad a few years where someone has asked a similar question:

    This feature has never been added? If this is not the case-how can I make the code work posted in response to that post?  Just hide the lines would be a good alternative, I think. I tried to add the code to my existing PDF, but seems not to do anything, the lines are still visible when you type in the field.

    No, leading to control has been added and it probably never will be.

    The code at this other thread is not complete because the functions that it calls are not displayed. They are not integrated. Here is a link to a document with a multi-line field that behaves in this way:

    There are several small scripts in various events that control the behavior.

  • How to display random lines from txt file

    Good morning (or evening all). I am creating an application and want to display random lines of a text file. I know how to create a text file using file connections, but how can I read the random lines of her?

    OK I got it.

    For beginners like me to have a problem in the future, I was not specify my path correctly. It is not enough to land your .txt in the /res folder and wait for the Simulator to load. You must load from SD card or device memory.

    Use the method found here:

    to use it's as simple as that

    StringfName = "file:///SDCard/Blackberry/text.txt";

    String printLine = readTextFile (fName);

    label.setText (printLine);

    Somewhere in your project directory create a directory called SDCard (I did in my res folder).

    In the Simulator go to switch SD card, then load Select Directory and select the new directory of the SD card. This will create the structure of the SD card in the Simulator. Simply move your .txt in the SDCard/Blackberry directory and run your application.

  • Captivate 4 - multi-line text input


    I am a learning module, and some questions are "what would you do" so there's no right or wrong answer.  I have a widget printing slides at the end, learners can print slides, as well as their replies for future reference.

    I would like more than one question per blade, because it is not classified, so I thought that it might be a widget that users can simply type text in. (instead of using the option of response/survey quiz question/short)

    Anyone can point me in the right direction or have any ideas?

    Thank you!


    One thing you might try is a text entry area.  On the Options tab, select the check box to display ScrollBar.  Uncheck the box to validate the entry.  Then increase the size of the text input box to allow multiple lines of text.  The text will then end to account for multiple lines of text.  I have not tried to see how much you can enter text, but it might work for you.

    I hope this helps.

    Mister C.

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    You should be able to amplify it upward with scaleX/scaleY properties, although no doubt quality will suffer somewhat (but probably not significantly, for most people).

  • How to display the line number in the form?

    Hi guys,.
    First I fll you in the story so far...

    I have a block of data in database named: V_PAYUPLOADHEADER_HP, in the property palette I put in order by facility and warehouse.

    I want to display the line number for each record of recoveries, so I do: V_PAYUPLOADHEADER_HP. NUMB, which will contain the line number.

    Here are some methods I've already tried:
    -First I tried to make a database of field element = O, column name = ROWNUM.
    The result is the jump of integer (1, 2, 5, 3, 4 etc. instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) I think it is because of the agenda that I set.
    I have to keep this order by setting, so I look for another way to display the rownum.

    -Then I tried to set the data item = N, column name = null, mode of calculation = formula, formula =: system.trigger_record.
    When I run the value of: V_PAYUPLOADHEADER_HP. NUMB is 1. For all recovered records is 1, 1, 1, 1 instead of 1, 2, 3, 4.

    -J' also tried to use the trigger after QUERY attached to the block.
    In relaxation, I have this code:
    : V_PAYUPLOADHEADER_HP. NUMB: =: system.cursor_record;
    When I run the value of: V_PAYUPLOADHEADER_HP. NUMB is 1. For all recovered records is 1, 1, 1, 1 instead of 1, 2, 3, 4...

    Is there something I missed?
    What can I do to display the rownum?

    Maintain this point NON-base of DATA and create a trigger on the block called after REQUEST level and use the code below...



  • How do you return a string multi line text?

    I try to display a string returned as lining multi instead of single coating that can be displayed on a page in Adobe Acrobat format. Var str = "" returns a single line of course. Please notify.

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    Multiline: 'true ',.

    Should be replaced by this:

    Multiline: true,

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    I am able to display the text in the label with spirals. But I need to scroll the text programmatically. I mean I want to scroll the text up/down by program.

    Please help me. Thanks in advance.


    You can not scroll programmatically. But you can put inside ScrollArea TextArea and scrolling.

  • How can I control the line spacing in multi-line text boxes?


    The default value for the multiline text seems to be the only space. Is it possible to change this for each (or all) text boxes?



    Hi, Jeff.

    You can set the line-height property in the extended text properties.  In the properties panel you have your selected text field, choose the expansion icon in the lower left corner.  Then you can choose the line-height property and set to get a custom spacing.

    Hope that helps!


  • Values in a dialog box application answering the multi-line text box field


    When the user clicks on a radio button in my form a response request dialog box is displayed for the user to enter data.

    The value of the response dialog box is then added to a multiline text box.

    The script is on the mouse to the top of the radio button action and works fine the first time you click on the radio button.

    If the radio button is checked once again, the value of the response dialog box replaces the existing value in the multiline text box.

    What I need to do, is to have the response values show on a new line in the text box whenever you click on the option button.

    Can any advise please how to revise my script to work?

    Target for the field multiline text box

    var t = this.getField ("ActionAgenda");

    Response from dialog when the user clicks on the radio button

    var cResponse = app.response({)

    cQuestion: "enter your Action Agenda Item."

    ({CTitre: 'Action program'});

    Alert if you cancel

    If (cResponse == null) {}

    App.Alert ("Action point not will be not entered");

    Place the data in the dialog box in the target domain

    } else {}

    t.Valeur = cResponse;


    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Change this line:
    t.Valeur = cResponse;

    To do this:
    t.Valeur += "\n" + cResponse;

  • With scroll multi line text box


    I need to set up a text box multi online where new channels are added and the box scrolls.  I found a previous post with a good example. However, in the example, there is a while loop using shift registers to concatenate the strings and so to add the new channel.  In my situation, I have a case statement and the new string is added to the base on an independent State.

    How to concatenate the new string with what is already in the text box?  The text box is an indicator, there is no way out for me a loop in a concantator. Is attached a picture to help describe what I'm trying to do.

    I apologize if this is a stupid question, I am very new to LabView.

    I'm using LabView 8.2

    Thank you.

    You can use a node of feedback in the middle where is your cut wire.

    You can use a shift register as well on your while loop (not shown) outside.  Simply thread through the case of false and perform the concatenation in the case of true.

  • Multi-line text input validation

    Hey guys,.

    Can someone point me in the right direction for the validation of the multiline text.

    Basically I have a scrolling text widget related to a variable. I want the person entered into several lines and do validate at the click of a button.

    I know how to do this for a single line, but not too safe for multiline.

    Basically, the learner must type in things like:

    SELECT last_name


    WHERE name = 'Smith ';.

    (yeap its SQL and yes it needs to be formatted like that)

    So, when you click the button, they get a legend of the answer. They get it is correct or incorrect.

    Flash is out.

    IM thinking this might be a job for javascript, but I'd like to avoid it if I can.

    This is possible in JavaScript.  Here is a live demo 7 Cp SWF output:

    Here is the project of .cptx for download: \

    Here is the JavaScript code I used:

    var answer = document.Captivate.cpEIGetValue('m_VarHandle.scrollText');
    if(answer == '1\\r2\\r3\\r' || answer == '1\\r2\\r3'){
        document.Captivate.cpEISetValue('m_VarHandle.isCorrect', 'Correct');
    } else {
        document.Captivate.cpEISetValue('m_VarHandle.isCorrect', 'Incorrect');

    The correct answer is:




    All on separate lines.

    When the multiline text comes to JavaScript, line breaks are represented by '\r '.  However, when you put the JavaScript in the Panel of Captivate JS inside Captivate, you double escape "\\r" carriage return character  Why?  Because your JavaScript inside Captivate is interpreted at the level of the first Flash before it hits the browser (JS level).

    You will also notice that I'm checking for "1\\r2\\r3" (no backspace character) AND '1\\r2\\r3\\r' (return escape character).  I found during testing that even if you press RETURN at the end and then go BACK... the return '\\r' rest character still in the end... sense even if for the end user, it seems that there is no backspace character... it really is.  It took me a while to understand this one...

    Jim Leichliter

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