How to display multiple windows next to each other on top of the other in the bottom task bar

When I open a new Firefox window, he stacked it on top of all others in the taskbar at the bottom. I wish they were next to each other. He used to do this. Now, I have to hover over the element ONLY Firefox in the bottom task bar and read the list to find the one I want to go to. It is a waste of time and tedious.

How can I change this?


I think that this is governed by your general taskbar setting. Please see the screenshot joint. To get this dialog box, right-click an empty area of the taskbar, and then choose Properties.

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    Kind regards

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    Glad it worked for you. Thanks for posting back.

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    Control Panel

    If you the small icons view do the following:

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    Moreover, most publishers prefer creating single-direction folios to reduce the dimensions of design efforts and folio.

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    Also, can someone tell me how to find beyond channels/discussions in this Forum I participated in?

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    I put a 'height' on the .block-wrapper for the example, you must remove that:

    . Block-wrapper {}

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    Width: 80%;

    margin: 0 auto;

    background-color: #FFC;

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    Thanks in advance for the supply, the answer and the procedure to get this accomplished.

    You can't drag an entire toolbar to the bottom of the window. The Bar of the Addon is a "toolbar", drag whatever you want from the Palette to customize or a toolbar up to the bar of the Addon.

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    You can press Cmd/Ctrl + 2 to lock the first shot, then shoot the next move, Cmd/Ctrl + 2 and so on. Then Cmd / Ctrl + Alt + 2 to unlock.

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Maybe you are looking for

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