How to download itunes music gift by e-mail without reinstalling / repairing itunes?

How to exchange a gift of music iTunes email?

emailed iTunes music gift doesn't have a code. the redeem downloads "iTunes6464Setup.exe" button which will be either are-installation/repair ' or 'uninstall' iTunes.


I have sent cheques, my e-mail ID apple on pc to my iphone email & it bought back to itunes on the iphone

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  • How to download itunes

    I can't download i tunes. It comes back with an error message. I have had many conversations with apple and removed and reinstalled at least twice.

    Apple seems to think that something on my computer it prevents download.


    Uninstall everything according to the instructions from Apple:

    «Remove and reinstall iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7»

    It is also the same list of what to remove what is in the link above from Apple:

    Or try this program to remove it:

    Then, download and save the iTunes on the desktop > then right click > select run as administrator to install.

    If the advice already given does not, please contact Apple again for assistance.

    "Not to install iTunes or QuickTime for Windows"

    "iTunes support-how to use iTunes.

    "Contact iTunes Support.

    Or ask in the community Apple iTunes:

    See you soon.

  • How to download FrostWire music to iPod?

    FrostWire use completely free & open source. With her, I can dwonlaod free music with faster download speeds. What can I do if I downloaded FrostWire music to be added to an iPod or used on a computer?

    Hi keryy,.

    You need to transfer music to Windows media player to play from windows or add to iTunes library.

    You can see the following link to transfer the music to Windows media player.

    Also check out the link to FrostWire to add music to iTunes library.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How to download the music in my iTunes file on the hard disk on my computer laptop Windows 7?

    How can I download the files in my iTunes file on my hard drive Windows 7 hard disk?

    Be more clear on what you want to do.  iTunes is hundreds if not thousands of files, not a single file. Most of these many files is already on your computer media files.  You tell something in iCloud.

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    Try this: tml

    Install and serialize using your seial number.

    Please read the instructions in order to avoid errors.

  • How to level a T61 HDD for one SSD without reinstall?

    Hi all. I bought this ThinkPad, I write with back in 2008 (a T61 6465-CTO with Vista and Intel integrated graphics) and he has been working a lot to me since then. I had no problems with it and his equipment is still able to manage what I have to do. However, I wanted to move her to an SSD HARD drive is faster and snappier. I know that I have would be limited at SATA1 speeds with this camera if I don't want to change the BIOS (which I did not), but I think that even this would be a great improvement on the existing HARD drive.

    To that end, I recently bought an SSD that their prices have dropped slightly (bought a new 120 GB SSD Samsung 840 for less than $100). I said SSD sitting next to me now but I did nothing yet because I want to make sure that I have the right to clone the old disk and swap in the new process. From what I understand instructions, I should:

    1 turn on the computer, install the Samsung Data Migration Software
    2. connect the SSD to a USB port via a USB-SATA Adapter
    3 clone the main for the SSD connected HARD drive using the software of data Migration
    4. turn the computer off, physically remove the old HDD and SSD in its place
    5 turn on the computer and everything should be fact/same as before (with the exception that the computer has a new storage drive)

    Is this correct?

    The HARD drive is encrypted so I removed the password for user/master I have to enter when it starts up, but what I have to do the same for the BIOS password that I am invited to when you turn on the computer? What the hidden; restore partition would clone too much or it would be lost. The HARD drive is in my opinion a 160 GB model, while the SSD is 120 GB but I have read that this difference in capacity should not be a problem since I'm using less of the new disc capacity (I have about 100 GB of free space on the HARD disk)?

    Sorry for all the questions. I have very little experience when it comes to changes in the software/hardware and I really would like to avoid wasting it so I would appreciate any help from people who have knowledge fact how to do this successfully. Thank you.

    The installation that you want to be cloning is optimized for spinning a player - not SSD - and you would have to align in a first time, disable the services later and again, you would not get the performance of a "clean" installation

    You can use any disk Vista installation as long as it matches the version (Home, Pro, full) on your COA - the worst that can happen is that you would have to call MS and activate by phone.

    I had the question why you want to the outdated drivers and other bloat Lenovo recovery partition on expensive SSD space as well, but it's your call. If you provision the reader - and I think you should - you won't initially that much space...

    TRIM running manually is certainly a possibility, but not one that I'm particularly sharp, especially on a small disc of TLC as the Samsung you have. You will need to be on it for not to have slow down for analysis.

    Good luck.

  • How to download music from soundcloud to itunes?

    How to download music that plays on SoundCloud from my iTunes library?  The transferred files seem to not include the mp3 file.


    SoundCloud is not compatible with iTunes.

  • How to stop the music in the iOS download

    How to stop the music in the iOS download songs? I accidentally clicked (stupidly) songs to download all the purchased. It will take some time and fill out my iPhone with music. I tried restarting and that did not help. It is also a priority on updating apps from the App store. I use the latest version 9.3.2 iOS iPhone 6.

    Thank you

    I will try to put the device in Airplane Mode, then signature of the iTunes and the App Store. Then try to disable airplane Mode. While you are not connected to the iTunes Store, you should not try to download on the phone once you turn it off airplane mode.

  • How do you get music purchased on itunes iphone in my imac itunes

    How to make the music I bought on my iPhone via iTunes in my Mac iTunes? Thank you

    Assuming that you have a software later that your profile above (it says iOS 4.3.2, which is now about five years old), open iTunes on your computer and use the menu to access iTunes > Preferences > Store and select «automatic music - downloads»  Who will download future music purchases you make on your iPhone to your Mac.

    To download music purchases already made in the iTunes Store from your iPhone to your Mac, use menu iTunes when the iPhone is connected to iTunes to go to file > devices > transfer purchases.

    Again, I hope that your iPhone is up-to-date with its version of the iOS, and your iTunes is common as well.

  • How to stop iTunes to reorganize completely my music and videos?

    I have the latest os x and iTunes.

    I have my music, movies and videos organized in folders in my iTunes Media folder. I have a handful of movies and many home videos, but above all I have the music and music videos. I put them in the music folder, arranged by artist > Album

    Here's my problem: when I create a new iTunes library or import files, iTunes automatically much as home vids classifies and moves them all to a great home videos folder, not organized. I tried to uncheck copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding and held the iTUnes Dungeon Media folder, but it still happens. I understand that items purchased from the iTunes store can be hard wired as films, but I only have 2 of these. I'm fine with this limitation.

    How do I download iTunes to just leave things where they are and add as a file music or "video"?

    Thanks in advance!


    It may be useful to what is currently considered a home video as a movie rather reclassified.  Select one of these items in iTunes and click read.  In the Info window, go to the Options tab.  Change the media kind of Home Video movie.  It should now appear in your library of films in film, no video for the House.  If your other files 'movie' (existing) can be arranged as you wish (you want in music for some reason any), it should also work for this film, which was previously a "home video".

    If it works to make a home video, you can select all of your remaining home video movies at the same time, do a multi-point informationand change their media type affecting the same way (in one shot).

  • How to download music album, money is in the account.

    How to download music album, money is in the account. I had a gift card, I placed my code and he agreed. A message appeared and said that he was traded with success. But now I can't do a thing. I can't download this album that I chose. A message says that my code has already been used.

    Fixed, finally they have downloaded, thanks...

  • How do I import music from my iTunes library

    Hi, I have first 14 elements and I want to know how do I import music from my iTunes library into a clip.

    [title edited for clarity by mod]

    Most of the itunes music has integrated copy protection that will prevent you from using it in a video editing project. If you try to load a song into Premiere Elements of iTunes, it throws an error message upward.

    This is true of iTunes. Music from Amazon, for example, can be used without problem.

    Although, as I showed you in my book on Amazon, you will always get the best performance with the program is use you exclusively the WAV audio format for your music. You can convert most audio formats to WAVs download free Audacity.

  • How can I add music to my itunes for the slide show I created in Photoshop 5.0.  I followed the steps carefully, but nothing happens.

    I have Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and use all the time so decided to make my first slideshow. I want to add music from my itune library which is on the same pc.  When I click on 'Add media' I have 2 choices: add audio to audio file Organizer or Ad.  I can only add music organizer sample (I don't know how to get my music in to the Organizer) or music sample of music from my PC folder.  He won't get the music in my iTunes library.  I created a nice slide show, but it's nothing without the music. Can someone help me?

    I think that your problem is more on getting the audio as an MP3 or WAV file from iTunes, only a problem with Photoshop.  Are these songs you download from the iTunes store?

    This might help, but I guess your problem to a certain extent

    If you use Windows, then your music folder should contain some sample tunes.  Try practicing with one of those starting with

  • How to download music on samsung s7

    Once I downloaded music to my imac how then transfer this music to my edge of s7 samsung Galaxy?

    I guess I could put on memory stick then trf from there, but it must be an easier way

    Hi belleblueowner,

    It seems that you have an Apple music subscription and you want to know how to get music on your Samsung Galaxy, is that correct?   The resources below explains how to proceed, either by downloading songs from internal storage of your phone or the SD card in your phone if you have one.

    Create and manage your music collection in the music of Apple on Android

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

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