How to download video from internet for iMac

I am trying to download a video file of a local community TV show with band access of my grandchlidrens to I can post it on their site. I have done in the past with youtube and vimeo videos but won't have a chance with that.

Basically, I need to download the video file to my iMac, so I can upload it to YouTube the children channel.

Here is the link to the show: & Video = 284822

Can someone help me? Or is it simply not feasible?

My iMac is a 2011.5 and I always use the Mountain Lion.

Thank you



It seems not feasible. I have several tools for downloading videos, but they do not work on the page. In addition, the video does not seem to be cached to recover in this way.

I guess you could communicate with the station and see if they would make you a copy.

Cute children btw.

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    First you connect your device to your computer using your Firewire port, then press F1 and search for capture

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    Your camera instruction manual on page 91 of the lists only one way - by using an IEEE 1394 (Firewire - USB not) cable.

    With a working connection, iMovie help will give you specific information on how to download the video in iMovie (import) for editing and sharing.

    If you still have trouble even if you have successfully downloaded video from this camera to the Mac, check possible damages due to your Firewire cable (and If necessary adapter you connect to your Mac).  Look at all the troubleshooting suggestions included in your 91 manual page.

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    Post edited by: Jim EZ

    Mac OSX 10.11.2

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    I have been using real player for some time and was able to download youtube videos.  My real player has all-of-a-sudden started download videos from youtube in mp4. No flv as previously. How can I fix it?

    Real Player download all videos in mp4, it depends on the video that you download.

    To me, it seems as Real Downloader download videos in mp4 more often rather than a flv. recent files.
    If the video you downloaded is a mp4 file you can still play it in another media player like Windows Media Player, but for me, most downloaded with Real Downloader mp4 files have no sound when played in Windows Media Player.
    As you probably know, you can buy Real Player Plus for read, trim or convert mp4 files in RealPlayer. If my guess is that it's way to Real to get people to buy Real Player Plus. Or maybe not, I had this same problem and I don't know what the cause is at the present time.
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    Short answer, there is no simple "export to iPhone", but if you just want to have a movie that you can watch on your iPhone, you just send an attachment by e-mail (other than the .avi) and save it to your phone.

    Alternatively, you can use dropbox in option.

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    Also: Check SOUL h264 variations before you send it to yourself.  There are presets for the compression of the iPhone.

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