How to draw 2 tables on a graph?

In fact, I'm trying to draw 2 tables the mathscript node .one depends on the other. I did a cluster for the 2 bays and led to plot in the chart, but the chart doesn't really show the exact values.

I want to draw pde_sim which depends on the snrdb.

the figure resulted that I get is:

Is something wrong with my code?


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  • How to draw 2 tables on a graph in labview communication design

    In fact, I'm trying to draw 2 tables the mathscript node .one depends on the other. I did a cluster for the 2 bays and led to plot in the chart, but the chart doesn't really show the exact values.

    I want to draw pde_sim which depends on the snrdb.

    the figure resulted that I get is:

    Is something wrong with my code?


    You must use the Cluster to build instead of building Cluster Bay.

  • How to draw a table field

    can we say, learn how to draw a table in the bb, thank you


    Take a look at this link

  • How to draw the table as a circle

    I have a problem.

    As an attachment, I send a picture and circle a table (20 items).

    Is anyone know how can I do the circle like this in Labview with this table?

    Blue dots represent the data in the table.

    Best regards

    Hi Sljuka,

    Lynn suggestions are good enough. Maybe the image control is an easy to use option. We won't know until you give us more details on the way in which you want the circle to look like - are the angles of table values or rays? Your photo of a circle, all points look all too distant, this isn't much information to build from.

    Tracing compass is another option. You can use this VI I attached as a starting point for a parcel of Compass style 2D.

    Please ask more specific questions and provide a code which you have worked on.

    Have a great day,


  • How to draw an arbitrary function with graph

    friske charly writes:

    If you believe that LabVIEW is slow, try the same thing using Excel

    Hehe, no thanks. I will not give up so easy. btw, the example you attached was nice enough, you have a point there.

  • Question on how to data field/table/graph xy


    I currently have a VI which reads in information through the DAQ Assistant, in two tables of waveform (load / time) and the displacement / time. I would like to be able to take this information and draw another (load vs displacement). I have converted the sets of dynamic data from the charts of waveform in both ways (load and displacement) and then them grouped in an array of clusters. I tried adding a waveform chart in the table of cluster, however it does not seem to be traced. (It is located in a loop so that it must constantly be updated because the control is underway.)

    I would appeciate any help you may have. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you for your time.

    A graph is just simply not true, if you want to draw one table against another. This is what a XY chart is for. Just take your existing arrays and group them together. If you turn on the context-sensitive help (and it really takes on all the time) on the block diagram and move your mouse over the graph, it shows you exactly how to wire the data. Given a graph is a no story, you will need to implement if necessary. There is a graphic called example XY or just look for the Board of Directors. Many examples that use a couple of shift registers. The graph XY Express can be used as well.

    Don't know why you want in a separate loop. Place it next to your written chart would make as much sense.

  • How to draw the graph of output?


    How to draw the graph of an exit? is there any api for it?

    The short answer is that there is no API, but you can create your own field if you want to, and here are some samples:

    I recommend the search before you ask questions to see if other people have asked similar questions.  If you type chart in the search box you will find other similar topics.

  • How to draw graph wrt times

    I m new to labveiw and this forum... anyone can tell how to draw simple

    graphic analog I / p with respect to time...?

    Why don't you do something like that? After the back if you have any questions.

  • How to convert a table 1 d of cluster of 5 items in a table of numbers 2D? (a graph historical data)


    in my vi, I have an array with 5 slots displaying measurement data.

    The user must be able to record all the data in the history of the card at any time. (for example the user looks at the picture and something happens, then it based on a 'save' - button)

    I know that I can read the data in the history with a property node. This isn't the problem. The problem is, how to deal with the data? The type of history data is a table 1 d of cluster of 5 elements.

    I convert these data somehow in a 2 D-table of numbers or strings, so that I can easily save it to a text file.

    How to convert a table 1 d of cluster of 5 items in a table of numbers 2D?

    I use LabVIEW 7.1


    Hallo Johannes,

    the photo shows the trivial way:

  • How to draw columns not lines of the spreadsheet?

    Hello world

    It is probably a fundamental issue; But how do I make a data column of graphical waveform drawn rather than data on line?

    I have a spreadsheetwith 6-columns/channel data with approximately 120 000 lines (file .lvm)... I can convert the 2D table to draw; but this screw with my logic when indexing tables etc...

    Do I have to use the XY Chart and manually bring the plot?

    All responses are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    If you wire a 2D table in the graph, there is an option to right click on the chart to transpose the table for you.

  • How to make a percentage on the graph bar

    Hi, Hello all
    I created a bar graph, it has two choices, Yes and no, when I press the button submit, it dispalyed the number of votes for the 'yes', and the number of votes for the 'no' since this bar chart have two bars, now I want it to appear only in a single the left side of this bar, it shows the percentage of 'Yes' While the graph on the right, it shows the percentage of 'no'.and how am I going to do.

    What is more, I created a blank page and then I created a region in this page too.inside this region, I draw a table (using dreamweaver 8). I want the table which is discussed above appear in this to link to this table.

    This table is supposed to love some survey Web site displayed somewhere on a Web site page.

    Best regards


    application of graph


    Thank you
    Stefan Bosamiya,
    + 91 76000 23053

  • Draw a rectangle in a graph

    Hi, I want to programmatically draw a rectangle on a chart XY (XY Build). I know where the 4 points are on the coordinate chart but I can't yet draw using the block Rectangle to draw. Could you please help me how can I draw a rectangle in a graph. I am attaching the photo to this message

    Hi guys,.

    I thought it was interesting questions - and, although I had not tried anything quite like this before, I thought I would give it a whirl. smercurio_fcsuggestion was excellent - I find the code referenced in LV example finder, in the fundermentals > graphics & graphics > plot pictures folder.

    Attached are 2 pieces of code.

    DrawRectangle on allows users to define the rectangle by cluster of façade.

    DrawRectangle on graphic .vi (events) allows the user to define the rectangle by clicking and dragging on the chart. Please note that the code requires that you start from the upper left corner of the rectangle, and drag to the lower right. But isn't that a creative logic would not solve - if you wanted a bit more flexible code.

    You should also know that I have not spent a lot of time on the code, so it is not perfectly architected. But we need to think!

    Best wishes

  • Someone knows how to fill a table more quickly?

    Hey everybody,

    I created a program that displays a graph of intensity, as well as a histogram of the values of intensity on a chip 1024 x 1024 (dimension X - Y). Currently, the program works well, the histogram takes FOREVER to fill but I was wondering if there is a way to increase the speed of everything including all points of data 1024 x 1024 = 1048576. Thank you!

    I realize complete the table of pixel by pixel is not the best route, but I'm not sure how to take the 2D table and use the intensity of each (x, y) point in a histogram.

    Thanks, to emphasize that I have no need to call the histogram works every time (rookie mistake), but as I said, I'm still not sure how to the 2D table in the histogram.

    And I reset the histogram when finished filling because I need to reset to see the changes for when I change (if necessary) camera exposure time. I have also attached my code.

  • Unable to draw the table 1 d with a cluster of 2 items on a XY Chart

    I am unable to draw a table 1 d with a cluster of 2 items on a XY Chart. The data displayed at the entrance in the graph, but nothing is drawn. I'm trying to draw a line connecting each point generated.

    You need a registry change on the inside of loops as well.

    But beyond that, you create too complicated a structure.  You create several plots of 1 point and not a single multipoint parcel.

    See attachment for the change that works.

  • How to draw a box under a trace of waveform?

    Hi all

    I have a graph of waveform of 3000 point showing a series of peaks.  For one of these peaks, for which I know the beginning and end clues, I would draw a box under the waveform on the graph, to highlight its position programmatically.  I don't know if there is a way to do it.

    I figured out how to draw cursors at the beginning and at the end, but finally I do for multiple peaks, and forest of cursors quickly becomes confused.  A simple shaded box works much better.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance,


    A great thank you GerdW!

    The code LV was very close to what I wanted to do and is easy to use to determine how to make my code produces the result I wanted.  Basically, I added another form of wave to my chart, using my known indices x to set the values of Y for the areas I wanted to be gray as + infinity and leaving the rest to =-infinity.  I then plotted this second graph on top of the original waveform and the property node to set the fill indicator for - infinite.

    That does not answer the general question of how to draw a filled rectangle with the coordinates on a graph, but this does not fix what I wanted to achieve.

    Bravo and thanks,


    PS: I'm including a preview of the result and a snapshot of the code used to define the property node programmatically.  I do not understand my code just as it is complicated, and I would also need to add a large set of data.  I hope that the pictures are enough to help someone else referencing this Council!

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