How to eliminate the favorite links, I don't want to

I didn't add links to the "favorite links" that appear on the start page Ask. It's annoying that they were added when I do not want. There are two or three, I want to show. How can I get rid of the ones I don't want?

If you speak of the webpage, you will need to contact support.

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    You will find support for Windows Live Hotmail in these forums: [1]

    [1] your * address email is removed from the privacy * account is still valid and is accessible via the webmail Hotmail page:

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    Try this information to restore the links folder.  It is manual or automated instructions on this page:
  • I can't find instructions on how to add a bookmark. I don't want the toolbar

    I can't find instructions on how to add a bookmark. I don't want the bar tools, but only in the list of bookmarks. I tried everywhere looking for this information, but without success.

    Thank you
    D Lapp

    I removed the email address. It is not necessary on the forum to send you answers. The forum is public and indexed by search engines. You can restore e-mail address if you wish. You can also choose to display the email address publicly to your use of profile/users/edit ->publish my email: [] ~ J99

    If you want to bookmark the current page, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl + d to add the bookmark.

    If you prefer to type the address, or you need to bookmark a page that is not displayed, click on a bookmark in the bookmarks menu (or in the folder where you want to add the bookmark), and choose new bookmark.

    -What are you looking for?

  • How do eliminate the password entry every time that I start

    How to eliminate the need to enter my word happening whenever I connect?


    Please try:

    Kind regards.

  • How to eliminate the blue HP page with the F keys, hand, photos, music started

    With Windows Vista 64-bit, how I eliminate the HPO start with items described above page?

    I'm sorry, but disabling the HP logo screen is accessible neither BIOS nor Windows configuration. He is tattooed in DMI.

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    You can batch process using the image processor script and no user action should still be included in the process.  Check out our menu file > Scripts > image processor.

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    Simply type the e-mail address in the hyperlink control in the Control Strip.

  • I'll copy Mozilla firefox from one computer to the other. I don't want to download from the internet, I caught the virus of "Babylon" in this way.

    (1) you really have to make it easier to contact support. Get rid of password requirements!
    (2) I would copy safely Firefox from one computer to the other. I don't want to download from the internet. Really, we love and use firefox. I had to remove firefox because it came with the virus of Babylon.

    If you have been Babylon when you installed Firefox you may have installed it from an authoritative source (the only official place and secure to download Firefox from www.getfirefox.comEast). Please, never download Firefox from anywhere else.

    So, for your computers, be sure to download Firefox from www.getfirefox.comand you download the version official, convenient and safe.

    If you get Babylon on your computer, you can remove it easily without having to remove Firefox by reading How to remove the toolbar of Babylon, home page and search engine (Please note that Babylon is not affiliated with Firefox and we actively seek to solve these problems).

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    Sometimes, I open multiple windows, especially from my box from Comcast. When I'm through with this window, I will conclude, but leave others more open. FIrefox won't do this anymore when I close the 1 window, Firefox send me a message stating that it is to CLOSE all THE TABS. I DON'T want TO CLOSE all of them, I want to just close the window I close!. This is very annoying, because I have to re - login to all, because FIrefox is 'CLOSE all THE TABS', and everything I want to do to close a window... I'm about to chuck this browser... I tried to find an answer to this in the tools, but was unable to do so. Please help me with this

    Make sure that you do not click the X close in the title bar like that closes the active window with all the tabs.

    If you have the tab bar visible then click the X close this tab or mid, tab, or use the shortcut Ctrl + W key to close the tab.

    If the resulting tab bar hidden then see:

  • How to "hide" windows updates, that I don't want in Vista Business

    How to "hide" windows updates, that I don't want in Vista Business


    They must take care of it:

    How to hide or show an update of Windows Vista

    How to hide updates in Vista

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • How can I get my favorites to stay on the sidebar? I don't want a menu drop-down every time

    I want that my favorites to stay on the left sidebar. The new Firefox has a bookmark tab to pull down at the top of the screen on the right and I hate it. I don't want to pull down a list of my favorites. I like to stay ALL the time

    My bookmarks sidebar opens when I press (accidentally) Ctrl + b.

    You can also open and close the sidebar help

    View > sidebar > bookmarks

    If you view the orange Firefox button rather than the classic menu bar, press the Alt key to display the menus temporarily and then you can use the view menu.

  • How to call the Favorites panel by the link/button directly from the page?

    Hi guys,.

    We have a portfolio that is full HTML5 app page and this page captures the entire screen, so there is no way to bring Adobe DPS Viewer navigation controls. We already use goto://ApplicationViewState/library to return to the display of the library and also wants to be able to use something like goto://ApplicationViewState/favorites to call favorite Panel.

    It would be good to have this thing to work for all viewer controls, for example goto://ApplicationViewState/ [Label], where the label is one of them:

    navigationControls - same as a tap on the screen






    Thank you!

    It didn't raise the Favorites in this way.


  • How to eliminate the sites listed immediately below the address bar?

    In the grey area immediately below the address bar are four icons, the most visited, loading and two other sites that, for privacy reasons I don't want not illustrated here. (On the far right is favorite with a star next to it). I have not put a some of them here. How can I get rid of the two I don't want not shown?

    Hello Rwarren, you can remove them as normal bookmarks - right click (or on a Mac, cmd + click) them & select 'delete '.

  • How to eliminate the need for a password or fingerprint reader to open the computer?

    I wish that my pop just on computer without the using a password or fingerprint reader. I implemented the fingerprint reader, but I don't remember setting up a password so I would just eliminate the need for the fingerprint reader. I know that this makes my computer more vulnerable but I live alone and when someone is more, my children or friends, I wish they were able to get on my computer without calling me more to scan my fingers again and again. I implemented the fingerprint as a fluke reader just to see work and then couldn't figure out how to remove the drive without setting up a password. That's what he said to me when I try to remove the traces of fingers.

    It, S VERY SIMPLE... Click (windows icon) in the lower left corner (which is to start windows), and then select Control Panel and select user accounts. you will see your account name to simply select the option to remove your password and when you restart computer it will start just to the top with you having to connect. bettr to do for your children is for when you go to user accounts is to select Create new account name whatever you want for children do not assign a password to it and make sure that it is just a regular user account and not an administrator account on this way they can't remove anything or make changes to your computer that could damage the operating system. You should really think about it b4 you just let em have a complete control over it.

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