How to export a JPEG image at 300 dpi? PS keeps exporting to 96 DPI res attributed image 300px although / in

in Photoshop CC 2015.1 I have made sure my image is at 300 DPI by going to "Image > Image size" and set the resolution to 300 pixels per inch. However, when I go in "file > export > export as >"JPG "image is exported to 96 dpi. I know that the PS is exports to 96 DPI because when I open the image exported with the PS, the resolution is set at 96 dpi. Therefore, when I import the exported in Acrobat, PDF pages images look too big zoom 100%. I want to use 300 DPI because in this way the image (which has a resolution of 2500 x 3500 px) will look at a reasonable size at 100% zoom on the PC screen average when given via Adobe Acrobat. I also tried to export PS using "file > export > save for Web", but the results were the same.

So far the only solution that worked using PS must convert the PSD of a JPG using "" file > save as > JPG ". However, this method does not provide the export settings as much as "file > export". It's not possible to export JPEG files at 300 dpi with "file > export"?

My another workaround is to use a 3rd party software called XnConvert to change the dpi of the exported image without changing its dimensions in pixels.

Do not export, it is an unfinished feature that will remove the color profile, causing the images appear more saturated.

And it's probably defaults to 96 DPI, I don't think that you can change that.

PPI is metadata used by printer drivers to calculate print size, and it has no effect on the display screen. Dimensions in pixels are all that matters.

If you want to export multiple images at the same time, take a look at the image processor, located under file > Scripts.

I never use it, (I do this kind of thing in Lightroom), but I think you can select images in Bridge and run it from there.

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