How to export all my musk from my iPad to my iPad pro Air

just got an iPad pro not all my music was imported from my iPad Air via iCloud that only some titles have been exported.

Follow the advice given here: transfer the contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support

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    How to export all objects in ddl file.


    You can try this thing, but you need to do some R & D on your side as well.

    Reel under query on your hard drive.
    Run below command then you will get the instructions to get the ddl for the whole table.

    select 'select dbms_metadata.get_ddl(TABLE,'||tname||') FROM DUAL;' FROM TAB;

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    select dbms_metadata.get_ddl(TABLE,NEW) FROM DUAL;

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    You can press on in Notepad ctrl and H to replace key and type in the first box of text TABLE and in the second "TABLE."
    Ditto for the name of the table.

    The slide in one by one by coil settting on so you will get each ddl statement in different files.

    I don't know if you are interested in R & D to yours and if you aren't then we forget.

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    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. Click on the photo or video you want to delete.
    3. Type > delete the Photo.

    Delete several photos

    1. Open the Photos app and press Select.
    2. Click on each photo or video that you want to remove.
    3. Type > delete Photos.

    Delete photos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

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  • How can I transfer all the files from an iPad earlier to a new iPad pro?

    I'm considering buying an iPad pro and want to transfer all the files from my iPad generation (big connector) prior to the new.

    Is it possible directly, and is there a cable to connect the of LIGHTNING current in style making earlier?

    Or it's done via WiFi?

    You have a computer?

  • How to send large video files from my iPad

    How to send large video files from my iPad

    The restriction for large files to mailing in general is defined by your email provider. Most of the suppliers imposed restrictions on the size of attachments. You can contact your e-mail for more information provider, but in general, consider a large video file too large to email.

  • How to disconnect the access code from my iPad 2

    How to disconnect the access code from my iPad 2

    What do you mean by "disconnect"? If you mean stop using an access code then settings > password (enter your current password) > disable password

  • Its posible to stream videos in mobile office Lightroom, I all ready done from my iPad to my desktop. I just want to do the opposite.

    Its posible to stream videos in mobile office Lightroom, I all ready done from my iPad to my desktop.

    I just want to do the opposite.

    Thank you for your help...

    Hi Richard,

    Sync video Lightroom Mobile Office is not yet supported.

    Kind regards


  • What products Adobe if I need all I have is an iPad pro?

    All I want to do is catalog and edit my photos, but all I have is an Ipad pro. What applications do I need and what I need to subscribe to the creative cloud?

    Hi chrisreaves,

    You can have mobile Lightroom as a standalone App on your iPad pro, but remember that your collections will not sync. See Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPad - capture, edit, organize & share images on the App Store

    If want to take full advantage of this product you may subscribe to the plan of the CC Adobe photography where you will get many other mobile and Desktop Products.Please view Lightroom and Photoshop | Plan of creative photography of cloud of Adobe

    Kind regards


  • How to export all the photos of Photos with the folder structure

    Topic says it all...

    I found tons of posts on how to export pictures from Photos, but clearly an important feature is missing. How to export one or more folders, subfolders, and albums to the breast?

    I need on a regular basis (read: scripted) to export all my photos for use on another platform. But I need to keep my organized all files as they are in the pictures.

    Anyone know of a script that can do this? Opening could [R.I.P].

    Thanks 1million in adv.


    Photos can export using the subfolder structure to give you the files corresponding to moments

    a user has provided a script for this for albums - Albums export records - Script of Jacques Rioux

    and old toad has planned that the script compiled as an app -


  • How to export all the playlists (not only one at a time)?

    How to export the playlists (Windows 10)? I know how to export a playlist at a time. This would be done by exporting the entire library? Thank you.

    What you are trying to reach by exporting all your playlists?

  • Hello, how to transfer all the information from Samsung S5 to the Iphone 6Plus?

    Hi all

    Only, I have acquired an IPhone 6 more tired of the use of the Samsung S5. The SIM card that I use is not the same and I do not have a risk of losing all the data so I would ask for a new SIM card. I tried to navigate on the websites but I found no help how to transfer all data to a SAMSUNG S5 to an IPHONE 6Plus.

    If someone could help, I would be very happy!

    Best regards


    What data?

    You should store everything on your computer and/or the cloud service.  From there you can sync it to your iPhone.

  • How to export all my emails in Outlook Express in Windows XP to Windows Mail in Windows Vista?

    I am currently using Outlook Express with XP.  I also use a laptop with Vista and Windows Mail.  I'm trying to find all message files in my directory XP so I can copy some of these files and insert them into the Vista computer e-mail program.  I found the folder that contains multiple message folders, but I don't see not all message files.  When I tried to copy one of the files that I could see the Vista computer from XP to Vista and Windows Mail would not recognize the XP/Outlook Express file.  So, I need to know how to find all message files and how to copy one or more files from the XP computer to Vista computer.  Thank you

    original title: message files I want to copy mail

    Create Windows folders on the XP desktop. Open OE and OE folder and drag messages in office files. Copy these folders on Vista computer and place them on the Vista desktop. Open the folder and drag the messages into a folder of WinMail.

  • Smartphones blackBerry how to transfer all the data from my BlackBerry/Outlook to new computer

    Nice day

    I am currently using a Torch 9800 on my old Dell using Microsoft Outlook 2003.  I just bought a new Dell computer and installed Microsoft Office 2010 with Outlook.  I would like to transfer all my data from my BlackBerry Torch / Outlook to my new computer.

    Can I install BlackBerry desktop on my new computer and just sync with my flashlight or do I make a back-up to my old computer and restore the backup file to my new computer?

    Thank you.

    It depends on what everything you want moved. You can google for more information about how to transfer all your Outlook, including mail settings and all of your PIM data.

    If it's just the calendar, tasks and address book data, then if your BB has everything you want on it, then you can install BDS on the new computer and set up a synchronization one-way system your BB to Outlook to transfer everything in the new perspective. Once it is on both devices settings of two-way synchronization.

    I would like to make a backup of your BB before you do any synchronization to a new computer, just in case where you screw up the sync and removes the BB PIM data.

  • How to export all the analyses with an export buton

    Hello, I am interested how to export analysis different with one button export, at the moment I have 3 tests on 1 dashboard in OBIEE and on all the analyses I export, button but I need all the analyses to be in 1 Excel file so I look for a solution summed up the export option, but I can't find. Any help is appreciated.


    First, I checked your other threads and it's "" and not "" - just to be precise.

    Secondly, what you are looking for is 'Export' option in the dashboard menu:

    You can not only export all analyses on your page as you request but even all analyses on all pages of the whole dashboard.

Maybe you are looking for

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