How to extend video back from the beginning

My video editor tells me that I need to have 2 seconds early and end 2 seconds do not talk and repeat basically the first or the last displayed image.  I have currently only about 1/2 a second so I need extend backward and before 2 seconds.

It seems that I can simply grasp the handle at the end of the video to extend forward, but I can't figure out how to extend it back from the beginning. When I take the handle, I can ' drag it to the left.

In addition, my video is essentially a timeline I have razor cut into about 10 modules.  each module is marked with markers on the timeline.  What is the best way to add the padding forward and the end of each module?  I started lasooing and by dragging the last video, move the marker, then second lasso at the last, move, etc.  Is their an easier way to do this?

Thank you

I think the answer to your prayers is insert the Segment to hold image command. First assign a keyboard shortcut to the command. The extent of the workflow, I'm only being familiar with the feature, but I think it goes something like this.

  1. Open the sequence
  2. Move the playback cursor at the beginning
  3. Insert the wedge Segment of image
  4. Move the playhead to the end
  5. Insert the wedge Segment of image
  6. Close ff. A, open B next, repeat 2 to 6...

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    I am new to Adobe Premiere, and I hope, it's a simple question...

    Is there an easy way to fade video backwards between tracks?  I have a project with multiple camera angles, and I want to fade from one to the other on several occasions. In Vegas Movie Studio, this can be easily done by inserting a composite level for each video track envelope, and then right-click where a fade is desired and inserting a control point which can be moved. Gives full control over the level of opacity for this track at this moment in time.  The closest I found in first Elements is right click on the video track and selecting bland-> Fade in video (or Fade Out).  This sometimes gives me a point of control that can be moved, but not always.  It worked for fade the first two points, but I'm no longer control points with this method.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Ah!  That's what I needed.  For anyone else trying to understand this point, to manually keyframe, all you have to do is go to the left side of your track, then click the diamond which sits between the two arrows.  This will add a keyframe at the point selected on your timeline.  Opacity can be adjusted by moving the point of the keyframe up and down (or move the keyframe itself forward or backward in the timeline).  It is even simpler in other software, but this method is much simpler to use the right click menu to add Fade Ins and Fade Out (especially when they do not work).

    Thanks to you two!

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    Hello there, im khans.

    Looks like you are unable to download the application Logic Pro X on your Mac under Mac OS X Yosemite. The following article contains some great instructions on how to reinstall Logic Pro X:

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    Thank you for reaching out to the communities of Apple Support.

    Kind regards.

  • When I use my iPod in my class, I often play a short part of a song and then go back to play again. He goes back in the beginning, it starts a few seconds in the song. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Thank you!

    When I come back he's going all the way back to the beginning. How to fix?

    • So you-and-release press the left arrow key, the iPod jumps at the beginning of the track
    • If you press and hold the left arrow button, iPod scrolls when you release the button and the reverse (rewind), the song will continue where the rewind is going on.
  • I accidentally deleted all my settings and the apple iphone 6 s ID. Now I have to activate my phone and start from the beginning. But I don't have my EA sim with me right now and cannot organize any sim EE. How can I activate my phone without sim card?

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    Sorry, but you can't activate an iPhone without a SIM card installed. It is simply not possible to do.

  • How to read from the beginning to reference trigger?


    I develop a system a little on a NI DAQmx 6025 and want to know how can I get data from an early relaxation of reference.

    I use "AcqVoltageSamples_IntClkDigStartAndRef.2008" to control the unit in c#

    If I set up the Starttrigger only, I can trigger... (the measure is to start by climbing aboard PFI0)


    myTask.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel (physicalChannelComboBox.Text,"", (AITerminalConfiguration)(-1), rangeMin, rangeMax, AIVoltageUnits.Volts ");

    myTask.Timing.ConfigureSampleClock ("", sampleRate, SampleClockActiveEdge.Rising, SampleQuantityMode.FiniteSamples, 1000);

    myTask.Triggers.StartTrigger.ConfigureDigitalEdgeTrigger ("/ PFI0/Dev1", DigitalEdgeStartTriggerEdge.Rising);

    Reader = new AnalogMultiChannelReader (myTask.Stream);


    drive. SynchronizeCallbacks = true;

    drive. BeginReadWaveform (-1, New AsyncCallback (myCallback), null);

    ... MyCallback...

    data = reader. EndReadWaveform (ar);


    Now, I want to stop my measurement by the trigger of the reference, so I set up the Referencetrigger on the same source (PFI0)

    myTask.Triggers.ReferenceTrigger.ConfigureDigitalEdgeTrigger ("/ PFI0/Dev1", DigitalEdgeReferenceTriggerEdge.Falling, 10);

    (This line is after the configuration StartTrigger)

    If I start the task and give the triggersignal, the measurement starts. But now the measure must stop if I start PFI0 again!

    I don't know what I have to do to become a measure from the beginning to trigger Stop... I mean PFI0 PFI0 rising Edge edge

    Thanks for the support!

    Suchen für alle die noch immer nach einer Antwort, ich habs jetz!

    For all who are looking for this answer, I get it now!


    myTask = new Task ("aiTask");        Create a new task
    Initialize local Variables
    Double sampleRate = Convert.ToDouble (rateNumeric.Value);
    Double rangeMin = Convert.ToDouble (minimumValueNumeric.Value);
    rangeMax double = Convert.ToDouble (maximumValueNumeric.Value);
    Create a virtual channel
    myTask.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel (physicalChannelComboBox.Text, "", (AITerminalConfiguration)(-1),
    rangeMin, rangeMax, AIVoltageUnits.Volts);
    Set up sync Specs
    myTask.Timing.ConfigureSampleClock ("", sampleRate, SampleClockActiveEdge.Rising, SampleQuantityMode.FiniteSamples, 1000);
    Configure start and reference triggers
    myTask.Triggers.StartTrigger.ConfigureDigitalEdgeTrigger ("/ PFI0/Dev1", DigitalEdgeStartTriggerEdge.Rising);
    myTask.Triggers.ReferenceTrigger.ConfigureDigitalEdgeTrigger ("/ PFI0/Dev1", DigitalEdgeReferenceTriggerEdge.Rising, 100);

    Check the task
    myTask.Control (TaskAction.Verify);
    Create the object reader
    Reader = new AnalogMultiChannelReader (myTask.Stream);
    Start the task, and set the playback position
    myTask.Start ();
    myTask.Stream.ReadRelativeTo = ReadRelativeTo.CurrentReadPosition;


    Temp = reader. ReadWaveform (60000);

    myTask.Dispose ();


    Mit dieser Lösung kann man von mension zu messen mension.

    With this resolve you can measure from edge to edge.

  • How can I get rid of the icon "shut down windows"? It appears from the beginning to the top!

    How can I get rid of the icon "shut down windows"? It appears from the beginning to the top!

    Hello jsitch,

    This thread has been created in the forum Desktop and personalization; the Microsoft moderation team has moved this thread to the Performance and maintenance Forum.

  • How to create e-commerce site using adobe muse from the beginning to the end, please

    How to create e-commerce site using adobe muse from the beginning to the end, please

    Mylenium, why comment you on the forums of Muse? I've never seen a useful comment on these forums. You seem to just upset against Muse all the time.

    in any case, definitely go with widgets Ecwid and J-26. They are the best.

  • How to make sure the Animation still plays from the beginning

    Hi guys,.

    I'm working on a project to facilitate dashboard which consists of 3 animations. I have a problem when I navigate between each symbol, without allowing that each completed in full animation. Rather than play as they should, from the beginning of each animation, animation simply continues to play from the position as was the timeline when I navigated away to another symbol.

    Is it possible that I can reset the symbol in its original position, when I trigger another animation to make sure that each animation always time from the beginning?

    Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any help will be much appreciated as always.

    Thank you very much


    All included now - it works, and you do not have the script fixed correctly.

    The only thing I noticed is the placement of you reading action, see capture.

    I didn't move a bit. And by that I mean set it so that the beginning of the fall of play icon AFTER the reading, the alignment exactly where the label of separation begins - see figure.

    In your case it was not aligned correctly. I also changed the read option play to play to 0:00.



  • Restart slideshow from the beginning

    I just bought a DPF-VR100. When it is disabled, then it seems to restart the slideshow, everywhere where he stopped the last time. I want to start from the beginning each time. How do I do that? I couldn't find this setting or all instructions in the manual. I have the photos and music in the memory. The photos are classified in the index of the way I want them to appear.
    Thank you!

    Hello and welcome to the forums.
    This is a normal operation. If you turn on the photo frame off the power during the slide show and back, the slideshow restarts from the last image read. Unfortunately there is no adjustment for the slide show restarts automatically after the next power on.

  • audio is launched from the beginning of the song little matter where I click in the movie timeline to start playing?

    I need the audio to help the photo calendar synchronization. However, no matter where I start playback to check a second time when a certain image, audio ALWAYS starts again from the beginning of the song! How can I stop this?

    Since you have posted in a forum XP... I'm guessing that you're
    using Movie Maker 2.1?

    If you drag the playback indicator (vertical line with square
    at the top... Rest the pointer on the square and drag)...
    the music should start playuing.

    Unlike the video track... you can click left/make dragging clips
    the audio left and right. And you can change the
    duration of a single photo on the timeline manually. Move
    your pointer autour in border of an element until you see a
    double red arrow. Now drag the double red arrow... you'll
    display a ToolTip that shows the evolution of life.

    Articles that offer information about audio sync with the video

    "Collections of projects".

    Study the rendering of DV - AVI files

    Editing film 'Basics '.

  • U2414H DisplayPort 1.2 STD Set Up - monitors will not get video Signal from the graphics card during start or restart

    * What specific Dell monitor? 2 two U2414h monitors with MD214 - package of multi-monitor support
    * What specific model of computer, desktop/laptop? Workstation HP xw8400, Intel Quad Core Xeon CPU E 5335 @ 2.00 GHz, 4.00 GB of memory
    * What operating system? Windows 7 Professional 32-bit
    * Which video card? AMD over-pants V3900
    * Which ports are available for the video card? DisplayPort 1.2 STD, Dual-link DVI
    * Which video output from the video card port video on the port monitor do you use? Output Mini DisplayPort Display port in
    * What cable are you using to set the video card to the monitor? Adapter DisplayPort to MiniDispayPort - we came with every Dell monitor
    * You use the Dell supplied cable? Yes - two monitors

    * Press the Menu button of the monitor to open the OSD (On Screen Display). The bottom of the screen should display a resolution. This resolution should match the resolution of the default monitor. The two monitors: 1920 x 1080, 60 Hz

    * Brief description of the problem monitor? Monitors have been implemented following the instructions on page 25 of the Dell online manual to connect the monitor to function DP multi-flow (MST). DisplayPort cable is connected to V3900 output MiniDisplay port DisplayPort graphics card in the 1st U2414H; second DisplayPort cable is connected to the DisplayPort on 1 U2414H monitor output and MiniDisplayPort in the 2nd monitor U2414H. Dell U2414H drivers have been installed from the CD provided and both recognized by Windows. V3900 graphics card Driver is up to date with the EyeInfinity software. Source of input on both monitors the Mini Display Port value. Display settings on both monitors Display Port 1.2 value activate. Resolution of the screen on Windows 7 shows: (a) two separate Dell U2414H (mini Display Port) screens, with each resolution 1920 x 1080, multi (b) displays the value "to extend these displays. The two views work with Setup leading up to and acknowledged by the graphics card.

    Problem 1 - all the time - monitor power buttons are lit, the computer is turned on, then monitors lights don't - they show 'Power save mode' and then turns off. To hit the power button on the computer to shut down Windows. Only way to get these on monitors is unplug cords from the back of each monitor, wait a few minutes, plug in the power cord, start computer and then both monitors will start up and sign of windows to the screen will appear and monitors will work. Normal operations for a full day of work if you do not restart. If you need to restart during the day (like when you get a software update), the same thing happens. Start the computer to restart, but the monitors come back on not and remain dark. There is nothing wrong with the graphics card V3900. He is certified by AMD and to work in an environment of STD DisplayPort 1.2. I had previously two 215tws Samsung SyncMasters connected to each output V3900 Grahics card and they work very well in extended mode for years until a SyncMaster 215tw started shaking like crazy. A SyncMaster has been connected to the out display with a dongle and a DVI cable Port. The other SyncMaster was connected to the DVI output on the graphics card. So I decided to buy these two U2414Hs. Technical support Dell after many phone calls and e-mails finally advised me that there is a problem of "compatibility" between my computer and the U2414Hs and recommended that I return the monitors. On the web site of the U2414H AMD has not been certified by AMD to work in a DisplayPort 1.2 STD Set Up. Other former Dell monitors are certified by AMD to work in the Display Port 1.2 Setup. lists the U2414H to work with Display Port (it does not say that it will work in a DisplayPort 1.2 Set Up).

    Problem 2 - shift perceptible in the entrance of Microsoft Blue Tooth keyboard and mouse and PS2 Keyboard and mouse. All the drivers are up to date. When you type a phrase, it takes a few moments for the text displayed on the screen using a keyboard. Both the mouse connected and the Bluetooth mouse are unresponsive sporadically for a few moments until they finally react. It happens regularly during the day. The monitors provide excellent clarity when you work. The stand is ideal for office property. Before these monitors are returned if no one knows what causes these two problems and does anyone have a solution? Should I stop using the Display Port 1.2 and hang them using HDMI with active dongles? If I have to return these two U2414Hs, I considered the 2 two U2413s. Someone at - it all opinions on the last U2413s from Dell? I have read some real problems with ghosting that I just haven't the time for more. The remanence correction in the models of U2413 sold in 2014? There are very few monitors on the market with Display Port in and out to the back to support DisplayPort 1.2 STD Transport.

    Thanks for any input.

    I had to remove my VGA HDMI DV card and now the DP (display port) works very well. Don't need to use a HDMI cable. Display Port 1.1 is reported as the problem in order to remove the card solves this problem.

  • Windows Mail has disappeared from the beginning

    All places start with the new computer and Windows 8, as a people, mail, calendar, news disappear from the beginning.  How do I get back?


    I suggest you to follow the steps below and check if it helps.

    Before we try to fix this problem, please answer the question below.

    (1) remember you to make changes prior to this problem?

    I suggest you follow the steps below and check if you are able to get the apps to the start screen.

    (a) press the Windows key + Q, type Mail app

    (b) right-click on the mail application, and select PIN to start.

    Similarly, follow the same procedure to bring applications that do not appear in the start screen.

    If you are unable to find the applications, try to download from the app store for Windows.

    (a) open Windows app store.

    (b) press the Windows key + C,

    (c) select search and type Mail app

    (d) select Mail, calendar, people, and e-mail, and then click on install.

    Follow the instructions to install the other missing apps.

    See also the articles below.

    Customize the splash screen

    What happened to the apps on my PC?

    Hope that the information has been useful, if you have any additional questions or questions about Windows, feel free to post. We will be happy to help you.

  • How to remove a Word from the default dictionary of firefox?

    How to remove a Word from the default dictionary of firefox?
    If I wanted to remove the word 'dog' or 'and' for example

    There may be a range of reasons for wanting to do this, including the deletion of the words you use rarely as similar to other common spellings used words for example. "minute" and "Minuet", delete the words that you find personally offensive, or removing words that, because of linguistic or cultural background, you would not consider words at all.

    Note that I'm not asking how to remove my 'dictionary' words, words that I added myself.


    I talked to a few people and I think I'm able to help you with this.

    There are two dictionary files, the default that comes with your version of Firefox and personal 'custom' that you create yourself with phrases and words.

    If you want to change the personal;

    1. Copy Subject: support and paste into the address bar.
    2. Next to the profile folder, click the marked File Show
    3. Find the file persdict.dat. Rename a text file, open, modify, re save it as persdict.dat and replace.

    If you want to change the default dictionary, it could be more of a problem and a lot more technique to do. I would recommend that you look at the problem differently and consider filtering of pages based on inappropriate content using Add-ons such as ProCon Latte Content Filter.

    I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look at another solution for you.

  • Xp pro installation gets past the copied installation files and then restarts, rather than continue with install it starts from the beginning again.

    new installation of XP pro on a Dell Inspiron mini

    Xp pro installation went copied files Setup then restarts, rather than continue with an install it starts from the beginning again, laptop is configured to boot from the hd, but does not do that, I reset bios to default and hd settings has been reformatted, the cd for this laptop drive is usb because it has not built in 1... If I try and I remove the usb cd when reboots after copid setup files it told her there is no operating system...

    any help much appreciated...

    Hi, Leon,

    Always include computer make and model, please.  Thank you.

    Research in the Bios (reboot and press F1 or F2 depending on your system, check that all usb options are enabled (for example, USB legacy or support for USB 2.0 devices).)

    If there is a timeout parameter, set it to Max.

    Then, find the boot device priority section

    A USB flash drive, which is usually listed as USB - HDD, but may be listed as a removable device, will have a priority very low start.

    Rearrange the boot device priority so that the flash drive has a higher priority than the hard drive.

    Install Windows XP from USB key

    • Insert the USB key into the USB port on the computer.

    • Open the "I386" folder and find the file "Winnt.exe".

    Double-click on the "Winnt.exe" to launch a command prompt BACK to an installation of Windows XP.

    Type the path of the location of your "I386" folder in the DOS window. For example, if your USB is the letter "D" in your "My Computer" window, type "d:\i386" without the quotes and press the Enter"" key.

    Let the installation program copy the Windows XP installation files on your computer.

    Restart your computer to a command prompt. The Windows XP Setup will continue automatically.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. The program will ask you your Windows XP product key in this process.

    Make a bootable memory card or USB key using PEBuilder

Maybe you are looking for

  • Re - install paid app

    Hello I bought an app called cam spy on May 20, 2016 and received the receipt of it. I used it a few times, but now after a while it is not in my purchased Itunes list. It's an expensive app, and I how can also purchase receipt, I install on my syste

  • OEM Activation limits?

    Hello I recently installed Vista) for 2 days. Then I realized that I installed them since a updated disc that has problems with a lot of things, but they were successfully activated. The next day, I accidentally reinstalled Vista again this bad disc

  • New upgrade of Windows 7 will not get updated

    I've just updated for Win 7 SP1 home edition Premium on DVD. This is a new installation of XP. The automatic update feature is pasted on updates. I can download manually, but the automatic update feature does not work. I also tried to update IE8 on I

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    Word and Adobe tell me that the printer is offline.  I received the error code when I tried to turn the printer off.

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