How to extract data from digital 1 d or 2D waveforms in a table or excel file?

Hi all

My DAQ gives me data in the form of a table 1 d or 2D-waverform digital time.

How to export the data in an excel file or copy it into a table?

Hi Prasanth,

Some options come to mind:

-pass the DAQmxRead to give you fair DBL tables instead of waveforms

-use a conversion like this:

-use functions of PDM, they accept waveforms...

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    Hi evanb92625060,

    It is not possible to extract (using Acrobat |) Collection and management of the PDF to form data) data from a signed PDF form is that it locks all fields in the form.

    Kind regards

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    Could you clarify why you want to do this?

    If you try to synchronize two databases (apps) to have a backup or something running in a development environment, I suggest configuring replication between two databases. It would be much more effective to do it at the SQL Server level through the application of FDM, IMHO.


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    You can download the Patch 8571830 to Oracle metalink.

    It has a new technology 'SAP ABAP' and KMs to extract and load data-
    RKM SAP ERP and SAP to Oracle ERP LKM.

    Thank you

  • How to extract data from waveform

    I have prepared a VI for acquisition and analysis. I have data from NI 9203 manuplate (power source). I have to use a lot of channels and more than 1 sample of a channel so Daqmx read vi out of waveform module and it is not a choice for table 1 d. How can I this form to scale data and display 2 diffferent scale given in a graphic waveform?

    The DAQmx Read returns an array of waveforms.  Each waveform is t0, dt, Y components and optional attributes.  See the palette of waveform for tools to extract the components and build waveforms.

    To make your scaling that you do these things:

    1. Select the waveform you want to scale by using the Index table or index of waveform

    2. download the component Y of the selected waveform.

    3. resize it if Y' = m * Y = b, where is the original painting and the Y' is the matrix to scale.  You can use the standard digital functions for * and + because they work for arrays and scalars.

    4 build a new waveform using Y'.


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    Kind regards


    Published by: porobashi on May 19, 2009 14:53

    APEX to base a report out of a function that returns the sql code... Your current code goes against a Ref cursor returns the values...

    See this thread regarding taking a ref cursor and wrapping it in a function to channel out as a 'table' (use a cast to cast tabular function vale)...


    Re: Tyring to dynamically create the SQL statement for a calendar of SQL

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

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    Need help on MS Answers was my last option before calling a service.

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    It's a little complicated. This add-on can do most of the work for you.

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    When you recharge an iPhone / ipad automatically saves it to iCloud on your wifi

    If you restore from a backup of cloud ipad, you should get all your apps / data folder.

    I have not use my PC for more than 2 years for iPhone / iPad all the updates and apps updates

    Fact on my WiFi.

    See you soon


  • How to extract data from an arbitrary xml file and export it to a CSV friendly?

    I am facing big problems in the use of XML files. I have a
    application that generates XML files with clusters containing arrays
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    Read it and export the data into a CSV document readable by a human.
    Since I do not know the actual content of the cluster, I need some sort
    Smart VI through the XML looking for berries
    and other data structures for export properly in the CSV file
    format (columns with headers).
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    Rather than to get the

    node, you can just go directly to the node since ' one that really interests you. Basically what it means to determine the elements of table how much you have, and it depends on if you have 1 or 2 knots . The rest is just of the child nodes and the next siblings. See attachment as a starting point. The attached XML file is a table 2D (change the .xml extension).

    Notes on the example:

    • I did not close properly references, so it's something you need to do.
    • It is limited to tables 1 d or 2D.
    • I suggest using a control path of the file to specify the input XML file and path of the file/folder control to specify the location of the output file.

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    Thank you

    Yes! What I need is a function of the index before using of unbundling by name to extract the desired data. THX

  • How to extract data from child form in OIM 11 g

    Hi all

    Can someone help me to fetch the child form given in OIM 11 g. I have the attribute multivalue in the child table. I am currently using the following code snippet to pick up the child, form data, but I'm not a great success. I get only the first record. Please let me know where I am going wrong.

    long formDefKey = formInstanceOperationsIntf.getProcessFormDefinitionKey (processKeyInstance);
    int iVersion = formInstanceOperationsIntf.getProcessFormVersion (processKeyInstance);

    tcResultSet childFormDefs = formInstanceOperationsIntf.getChildFormDefinition (formDefKey, iVersion);

    for (int i = 0; i < childFormDefs.getRowCount (); i ++) {}
    childFormDefs.goToRow (i);
    tcResultSet childForm = formInstanceOperationsIntf.getProcessFormChildData (childFormDefs.getLongValue ("Structure Utility.Child Tables.Child Key"), processKeyInstance);
    String [] childColumnName = childForm.getColumnNames ();
    try {}
    for (int index = 0; index < childColumnName.length; index ++) {}
    System.out.println ("name:" + childColumnName [index]);
    System.out.println (childForm.GetStringValue (childColumnName [index]));
    } catch {(tcColumnNotFoundException columnNotFoundException)
    throw new Exception ("error occurred then that of child column names:" + columnNotFoundException);

    Thanks in advance.

    Try this code. pass the 'processInstanceKey' of your adapter and test :)
    The values that you also want to change the columns of the child table (UD_ADUSRC_KEY, UD_ADUSRC_VALUE etc.).

    tcFormInstanceOperationsIntf formIntf = OimServiceManager.getTcFormInstanceOperationsIntf ();
    long pFormDefinitionKey = formIntf.getProcessFormDefinitionKey (processInstanceKey);
    int pFormVersion = formIntf.getProcessFormVersion (processInstanceKey);

    Get the definition of the child form.
    tcResultSet formChildDefRS = formIntf.getChildFormDefinition (pFormDefinitionKey, pFormVersion);

    Get the key to the definition of child form
    long pchildFormDefKey = 0;
    If (formChildDefRS! = null) {}
    formChildDefRS.goToRow (0);
    try {}
    pchildFormDefKey = formChildDefRS.getLongValue ('Structure Utility.Child Tables.Child Key');
    } catch (tcColumnNotFoundException e) {} ("tcColumnNotFoundException occurred in formChildDefRS.getLongValue");

    tcResultSet adChildFormData = formIntf.getProcessFormChildData (pchildFormDefKey, processInstanceKey);

    for (int i = 0; i)< ((tcresultset)adchildformdata).getrowcount();="" i++)="">
    ((tcResultSet) adChildFormData) .goToRow (i);
    long adUsrcKey = adChildFormData.getLongValue("UD_ADUSRC_KEY");
    String adUsrcGroupName = adChildFormData.getStringValue ("UD_ADUSRC_GROUPNAME"); ("adUsrcKey:" + adUsrcKey + "\t adUsrcGroupName:" + adUsrcGroupName);

  • Extract data from Hyperion Planning

    Hello Experts,

    I have a question that is asked repeatedly. Question is, how to extract data from planning with ODI?

    I saw most of the answers saying we need to extract the data of Essbase (as Essbase stores planning data). But what happens if I want to retrieve data that is stored in the relational repository with its data into Essbase? As list of smart, the textual data in the case of system 9?

    Thank you

    It is possible to extract the essbase data and then link to the planning of the relational tables to transform the digital value of essbase in text planning.

    See you soon


  • How to ETL extract data from database Oracle 11.1 using Cognos Data Manager 10.1


    I need to run the IBM Cognos Data Manager 10.1 version ETL tool for extracting data from the Oracle11.1 database.

    My understanding is that, from the point of view of database, the best way would to have a stored procedure that will provide a reference cursor in the ETL client tool.

    However, a database procedure the ETL tool running seems not to be possible in this version of the data manager.

    If someone has done this before? What is the best way for this snippet to do?

    Thank you


    Annabelle says:

    My reading of original question: "What is the best way for this snippet to do?"

    Sorry - is NOT helping.

    The BEST way to extract data from a table is to use a SELECT statement.

    You said you want to do.

    So just repeat your original question instead of those that ask you to answer will not move forward us.

  • Extract data from graph XY


    Here, I want to extract data from the XY graph. I joined vi which I use for table 1 d. How can I use this for 2D table VI.

    Thank you

    Hi Alex,

    You can use the same approach.

    The only thing that changes is the function ArraySubset in its adaptation to the 2D matrix. You can select rows or clumns of your data (depending on how you have generated them)...

Maybe you are looking for