How to filter messages displayed

I'm used to be able to filter the messages that I have a display by the printer model. This feature seems to have disappeared. I didn't want to have to browse the pages of messages twenty other printer models to problems that are not for my model. He has been a research field that offers the ability to search only 'on this forum. I could enter my model number and see all of the messages on my printer only. Beautiful star - bring it back.

The upper-left search box that says "Research community" default actually looking for the forum, in that you are.  If you pass a level it searches in all printers & all-in-one forums, and another level, it would be searc all of HP consumer forum.  You can also enter a search term and click OK.  You will then have an additional option, including search by author, date range, including forums, of messages with congratulations, positions with Accepterd Solutions and other elements.  On this page, you can also click on advanced and more options.

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  • How to filter messages on MCB2300 CAN?

    I have an app that gives me that a stack overflow error too CAN traffic.  I only need to follow a single message, and if I have only one message on the bus, it works well.  As soon as I add the other messages on the bus, I get the error, so I thought I could just remove the ones I haven't read wan't.  I put the filter in my code, but I always get a stack overflow when all messages are broadcast.  How the filter works  The messages go to battery memory first until a software routine has time to cross and filter unwanted messages?

    The original request has 1 CAN channel without filtering, and 1 CAPABLE of channeling with filtering.  The order of the properties between the 2 CAN channels initialization was not specified in the code and was arbitrarily determined by the compiler.  I forced the CAN channel without the filter to initialize before the channel with the filter, and then it works properly.

  • How to filter messages simpleChat (private chat)

    So I tried to find a solution, but after several hours, I can not find how do.

    My use case:

    There is a single host for a room. Others in the room can speak to the host, and users can see their private chat with the host. Users can see the chat component only when the host is connected.

    The host uses another application in which he can see the list of users who speak of him. It can select a user from the list, and he sees a simple conversation with only messages between him and the selected user.

    What I finished (I think it may help others in the future and maybe, there is better way to do):

    * In the user application: use the userManager your ConnectSessionContainer property. There an arrayCollection named collection hostCollection on hosts that are currently connected.

    In my case, I put the components of cat in a container and use a link visible property:

    visible = "{connectSession.userManager.hostCollection.Length > 0} '"

    You can also add an event listener for the userManager and listen to UserEvent.USER_CREATE and USER_REMOVE and check if event.userDescriptor.role == 100 or again controlled the hostCollection.length of the userManager.

    * If you simpleClass of subclass, you can access the _toCombo which is the drop-down list of the chat area.

    You can set its visible to false and set its selectedItem property on the first object of its dataprovider whose role is equal to 100 in order to force the cat to be private with the host.

    * In the host application, you can create a list using the ConnectSessionContainer.userManager.audienceCollection as a dataProvider for a list of users.

    It is easy to set the combobox control to simple to talk only to the selected user conversation, but what I have not been able to do is to filter history to only show that the conversation with the selected user and no other messages, without creating several rooms.

    I looked in the source code, but the historic property of the simpleChatModel is just a string and do not find an easy way to filter.

    I was looking for an arrayCollection collection nodes in the history, because I could use the filter property of the collection, but I did not find.

    So, where should I look for, and what is the best way to filter history using the recipient_Id?

    Thank you for your help...

    Sorry for the long post, but maybe this will help someone in the future...


    What other parts you have been doing is perfectly fine. So, I think on

    on the side of the host you want to filter so that when a host, you select one

    user and click on it, it should show only chat between this user and

    the host.

    Although there is no direct way that by default, show us all messages to the

    realized a user cat, but again I can give some advice.

    What you need to do is change the method of formatMessageDescriptor

    SimpleChatDescriptor or subsclass it.

    Try to maybe add another parameter to this function as

    public void

    formatMessageDescriptor(p_msgDesc:ChatMessageDescriptor,p_targetedUserID:String=null):Stri ng

    and when you create an object of SimpleChat, ensure that in calls to

    This method, you pass somehow user ID only the user that you want to

    See messages with. In a more general way, this setting may take a

    array that contains only users whose desired cat IDs

    for display in a window.

    Inside the function, make sure that filter you to do something

    Like this

    If (p_msgDesc.recipientID == p_targetedUserID) {}

    you would add these messages

    } else {}

    do nothing to make the message back «»


    If you use a table of targetedUserIDs, then a check of the loop if

    He allied himself with the recipientID and if so, adds this message.

    It should work in your case. We are planning a complete overhaul of cat

    in the future (period of next year), at that time there I'll definitely keep

    your suggestion of the spirit.

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Thank you

    Hironmay Basu

  • How to limit the display of messages (Gmail iPhone 6s)


    I want to limit the number of messages displayed in the 6s now, iPhone Mail application that all my messages are displayed.

    I synced a Gmail account, but in preferences, there is no "mail days to sync". This option is available on the iphone from a friend with an outlook account set up 5.

    Does anyone know how to limit these messages to a Gmail account in a 6 s iphone?

    Thank you


    The ability to determine how many days to synchronize e-mail is available for Exchange accounts. There are no settings like this for POP or IMAP accounts.

  • Computer how unauthorized if it displays the message cannot otherwise clear permission. Please try again after some time

    Computer how unauthorized if it displays the message cannot otherwise clear permission. Please try again after some time

    Remove the license on a computer can help


  • To use the same filter messages on multiple computers

    I have three computers running thunderbird at different places in the world. I am using IMAP so I have all the emails anywhere. Now, I would like to run the same filter message on any one of them, but I can't export/import the message filter as I have copies of my filter. What should I do?

    I found the file differently as you indicated.
    There is no account option that you made on the Tools menu of thunderbird.
    However choose the localfolders file, you can select accountsettting. There's the localfolder displayed directory.
    Now, I see also the otherway. In the menu choose options (tools not), you can select the account settings and then select in this local folder menu and it displays the local directory as in the other method.
    The rest is as you said, thanks.

    Sorry, I copied the 'msgFilterRules.dat' folder, but nothing has changed. In fact when I delete this folder Thunderbird still remember the filter rules. They must be somewhere else on my computer...

  • How to filter the modules of the version of TB?

    My version of TB: 31.1.2 on Win7

    The Add-ons Manager has a section called "Featured addons". I think that, Hey they must be cool if they are featured! I try "Contacts Sidebar" only to discover that it was updated in 2007 and does not support recent versions. How to filter the Add-ons to display only those compatible with my version of TB?

    All the people who still use older computers from apple. This is the last version that will run on them.

  • Topology change syslog, how to disable messages?

    I have a number of switches BNT/Lenovo (8124, 8052, 8264) and all are connected to our central syslog server. I have quite a few switches in the same vlan, and I get a lot of topology messages of change like this:

    2016 03-11 T 05: 39:01.143556 - 07:00 Mar 11 05:39:07 switch-1 ALERT switch OS : STG 44, changing topology detected

    I don't necessarily need to see this. I would like to delete this message without Gohan other messages such as the STP root bridge changes. Is this possible? These seem to be my options from the side of the switch:

    8052b Journal (config) #logging?
    all all
    cfg Configuration
    cfgchg Configuration change notify
    CLI command line interface
    Console Console
    difference of Configuration monitoring difftrak
    dot1x 802. 1 x
    failover failover
    Hyperlinks Hotlinks
    IGMP IGMP-Group
    IGMP-mrouter IGMP mrouter
    applicant applicant IGMP IGMP
    IP Internet protocol address
    IPv6 IPv6
    LACP Link Aggregation Control Protocol
    system port link
    management management
    NETCONF NETCONF Configuration Protocol
    Time protocol NTP network
    OpenFlow enable logging of Protocol Openflow
    OSPFv3 Ospfv3
    private - vlan, private VLAN
    RMON remote monitoring
    Syslog server server
    SLP Service Location Protocol
    Spanning-tree-group group Spanning tree
    SSH Secure Shell
    Vlag Virtual Link Aggregation
    VM Virtual Machine
    VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
    Web Web

    I looked in the CLI guide for "journal of logging", but all I get is the following:

    [None] Journaling log []
    Displays a list of the features for which syslog messages can be generated. You
    can choose to turn on or off specific features (such as VLANs, stg, or ssh).
    or enable/disable syslog on all available functions.
    Control mode: global configuration

    There is no detail on the option does what exactly.

    I know that I probably can filter messages from syslog server-side but I would rather start the level for the switch.

    Thank you.

    Today, there is no way to delete these specific messages.

    They should not be too many and are often very useful to determine the cause of a failure.

    In order to reduce drastically the TCN BPDU is to put all the host ports such as 'edge' or 'portfast '.

    This setting prevent BPDUS and messages production when a host disconnect or connect to the switch.

    Then, only the 'real' TCN is recorded and useful for diagnosis.

    Ciao, Maurizio.

  • How to stop messages that appear on the screen locked when they arrive?

    How to stop messages that appear on the screen locked when they arrive?

    Settings > Notifications > Messages > turn off display on the lock screen. -AJ

  • Need help, get message display driver has stopped working, but has recovered

    Had no problems until recently, my freezer of mouse and screen, then get message display driver has stopped working, but recovered it gets really bad, please help


    1. what operating system do you use?
    2. What is the brand and model of your system?
    3. Once you get this error message?
    4. you did it before the issue of any material changes or software?

    Try the steps outlined in the methods mentioned below and let us know if it helps.
    Note: The following Microsoft Articles are applicable for Windows 7 and Vista.

    Method 1: Boot your system in clean boot mode and temporarily disable your antivirus software. Check if get the same error message or not.

    Step 1: Try now to the KB article to perform the clean boot:
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista and Windows 7:
    Important: After you used the clean boot in order to solve your problem follow step 7 to reset the computer to start as usual.

    Clean boot in XP:

    Try now to the KB article to perform the clean boot:
    Important: After you use the clean boot in order to solve your problem follow the steps in the "steps to configure Windows to use a Normal startup state" section to start your system in normal mode.

    Step 2: Turn off the antivirus software:
    Important: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks

    Method 3: update the driver for

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly: ' t-work correctly

    Method 4: Please visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest driver for your graphics card.

    Method 5: Windows 7 power save settings reduces the voltage to the video card too well when it is inactive for some video cards.

    To resolve this problem, disable the display (Plugged In) turn it off and turn off the display (on battery) power settings by using one of the following methods:

    Use the Group Policy settings:
    To resolve this issue by using Group Policy settings, follow these steps:

    (a) click Start, type gpedit.msc in the search box and press ENTER.

    (b) in the local Group Policy Editor, expand models of administration under Computer Configuration, expand System, expand power management, and then click display and video settings.

    (c) in the dialog box that opens, double click on turn off the display (Plugged In), click active, type 0 in the box to turn the display Off (seconds), and then click OK.

    (d) in the dialog box that opens, double click on turn off the display (on drums), click active, type 0 in the box to turn the display Off (seconds), and then click OK.

    Use the powercfg command:
    To resolve this issue by using the powercfg command, follow these steps:

    (a) click Start, type command prompt in the search box, and then click command prompt in the list of results.

    (b) at the command prompt, type the following commands:
    powercfg - X-monitor-timeout-ac 0
    powercfg - X-monitor-timeout-dc 0

    Get back to us if the problem persists.

  • How to get currently displayed a phone app phone number?

    City previous forums:


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    Join date: Apr, 2007

    How to get currently displayed a phone app phone number?
    Posted the: July 31, 2008 12:06 AM
    If there is a way to get the phone number of the user currently entered the dial phone app BEFORE?

    I know I can get the phone number of the phone call from the newspapers.

    Thank you

    You can add an ApplicationMenuItem to the phone application which can happen in its run method.  Please note that there is a problem in the 4.3.0 release where this does not (null is passed instead).

    The problem of null is passed by an ApplicationMenuItem in the phone app is solved in BlackBerry handheld software version 4.5.0.  This issue was present in version 4.3.0.

    You see this in newer versions?

  • How to stop messages from Skype that suddenly appears on my screen when other people use my computer? using windows 8

    How to stop messages from Skype that suddenly appears on my screen when other people use my computer?  using windows 8, but I can't control these messages (sometimes very) distracting to appear?


    If you are allowing others to use the computer, set up a new account for each user.  They would then not be able to display your desktop or Skype messages.

  • How to choose the display by default when you use two screens on my Mac Pro?

    How to choose the display by default when you use two screens on my Mac Pro?

    The default view when you have several is made that you drag the little icon in the menu bar in this pane:


  • How to filter uploaded duplicate pictures in "Photos".

    How to filter uploaded duplicate pictures in "Photos" (in order to remove duplicates)...?

    Usually, Photos should you cannot import duplicates. It will give a warning if you try to import an exact replica.  You are importing different versions of the same photos?

    Photos has no tools to search for duplicates. You would need a third party program to analyze the library of Photos of duplicates.

    I can recommend these:

    • Pictures of power will detect duplicates, if the file attributes are the names of files, identical for example. See this link:

    Independent detection of duplicates, it is a great tool to use in combination with pictures.

    • PhotosSweeper is very versatile for find duplicates in a different state of the edition or the size. It will detect cropped versions of the same photos, or reduced in size, as it will compare the photo, not only the attributes of the file:
  • How long the Messages keep history to Yosemite? I know for iDevices you can choose between 1 month or 1 year but I wonder about the way it manages the Mac...

    How long the Messages keep history to Yosemite? I know for iDevices you can choose between 1 month or 1 year but I wonder about the way it manages the Mac...

    Messages or e-mails?

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