How to find a list of processes required for XP or is there a list of the known processes of 'bad '?

There must be more than 50 operational processes it and the cpu is occasionally fortification at 40% or more.  Online applications are running slow.  It's an old xp machine but reliable, I use a utility disk cleanup and Defragmenter to once or twice a week, but this slowness is something new.

If you want to know if its good or bad, do a search on the exe file in Google. Theres a large number of processes that are bad. And there is too much to list

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    I installed an add-on that would allow me to change the content of the context menu. It works like a charm and I want to make a donation to the person who developed it, but I don't remember his name and I don't know how to find a list of the Add-ons I have installed. I checked the lists that appear when you go to the Add-ons under appearance and Plugins, Extensions Manager, but he's not here. Any help would be much appreciated.

    A lot of extensions change several context menus.

    The Menu Editor extension allows to rearrange and hide items in the menus, even move items between menus (be careful with moving between menus.

    You can get a list of your Extensions in a playlist by help > troubleshooting or typing information on: support in the bar of addresses in Firefox 4 and above. Note that your extensions disabled your addons list may appear after those who have been activated.

    Please mark "resolved" a response that will better help others with a similar problem - hope it was her.

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    As far as I know, you can't.

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    All Security updates are listed here in chronological order -Microsoft Security Bulletin Search
    Define the technology of the product: field in Vista before the search.

    All published updates in 2010 are listed here - Description of Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services changes in content for 2010

    For 2009- 2009 Description of changes to Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services content for 2009

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    You a run this in Terminal and it will display the names of files in a file on your desktop.

    LS path/to/file > > ~/Desktop/Movies.txt

    Replace the full path to the folder path/to/folder.

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    Hi lekitschmoderne,

    1. what type of video list you have? It is a type of list of movies?

    You can try to connect the external drive to the computer and access the list of video. Right-click on it and select print.

    For more information, you can consult the following article:

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    Hope this information is useful.

  • Error - Rome: Total War did not find DirectX 9, which is required for the game to run. Please reinstall DirectX.

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    I am trying to run Rome Total War on Vista, on bootcamp on my iMac 27 ". However, every time I start the game is active an error message saying "Rome: Total War has not find DirectX 9, which is required for the game to run." Please reinstall DirectX.

    I've been searching the net and have used some DirectX downloads (9) on several trusted sites, but the error message always everytime that I try to run the game.

    I have 'Run' 'dxdiag' and on the 'system' tab is says I have DirectX 11, section 'Information System '.

    I do not know where to go from here, any help would be greatly appreciated

    Have you installed this installation?

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    See the steps in the following article.

    Uninstall or change a program.

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    You cannot lock their IP anyway in British Colombia, you make in google adwords.

    You cannot follow this information in Colombia-British in the admin.

    Google itself will be filtering and blocking of this behavior. Google itself detects if the same IP, and the people is by clicking on a link and blocking.

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  • How to get a list of the tables more fragmented in Oracle?

    Is there a SQL on how to get a list of the tables more fragmented in the Oracle DBMS?

    Update the statistics on the table and try this, you should see very fragmented tables upstairs with high wasted_space.

    select table_name,round((blocks*8),2) "size (kb)" ,
                                round((num_rows*avg_row_len/1024),2) "actual_data (kb)",
                                (round((blocks*8),2) - round((num_rows*avg_row_len/1024),2)) "wasted_space (kb)"
    from dba_tables
    where (round((blocks*8),2) > round((num_rows*avg_row_len/1024),2))
    order by 4 desc

    I changed the query a little because the ORDER BY will not work if we concat | ' Ko ' with the column because this makes the output a character column data.
    And added a WHERE condition to see that these tables where the total size is greater than the actual size of data.

    Published by: zahid79 on July 23, 2010 13:40

  • How can I find or reset my password required for configuration of wireless connection for my area

    For my part, I bought a new corner and when I finally understood the wpa code and the meal agreed, the next thing she needed was my password and I don't remember the password I set up for the network wireless on my system. I need to know where and how to find, or at least reset it. It would be cool if someone could contact me via phone @.


    Check with the support of the manufacturer of your router, their online documentation and firmware, and
    ask in their forums (if any). Most have excellent online help. You will probably need to
    reset the password of the router. This time make sure to write down it. You can even band
    it to the router or create a note in a computer file.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • How to find a list with all the shortcuts in EBS R12

    How everything,.
    Someone knows how to find all the shortcuts for R12 as CTRL + F11, F11, F4... etc?

    Thanks in advance,

    Someone knows how to find all the shortcuts for R12 as CTRL + F11, F11, F4... etc?

    You can search all of this (help > keyboard help).

    Thank you

  • How to get a list of the tasks planned for OEM in a time

    HI gurus,

    Our requirement is to discover the list of tasks scheduled for a given time period. The one you suggest how we can get the list of jobs to OEM.

    is it possible to find out the list of the planned work of the backend. one can part of query or way of knowing.

    Our OEM version is 12 c.

    Thank you


    you could get all scheduled tasks from the Command Line Interface of Enterprise Manager 'emcli' with the command "emcli get_jobs-batch = 1' (State ID 1 is"Programmed")." But just a few scripts to filter the scheduled execution. The repository you can query the view "sysman." "" Mgmt$ job_execution_history ' for this Information.

    EXAMPLE (shows all tasks scheduled to run January 17, 2015):




    Mgmt$ job_execution_history


    State = 'Regular' AND

    start_time > = TO_DATE('17-01-2015 00:00:00', 'dd-mm-yyyy hh24:mi:ss') AND

    start_time< -yyyy="" hh:mi:ss')="" to_date('18-01-2015="" 00:00:00',="" 'dd-mm-yyyy="">

    Kind regards


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    I can find the list of the requirements for the new software, but I don't know if my computer meets all of them. Some things are obvious, but others I do not understand. I was hoping someone could explain or direct me to an explanation of how to check if my computer is consistent with these requirements (beyond the obvious check in the about this mac).

    If try you to Google with these keywords "CC / - Adobe technical specification" regardless of the product, you will be able to find the system requirements of the software.

    System requirements | Creative cloud



  • How to get a list of the methods and functions to use in the Transformation

    I am developing a transformation to apply the schema of a table in the relational model according to its type of classification. I was able to do this, but I have a doubt, in other words, how get the name of the first additional classification type, listed in the dropdown list of "Selected" of the "additional part" of the section "Types of Classification" of the table "Properties".

    This is the code that I'm working on:

    tables = model.getTableSet () .toArray ();

    for (var t = 0; t < tables.length; t ++) {}

    table = table [t];

    rating = table.getAdditionalClassificationTypes () .toArray ();

    SchemaName = ";

    {if (rating. Length = 0)}

    SchemaName = table.getClassificationType ();

    } else {}

    for (var s = 0; s < classif.length; s + +) {}

    {if (rating [s]! = table.getClassificationType ())}

    SchemaName = rating [s];




    table.setSchema (schemaname);


    The problem lies on the fact that I am able to get the ID of the Type of ranking, but not it's name...

    I was wondering if there is some document that lists the methods, functions, and namespaces that I could use in Data Modeler?

    Thanks in advance

    Wolf Goebel

    Wolf Hello,

    You can find the description of the API in the following directory:


    Best regards


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