How to find children and parent of a resource in the HQU

How to find children and parents of a resource in the HQU?
for example, there is a server, how can I find all its services and its platform?

by the way, where can I get a full HQU API doc? There is no description in detail in the Documentation of HQU:


You can use the ResourceCategory.getPlatform () method to get the parent platform and you can use Resource.getViewableChildren () to the children. Here is a very basic example which comes out in the server.log:

import org.hyperic.hq.hqu.rendit.metaclass.ResourceCategory
import org.hyperic.hq.hqu.rendit.helpers.ResourceHelper
imports org.hyperic.hq.authz.server.session.AuthzSubjectManagerEJBImpl AuthzMan

def authzMan =
def Overlord = authzMan.overlordPojo
def rHelper = new ResourceHelper (overlord)

def resource = rHelper.find (server: 12226)

println ("" Resource: "+ +" is a child of ' + ResourceCategory.getPlatform (resource) .name + "and has children:" ")
resource.getViewableChildren (overlord) .every child {-->
println ( + "\n")

As far as documentation goes, what you see on this page is all that is available at this time. I use the code source HQApi as reference when I can't find anything in the docs.

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    Can someone advise me something in Lightroom please CC. When I export files once after you have finished the adjustments etc. and I click 'Save with the previous' - how to find where it was recorded, if I forgot the last folder saved to?

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    Thanks in advance

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    I had a similar problem last year. I had to call Apple. Contact is a bottom of this page.

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    Best to ask this question in the forum of the EBS.

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    Thank you

    You can find the information using sqlplus, connect to one of your RAC instances, try with it, hope this helps.

    SQL > select instance_number, instance_name, status of gv$ instance;

    --------------- ---------------- ------------
    OPEN 1-A01
    OPEN 6 A02
    OPEN 5 A03
    OPEN 4-A04
    OPEN 3 A05
    OPEN 2 A05

    6 selected lines.

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    I can't find games on my windows 8 and when I run the virus it scans stalls on the course through png for the games files

    You want to "Uninstall" your games, rather than just deleting (which removes only the partially).

    Windows key + X

    Control Panel


    Programs and features

    (right click on the game of your choice and select 'Uninstall')

    Sometimes the games are listed by the Publisher (such as tangent, rather solitary games, etc.) If you are not sure, do not uninstall it until you do a Web search and will find his name of the editor).

    NOTE:  Be very careful when you do this... it really uninstall quick.  Don't carelessly zip autour with your mouse, or finger or you can easily remove the other important programs by accident.

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    So I guess that my simple goal is not achievable using HP Pavilion a6150d. I love HP more than Dell, but it's doable in Dell, so I hope that HP will have way on how to make this thing work in the future.

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    In the Access screen OIM 11 g asks, how to find any user while trying to raise a request for access?

    Currently, when I connect on OIM 11g with my id and then I can search only my subordinates not all present users in IOM.

    I know that it comes by default with IOM for OIM 11 g not sure than the required configuration changes?

    Please help me if you have any information on that.

    Thank you!!

    I know that it comes by default with IOM

    It does not come by default in IOM 10 g.

    In OIM 11 g, create a strategy of Authroization for user Search access and assign roles for which you want to apply this policy. Research work at the level of the Organization, as we in IOM 10g.

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    Snow Leopard erase and install

    1. Insert the Snow Leopard DVD in the optical drive and restart the computer.
    2. Immediately after hearing the chime hold down the C key.
    3. Release the button when the Apple logo appears and wait for loading to complete.
    4. After the installer loads, choose your language and click on the continue button. When the menu bar appears select utility drive in the Utilities menu.  After disk utility charges select the entry out-bumpy in the list aside (mfgr. size ID and disc drive.)  In the right side of the disk utility window, click the Partition tab.  Set the number of partitions of one (1) in the menu dropdown. Click the Options button and select GUID, click on OK, the value of the Mac OS Extended journaled format type. Finally, click on the apply button.
    5. Once the format is complete, quit disk utility.  Continue with the installation of OS X and follow the directions.
    6. Once installation is complete, the computer will restart in the installation wizard. After completing the Setup Wizard, you will use a new installation of Snow Leopard. Open the software update and install updates recommended.
    7. Download and install Mac OS X 10.6.8 v1.1 updated Combo. If necessary. It is not necessary if you are selling or giving your computer away.
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    When I backup by using the backup and Restore Center it backup all my files each time, taking up a huge amount of space and take ages to complete. How can I put it to back up only new files or files that have changed since the previous backup?

    Use a third-party software. If you want a straight file copy program, second copy is excellent and inexpensive. If you want the imagery with imagery of incremental backup, try the version of Acronis True Image Home . MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • How can I stop and then resume when you use the magnetic Lasso tool?

    CS4 on Mac. I have some fairly complicated selections to make and the magnetic lasso tool seems a good choice. However: How can I stop and then resume when in use? For example, I would like to zoom, start by dragging along the edge, then stop, move the image to a different area of it is in the middle of my screen, then pick up again where I left.

    Hi MarieMeyer,

    You can press the SPACEBAR shortcut to activate the hand tool temporarily once you are finished with the selection on a part of the image.

    Then, move the image with the key space key and let it continue with the selection by using the magnetic lasso tool.

    You can use the SHIFT key to add to the selection by using the magnetic lasso tool.

    Kind regards


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