How to find, separate and convert hexagonal channels streaming via the com port?


I have a xbee wireless network set up with 3 sensors. Output 1 (23bytes) at 20 Hz, the other 2 (46bytes) to 1 Hz. The data arrives correctly in the computer and I can see the stream on my read series VI (joint) basis. on my software XCTU (terminal program that comes with the wireless nodes), the console displays the packets received:

22/08/2016 13:36:04.196, 6126, RECV, 7E00178100002B00205A203030303230207A2030303031350D0A00
22/08/2016 13:36:04.252, 6127, RECV, 7E00178100002B00205A203030303230207A2030303031350D0A00
22/08/2016 13:36:04.296, 6128, RECV, 7E00178100002B00205A203030303230207A2030303032300D0A04
22/08/2016 13:36:04.346, 6129, RECV, 7E00178100002C00205A203030303230207A2030303032320D0A01
22/08/2016 13:36:04.346, 6130, RECV, 7E00178100002F00205A203030303230207A2030303032320D0AFE
22/08/2016 13:36:04.436, 6131, RECV, 7E002E81000032004F20303230362E332054202B32352E38205020313031382025203032302E3237206520303030300D0AC4
22/08/2016 13:36:04.436, 6132, RECV, 7E00178100003200205A203030303230207A2030303032300D0AFD
22/08/2016 13:36:04.486, 6133, RECV, 7E00178100003600205A203030303230207A2030303031350D0AF5
22/08/2016 13:36:04.536, 6134, RECV, 7E002E81000032004F20303230362E362054202B32362E38205020313031392025203032302E3237206520303030300D0ABF
22/08/2016 13:36:04.596, 6135, RECV, 7E00178100003800205A203030303139207A2030303030380D0AE9
22/08/2016 13:36:04.596, 6136, RECV, 7E00178100003300205A203030303138207A2030303030380D0AEF
22/08/2016 13:36:04.652, 6137, RECV, 7E00178100003100205A203030303139207A2030303032320D0AF4
22/08/2016 13:36:04.652, 6138, RECV, 7E00178100002F00205A203030303139207A2030303032340D0AF4
22/08/2016 13:36:04.738, 6139, RECV, 7E00178100002F00205A203030303139207A2030303032310D0AF7
22/08/2016 13:36:04.786, 6140, RECV, 7E00178100003000205A203030303139207A2030303032300D0AF7
22/08/2016 13:36:04.836, 6141, RECV, 7E00178100003200205A203030303139207A2030303032320D0AF3
22/08/2016 13:36:04.886, 6142, RECV, 7E00178100003200205A203030303139207A2030303031380D0AEE
22/08/2016 13:36:04.946, 6143, RECV, 7E00178100003200205A203030303139207A2030303031330D0AF3
22/08/2016 13:36:04.996, 6144, RECV, 7E00178100002E00205A203030303138207A2030303031310D0AFA
22/08/2016 13:36:05.046, 6145, RECV, 7E00178100002C00205A203030303138207A2030303031360D0AF7
22/08/2016 13:36:05.096, 6146, RECV, 7E00178100002C00205A203030303139207A2030303032350D0AF6
22/08/2016 13:36:05.146, 6147, RECV, 7E00178100002E00205A203030303138207A2030303031340D0AF7
22/08/2016 13:36:05.146, 6148, RECV, 7E00178100002F00205A203030303138207A2030303031330D0AF7
22/08/2016 13:36:05.236, 6149, RECV, 7E00178100003000205A203030303138207A2030303032300D0AF8
22/08/2016 13:36:05.286, 6150, RECV, 7E00178100003300205A203030303138207A2030303032320D0AF3
22/08/2016 13:36:05.346, 6151, RECV, 7E00178100003700205A203030303138207A2030303031360D0AEC
22/08/2016 13:36:05.396, 6152, RECV, 7E00178100003900205A203030303138207A2030303031320D0AEE
22/08/2016 13:36:05.446, 6153, RECV, 7E002E81000032004F20303230362E332054202B32352E38205020313031382025203032302E3237206520303030300D0AC4
22/08/2016 13:36:05.446, 6154, RECV, 7E00178100002A00205A203030303138207A2030303031360D0AF9
22/08/2016 13:36:05.506, 6155, RECV, 7E00178100002600205A203030303138207A2030303032320D0A00
22/08/2016 13:36:05.506, 6156, RECV, 7E00178100002300205A203030303138207A2030303031380D0AFE
22/08/2016 13:36:05.566, 6157, RECV, 7E002E8100002E004F20303230362E362054202B32362E37205020313031392025203032302E3237206520303030300D0AC4

Since it is an endless stream of hexagonal channels, how can I isolate each of them so that I can convert them then their values digital sensor to plot, display, etc.?


Tags: NI Software

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    I have a situation where the user interface loop must also 1. write to the same device (via the same port), 2. read the answer, then 3. write using the response data and user input. My problem is that the user interface loop is reading the response of devices in the loop of data collection rather than the response to the user interface loop.

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    device: 30 degrees Celsius

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    I'm tempted to look for a solution where the user interface loop interrupts somehow the other two loops while it is writing and reading on VISA port, but I doubt that it is the appropriate solution. My code is big enough, but I can try to view if necessary. I remember seeing messages from people with similar problems, but it seems impossible to find today. Thanks in advance for the help!

    Famous engine Action Nugget of Ben is always a good read.

    Now that you've been through that we will develop a specific EI style that I call a Module on resources.  A RM exposes only the functions required by a given application to using an external resource while protecting sections of code of "criticism".  In your example even if the VISA operations block several appellants to write simultaineously, you did not protect the operation "Request" critical so readings were responses to the caller of evil.  The 'query' is essential and must block access to other operations until the query is complete.

    Look at this "Very basic" RM implementation that does not protect the critical query operation:

Maybe you are looking for