How to find the name of the image in E10?

Hi all

This may be a simple question, but the question in the moment: is there a way to tell what image name is E10? I have an email with two images that I can't find the names. I tried hover, right-click, looking for a possible name, etc, nothing works! I believe in E9, you could just look at the details of the image, or open the HTML, y at - it something like this in E10? HTML is not an option, as this was built using the e-mail writer.

Thank you very much!


Hi Hayley,

The best way to find the name of an image that was inserted in an email is to send a test e-mail. Upon receipt of the email, use the "Open web version" link to open the email in your browser. Once opened in your browser, right click on the email address and select the "View Page Source" option, this will display the HTML for email. If you follow the natural progression of the email from top to bottom, in among all the content text and code, you should be able to find the names of the image. They will look something like this http://images.response. "/ EloquaImages/clients***/{b823ae52-fb21-4532-882f-b1f4e9cb423b}_facebook.png" width = "27" height = "26" alt = "Facebook" > where facebook.png is the name of the image.

I hope this helps.



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    If you open the file using IMAQ ReadFile... you will need to provide an Image create to allocate space... the entry specifies a type to read... but if the type of the stored data is not the type specified in the read file that is read the file as type specified, or the file does not all input values... (and no error is produced).


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    Thank you


    Hey carlos

    I found it so...

    If (.) TypeName selectList [i] == 'PlacedItem' | "RasterItem")
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    Alert (x);

    using the above code, I can get the embedded image color mode

    Thank you


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    You must learn the basic of database Oracle.

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    The server is AIX and db version 11i provide the query for conclusion or os level.

    Thank you

    Published by: dbc001 on March 26, 2013 21:48

    check with who ever is privilleges to kill these perticluar session, if you have few users.
    It is not possible to findout without verification or error info... etc.
    Otherwise, restart these jobs perticluar and follow closely.

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    I am currently trying to use a LabVIEV VI as a simple sequencer: several (very slow) actions must run one after the other. Each action is represented by a Sub - VI, some actions are executed several times. My task is to view the Subvi somehow executing.

    My first intention (just manipulate the icon of the VI running with 'Icon.Get VI as Image data' / 'Icon.Set VI of Image data' invoke nodes) has failed, because it changes all instances of the VI icon. If you use the same VI several times, all these VI icons are changed (see here: )

    My current approach is to use an image of the block diagram (with "VI: block diagram: get resized Image ' call method) in a picture of the front panel control and working within this control. But for this I need to know the position of the icon of the VI running. I know that I can assess the limits and Position via the properties GObj, but how to find the VI running (note that a VI can be installed several times on the block diagram, so the name of the VI is not unique)? IMHO the easiest way might be if a VI might find its icon on the block of the appellant diagram itself when it is run...

    It is clear that this position is not yet the position on the photo, but this conversion is a small piece of work...

    Kind regards


  • How to find the current MovieClip


    I create a flash file to display the products.

    Images and Product Details are stored in the XML file.

    Is what I'm trying to create something similar to the banner on

    Add to this is that products are going to be right scroll to the left automatically if there is no user interaction, and produced at the Center will remain highlighted.

    I created a long strip of coverage of products with a mask, the long strip continues to move give a scroll effect.

    Now my question is how to find the product that is currently at the center of the mask?

    Thank you.

    Alok Jain

    No there is no default name assigned to them.

    If you take the parent video clip and with for you apply a getChildNum() method, do not exactly know the syntax, you can take the children of the parent in sales responsibilities. 0,1,2,3,4,... etc.

    But this isn't something that will help a lot because you don't know what this number is.

    For example, when you create the child movieclips, xml-based, I assume you are using a statement. So in this statement when creating each movieClip, fi do you something like "var m:MovieClip = new MovieClip();"also do the following"$ ="mc"+ i". ""

    You want to do this because the name "m" is valid only as long as the scope of the valid function is. Once the training starts again you loose any reference to the old "m" and a new one is created. So for future reference the movieClips outside the function that creates, you name them.

    After that you can call from anywhere (given that you set the path to access the parent corectly) like this: "parentMovieClip.getChildByName("m3")" If you want to target a third, or using any name you give in the creation of statement.

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    Backup - restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup

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    Sometimes, images from Facebook are added at the end of my table of Photos.  This table is always keep sort by oldest first.  However, some images from Facebook appear to come from the previous dates.  At least one, I found a photo added to Facebook in the middle of a time at which the additional picture has nothing to do.  My guess is the added photo's date time whereby it sorts here and pictures imported, nor others currently have location data.  If any location data would show that the imported photo was not present.

    I imported several other photos from Facebook, which I can't find.  I think I checked the album last import and did not find them here.  I suspect they have dates, which I do not know, and causing them to be placed somewhere other than the end of my library.

    How can I find the imported photos from Facebook?

    When you see a photo in Safari and ctrl + click or right-click, then use "Add photo", it will be added to the photo library without appearing in "last import.  It goes the same for adding photos of Mail in this way.

    But you can find the album "AllPhotos".  All new photos added this way should appear at the bottom of all the pictures, because this album is sorted by the date of the import session.

    If you see the photo added in the last import, control-click it or right click and select 'display in the Moment '.  This way you can find at the moment, it has been added to.

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    Hi Member

    I have download the LabVIEW Machine learning package

    I want to run the K average algorithm to group the image in a group of two or three or more

    the problem is how to find the result I mean the image of clustred', the image that contain 2 or three threatened value only

    or how aasign a 1 value for all the intesity who

    belong to the cluster a and 255 for data that belongs to group 2

    for the look of the image as binary image?

    a my vi below

    Best regards

    my post before shows how to set the threshold manually using the slider of the graph.

    Here is the version k-means automated help .vi box tools


  • Does anyone know how to find the ip address of someone who is to be a nuiscance?

    Does anyone know how to find the ip address of a person who uses different names to communicate with you. A member of the family has problems with someone who does this.  Thank you in advance, I know one of the guys will help me.

    Hi, Ros,

    Use the e-mail headers

  • How to find the snid? If it is removed or deleted from this sticker on the back?

    How to find the snid and sn & id of the laptop if it is removed or deleted this sticker on the back?

    My laptop is acer ferrari 1000

    Tools Information as SIW system reports the product name and serial number IF this information is stored somewhere in the computer.

    I don't know what you mean by 'id', but for example, all the following values are reported by SIW:

    Name of the product
    Serial number
    Type of machine
    Infrared (IR) supported
    DMI system UUID

Maybe you are looking for