How to find the url of adf application that has been deployed to the glassfish Server? I try but? It is the image of the page.

Mr President

This is the page of the glassfish Server


How to find the url of adf application that has been deployed to the glassfish Server? I try but? It is the image of the page.


In the jdev web module are

[11: 09:38] wrote the Web for F:\backup of AshCMS\AshCMS\ViewController\deploy\AshCMS_ViewController_webapp.war application Module

[11: 10:33] wrote the Module Enterprise Application to F:\backup of AshCMS\AshCMS\deploy\AshCMS_Project1_AshCMS.ear

[11: 10:33] Application deployment...

[11: 14:24] Application deployed successfully.

[11: 14:24] time to deployment: 8 minutes, 11 seconds

[11: 14:24]-deployment is complete.  ----

what url in the browser.


Mr President.

I run my application on built-in web logic server and get the url from there

http://localhost:7101 / ViewController/faces/MainPage

then simply change the localhost of 7101 to 8081 as below

http://localhost: 8081, ViewController, faces, MainPage

and it works


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    Don't know, if you find a shorter way, but it works:

    UIDRef language = YOUR_TABLE;

    Error result code.



    InterfacePtr textModel;

    TextIndex beginning;

    Len Int32;

    result = table_get_text_model (read, 0, 0, textModel, start, len);

    If (result! = kSuccess) break;

    If (! textModel) break;

    UIDRef frameRef = text_query_frame (textModel, start);

    If (! frameRef) break;

    Int32 pnum = - 1;

    PageRef UIDRef = page_getref (frameRef, &pnum);)

    If (! pageRef) break;



    } While (false);


    Error code (Table_get_text_model)

    Language UIDRef,

    Int32 left,

    top of Int32,

    InterfacePtr & textModel,

    TextIndex & start,

    Int32 & len)


    Result ErrorCode = kFailure;




    textModel = InterfacePtr (Nile);

    Start = 0;

    Len = text::kTextLen;

    Make sure that we have a valid table model

    InterfacePtr tableModel (label, UseDefaultIID());

    if(!tableModel) break;

    convert the network to a network ID address

    GridAddress gridAddress (top, left);

    get the container text table so we could make the text template.

    InterfacePtr tableTextContainer (tableModel, UseDefaultIID());

    if(!tableTextContainer) break;

    textModel = InterfacePtr (tableTextContainer-> QueryTextModel());

    if(!textModel) break;

    InterfacePtr tableTextContent (tableModel, UseDefaultIID());

    if(!tableTextContent) break;

    GA GridArea (up, left, top + 1, left + 1);

    Len = tableTextContent-> GetTextChunk (ga, start);

    If (! len) break;

    result = kSuccess;

    } While (false);

    return the result;



    #if (csversion_<>

    # define ITextFrameC_ ITextFrame


    # define ITextFrameC_ ITextFrameColumn


    UIDRef text_query_frame (InterfacePtr txt, TextIndex istartPos)


    UID uid = kInvalidUID;

    TextIndex startPos = istartPos;



    If (! txt) break;

    INNERE Textrahmen of the items

    InterfacePtr frameList (txt-> QueryFrameList ());

    If (! frameList | frameList-> GetFrameCount ())<= 0)="">

    First INNERER Textrahmen of the items

    InterfacePtr textFrame (frameList-> QueryNthFrame (0) / * QUF,: UseDefaultIID () * /);

    #ifndef (csversion_<>

    Location of RangeData (startPos, startPos);


    TextIndex location = startPos;


    Int32 frameIndex = - 1;

    InterfacePtr tf = InterfacePtr (Nile);

    If (startPos < txt-=""> tf TotalLength ()) = InterfacePtr (frameList-> QueryFrameContaining (location, & frameIndex));

    of other tf = InterfacePtr (frameList-> QueryNthFrame (frameList-> GetFrameCount () - 1));

    If textFrame (tf) tf =;

    If (! textFrame) break;


    Aus dem first inner Textrahmen bilden wir jetzt eine hierarchy.

    In der Ebene uber hierarchy suchen wir jetzt nach nach einem dieser

    Objekt, das ein Graphicrahmen ist. Dieses element ist der gesuchte

    ÄUßERE Rahmen.


    InterfacePtr child (textFrame, UseDefaultIID());

    If (! child) break;



    InterfacePtr parent (child-> QueryParent());

    If (parent == nil) break;

    InterfacePtr graphicFrameData (parent, UseDefaultIID());

    If (graphicFrameData! = nil)


    We have a regular text frame.

    UID =: GetUID (graphicFrameData);



    child = parent;

    } While (child! = nil);

    } While (false);

    If (uid == kInvalidUID) return UIDRef (Nile, kInvalidUID);

    Return UIDRef (: GetDataBase (txt), uid);



    #if (csversion_<>

    # define GLayout_:


    # define GLayout_ Utils ()->


    UIDRef page_getref (const UIDRef & frameRef, int32 * pgNum)


    UIDRef result = UIDRef::gNull;



    If (pgNum) * pgNum = 0;

    If (! frameRef) break;

    InterfacePtr itemHier (frameRef, IID_IHIERARCHY);

    If (! itemHier) break;

    If (! pause frameRef.ExistsInDB ());

    ES more like evil EIB GetOwnerPageUID AB. ICH denke badly, at least

    Ein muss ein Rahmen wohl schon haben Parent. Wenn wir da keinen find,.

    tschüss Dann.

    InterfacePtr parent (itemHier-> QueryParent());

    If (! parent) break;

    PageUID UID = GLayout_ GetOwnerPageUID (itemHier);

    If (pageUID == kInvalidUID) break;

    result = UIDRef (frameRef.GetDataBase (), pageUID);

    If (pgNum)


    IDataBase * db = frameRef.GetDataBase ();

    If (! db) break;

    UIDRef docRef (db, db-> GetRootUID ());

    InterfacePtr PageList (docRef, IID_IPAGELIST);

    If (!.) (Break from PageList);

    Int32 pageIndex is PageList-> GetPageIndex (pageUID);.

    * pgNum = pageIndex;


    } While (false);

    return the result;



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    With the help of the: APP_PAGE_ID would be enough to know weather to show or hide from the LOV. I don't understand why you need (and how you use) an application LOV process appears on page 0.

    Denes Kubicek

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    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    When you run an .exe on a Windows Vista-based or Windows 7 computer file, the file may start another program

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    Has been removing the application succeeded before by default processes or you played around with tables?

    I've not seen this error before, but I suspect Calc Manager may be the culprit here, is sometimes given a while difficult in the validation of a simple rule.

    Delete the folder tmp and caches; Try to recycle services, especially the Calc Manager.

    See you soon... !!

    Rahul S.

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Maybe you are looking for