How to find users and groups in the Sun box

Please adivce how to find users and group in sunsolaris

Thanks in advance

We can get all the details of the Group of the file/etc/Group.

Similarly the user details are in/etc/passwd.

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  • How oracle created by identification of the users and groups in the OID.

    Anyone know what LDAP search filters would give me only the OID users and groups created by the Oracle installation process itself?
    I want to write scripts to retrieve all users and groups that the developers have put in manually, as opposed to those created with installation or synchronized from the announcement.

    I tried things like ' (& (!)). (objectClass = orcladuser))) (& (objectclass = orcluserv2)(orclisenabled=ENABLED))) ' for users, but it's not quite restrictive. "

    Other ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Published by: sherlihy on April 5, 2011 15:45

    There should be a date of creation. You could do a larger than the piece of timestamp in your query.


  • How to migrate users and groups?

    For the env prod, we did below operations:
    (1). has added a few new users and groups to the RPD, and does have permissions for groups, as the limits of the query, filters;
    (2) create a new catalog on the web group and assign users to groups. also set the dashboard access permissions and catalogue presentation.

    Now I want to migrate over prod env env changes another (even with prod env, but not the latest version), what do I do? Simply copy the information?

    Thank you

    If you want the other environment should be identical to the Drop eniv then you can directly copy the catalogue and referential as you said & online (instanceconfig.xml & NQSConfig.INI) do to the environment.
    Now both the environment the same.

    Kind regards

  • problem setting users and groups in the areas of security

    Deploy my application ADF of my R2 Jdev11G, but the funniest, it is there is always deletion of the parent to my user setting group layout.

    for example. in Weblogic server: security realms > myrealm > users and groups, and then choose a user can then see 4 tabs 'General', 'Passwords', 'Attributes' and 'Groups' settings for the selected user, and then in the 'Groups' tab, if I choose a group in the column ' Group Parent: available ' in another column "elect." It will be removed later when I re - deploy application to the J-developer the next time, could you let me know how I could avoid this deletion? Thank you!

    Kind regards!

    My question is not clearly described or is it Bug Oracle? Do please help me to thay! Thank you!

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    Edited by: xsyang January 6, 2012 01:25

    See the options in the app (menu)-> Application Properties-> deployment-> Weblogic (subnode under deployment in GR 11, 2), specifically the "migrate the following security objects' 'users and groups' checkbox.

    There is little documentation available on the options here:


  • How to export users and groups Active Directory of hyperion shared services


    We are on and in a situation where we need to export all users and groups of shared services, including the native directory and Active Directory users and groups.

    Current method of LCM export only the NativeDirectory user and groups. -is this correct?

    Is there a way to export all users and groups including NativeDirectory and ActiveDirectory?

    Please suggest.

    Thank you

    I don't think that there is a way to make the groups and users to the AD, and I wouldn't.

    You need to connect the next AD system and pull on the users and groups in this way.

  • I have been unable to untick the box "Allow user to administer this computer" in the preferences users and groups of the system...

    I took to allow a user to administer by checking the box "Allow user to administer this computer" of the user in the users window and groups in system preferences.

    I tried to uncheck the box, but it remains unchanged.

    You must be logged in as a different user than the one you are trying to change, and your own user name must be an administrator on this system.

  • How can I remove comments from the users and groups

    I have my in my users and groups in the system preferences a user snd invited another user

    How can I remove them

    Go to Preferences system-> users and groups, and then press the lock to allow you to change the settings. Then choose 'user comments' in the sidebar and uncheck "Allow clients to connect to this computer". This will not make this option disappear, but after that you will not be able to use the Guest user.

    «Respect for the other user, simply choose it in the sidebar and press on the '-' button.» Make sure that no one uses this user.

  • Not the users and groups folder under computer management

    Original title: no access to users and groups in Windows 8 Pro

    Right click on computer, select Manage

    There is no option in the management of the computer!

    WHY? How to view?
    Thank you
    Hi Johnny,.

    Looks like you are unable to get users and groups under computer management.

    I would like to gather information to help you:

    (1) how do you try to locate users and groups under computer management?
    (2) you are able to view other folders in the same section?
    (3) don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    I suggest you to check if the steps will help you to locate users and groups folder under Computer Management:

    (a) Windows and X set button, and then select computer management.
    (b) double click on system tools.
    (c) click on local users and groups.
    (d) check if you are able to find users and groups folder.
    Do we not respond with the status of this issue.
  • To understand how users and groups in vCAC 6.0

    I would like to help you understand how to add users and groups.  How can I add normal users and user groups to vCac to consume the items in the catalog?  I don't want to do these users administrators, I want simply to connect and to be consumers of the resources that we have Setup using the plans.

    I see two places to add users:

    (1) after registration as an administrator of the tenant, under the "Administration > groups | The users tabs", but it won't let me add administrative roles to these users or groups.

    (2) by the business group section "users >" however I can't seem to add any AD groups, only users one at a time.

    Where am I supposed to add these user groups and permissions that they need to have to run virtual machines?

    Our scenario is very basic.  We do not currently want applications to go to an approver until the virtual machine is running, we would like 'requests VM' automatically be approved and immediately spun. VCac using 6.0.

    Thank you

    You don't need to add users to your tenant, if they are in the identity store (AD, LDAP, etc.).  You simply allow their service, the elements catalog and actions with rights... However, they must be a member of a BG for payments.

    There is currently a bug where groups of users do not appear when you type the names of groups in the research - but you can still enter the name of the user group, and this group will become a member of the Group of companies.

  • Provisioning TMS users and groups page in the browser Chrome


    The field 'Users and groups' in the page of Provisioning in TMS (14.3.2) is hardly visible. It works fine in IE. There is no way to the scale of the field.

    Is there a known browser incompatibility?

    Anders Abrahamsen wrote:

    Have seen this for a while now and it is anoying to go back to IE for this. Thanks!

    Or, you could do what I did, downloaded and installed an earlier version of Chrome and FF that works.


    Please note the answers and score the questions as "answered" as appropriate.

  • Right users and groups cannot be found

    Hey all,.

    I have a problem with a gentle version of the last vCAC and when it comes to adding users and groups to the rights, I find it is blindly with the users and groups that it is and that it allows me to add even if I used some of the users and groups for other configurations and it worked properly just seems to be the right that really gives me worth.  Anyone seeing this and if so what did you do to go beyond that?

    Thank you


    Hey steve,

    You have these users and groups added to the corresponding business group?



  • Where the local users and groups in Win 7 Home Premium? I don't find it in computer management.

    Where the local users and groups in Win 7 Home Premium?  I don't find it in computer management.

    Elevate your privileges permanently would defy the purpose of UAC and is therefore not available. There are two ways to start a command prompt:

    1. click on the start planet.
    2. type the three letters cmd in the search box.
    3. press on Ctrl + Shift + Enter
    4. click on "run as Administrator".

    1. create a shortcut on the desktop for cmd.exe.
    2. right click.
    3. click on run as administrator

  • How can I remove the administrator in users and groups

    I give my MacBook to a family member.  I just upgraded to El Capitan.

    I opened system preferences > users and groups > and added my brother as a new user and administrator.  I was unable to remove me as an administrator, and now I can't stop computer without getting the warning "stop can cause other users connected to this computer to lose unsaved changes."  If I switch to the user the same message appears then try to stop.

    Help please

    What to do before you sell or give away your Mac - Apple Support

  • How do I give users access to the addition of other users and groups in weblogic * without * giving administrator rights


    Before opening a SR Oracle for the same problem, just wanted to put it out there to see if we can provide a non administrator user access to the Weblogic administration Console so that it can log and ONLY add users and groups, but not change any setting in the administration console. We offer a personalized access? All grain specific to be accessible?

    Please don't give me the links where it says "give read-only access", giving "monitor."

    read only user cannot add new users/groups in the administration console. The administrator credentials can be provided to that user. It just has to be able to connect, go to security domains > myrealm and add new users and groups. nothing else.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you


    Thanks Christian.

  • Why isn't the local users and groups in Windows 7 Home Premium active?

    Unfortunately, the page of "Compare editions" for Windows 7 does not show that it is disabled for Windows 7 Home Premium.  So, I think that Microsoft is engaged in false advertising by activating only not this snap-in Control Panel.

    Bottom line is: I need to access the Panel to ensure that I am in the Visual Studio debugger users group.  So, I can't debug anything.  The software does not work properly.

    Microsoft should immediately activate this feature.

    I'm sorry, but no original version of Windows has always included local users and groups .

    I recommend posting your question in the MSDN Visual Studio Forums , where other developers can answer. They know how to do what you want.

    To get your suggestion to the right people at Microsoft, please click the give us your comments. Help improve Windows 7 link under ads at the top of the main page of the forum, or go to the page give us your comments for Windows 7 . Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

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