How to fix the yahoo toolbar

My yahoo toolbar is not editable, and is essentially useless. The button refresh does not work, and none of the icons (apps) are ones I used to have. Yahoo instructions suggest using the sign, which doesn't seem so. I've seen other people with similar problems, but mine is with Firefox version 20.0 and Windows 7. My computer is new, and I used sync to keep my settings in Firefox, bookmarks, etc, which may or not be related to the problem. Yahoo help was better and more personalized. Now I can not even find a way to communicate with them. Someone elsewhere on this site gave a phone number, but I've been waiting forever. Any ideas?


One of the earlier answers suggested a reinstall of Firefox using this link
You don't have to uninstall Firefox.

I tried on my first computer and it worked. Now, I did to the laptop and I ' m back in business. When I restart Firefox it does not update to a newer version. What I have not done is shut down my computer so, I keep my fingers crossed. I don't know who it is - the fault Yahoo or Firefox, but I hope that they prevent this from happening again. I am lost without my Special icons on the Yahoo toolbar.

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