How to flatten a pdf file in Adobe Reader XI?

How to flatten a pdf file in Adobe Reader XI?


Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat is not the same.

Adobe Reader is the old name and Acrobat Reader is the new name of the PDF Viewer free.

Adobe Acrobat is not free.

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  • How to save a PDF file in Adobe so it appears correctly in the Firefox default drive?

    I have seen discussions on how to change your own settings of Firefox for poster correctly PDF files (documents to look at a PDF in Firefox 19 +) However, I'm looking for a solution on how to save a PDF file so that they display correctly in the new default Firefox reader. Our files PDF is bad looking and I can not go in the browser of each clients and difficulty settings ( Meet them all parameters within the Acrobat Distiller is going to fix this without the Viewer to enter their own arrangements?

    Hmm, not a subtle difference.

    We did not have many experts PDF or Adobe Illustrator users post advice here; those who might be sprinkled around on other forums, blogs or support sites.

    I noticed when you view the properties of the PDF in Adobe Reader that the PDF has been created with optimization for active fast Web view. This is a feature that allows the progressive rendering of PDF files over a slow connection ( You can try to re - generate the PDF file with this feature turned off to see if that makes a difference?

  • How can I delete a file in Adobe Reader on an iPad?

    Can how I delete a file in Adobe Reader on my iPad.  I don't find any place to do this.

    Hi michsunshine1,

    In addition to aid, we have the document following for file management in Acrobat Reader to iOS FAQ.

    How to manage files in Adobe Acrobat, DC format for iOS

    I hope this helps.

  • How can I edit a pdf file in adobe reader dc?

    I have a pdf file that I could delete pages in the file if necessary. I have since updated the Adobe reader XI to adobe reader DC. How can I delete pages in adobe reader dc?

    No way with just the free reader. You have need of Acrobat, or one of its associated services.

  • How to flatten a PDF file?

    Is there a way to iron out the headers and footers AND annotations , in a PDF file?  I know that you can print to the Adobe PDF format, which will flatten the document, but this method also removes the links and bookmarks, so that it is not always an option.  I know also there is a preflight function that will flatten the fields annotions, and shape, but I also need headers and thus flattened feet.  Anyone know of a way to do this?

    Headers/footers are added in the form of content to a layer (BCG), but it is not normally available for manipulation by tools in the layers pane. In addition to the fields and flattening comment annotations, preflight can flatten layers, so you can do what you want with preflight.

  • How to open a pdf file in adobe instead of evernote (basically, how change the open download settings)

    Would like an answer to the question above.

    There is a setting on the preferences page. This article should help you the right dialog box: How to disable the built-in PDF Viewer and use another Viewer. Looking for an option use the Adobe Reader application, which should be separated using the Adobe Acrobat plugin in Firefox.

    Does it work?

  • How can I send a PDF file using Adobe Reader IX and have use HTML instead of plain text in Outlook

    Hey guys

    New to the Adobe Forums. So hey... :))

    That's the problem I have

    I use Outlook 2007 to my e-mail client, Adobe Reader XI has been implemented already so that it uses Outlook to send from Adobe

    Whenever I send a new email or respond to an email in Outlook, it uses HTML. It is very good

    However, when I click on Adobe XI e-mail button. It opens a new e-mail message in Outlook with the attachment already fixed, but it does not use the HTML, I have no signature, its plain text all.

    Is there a way I can fix it.

    See you soon


    As far as I KNOW, no. Acrobat/Reader will generate emails in plain text.

  • Save button to a PDF file in Adobe Reader App Android?

    I am a software developer and recently made a web site for one of our customers where they download in PDF format to fill, fill them out and then upload them to the site. While this works fine on a desktop computer, we had problems with them doing this process of their tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1). After the meeting with them, we discovered that when he thought they were 'save' files, they were in fact "feel" PDF files into a PDF file new, which caused the documents read-only and is no longer to fill. We discovered that you can save changes to the PDF files and keep them on the screen by pressing the home button in the Adobe Reader application to 'close' the open PDF fillable.

    Is it possible to save a PDF file in the Adobe Reader app for android (as a record button) as it saves the changes to the file, but still allows the PDF to be complete? The current solution, we found with "closure" of the current file by pressing the button home work, but I was wondering if there was a simpler way more clear/Save the file.

    Hi Chris,

    Once you fill out a form and close it, it gets automatically saved to your device. When you open the file the next time, your form will always be complete. There is no other way to save the file.

    Thank you.

  • I can't print the pdf files of Adobe reader 9.5.5, instead, it prints to file.creating a NDS. I can print individual pdf pages from the same document usung photo shop elements 4, but it is laborious. Help, please.

    I want to print a document that contains 20 pages. I can print individual pdf pages from the same document usung photo shop elements 4, but it is laborious. Help, please. I've updated the Adobe reader to the latest version. This fault is developed when I was at Midway through a series of 20 pages of printing documents.

    In the Advanced Print dialog box disable the entry "print to file".

  • Can my viewers open a pdf file in Adobe Reader?


    I have an agreement (editable pdf format fields) for my clients to fill out that I want to be accessed by clicking on a link "fill" my Web site. Then my clients can fill in some pdf reader or editor they have. How can this be accomplished?

    Thank you!


    1. Select the PDF file with the menu "file/add files for download.

    (2 place a rectangle of the picture or other element) on your page, then select it.

    3. go in unrolling of hyperlink in the strip of higher command and choose the UDF file.

    4. it's her.

  • Unable to save the .pdf file in Adobe Reader 7

    I have download Adobe 7, but I can't change the default for adobe 6 .pdf extensions so that pdf open with adobe 7.

    Adobe 7 works well if I open it and I can read PDFs with it.


    Check with Support Adobe and their Forums.

    Adobe - Support

    Adobe - communities

    Adobe - Forums

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • I can't open any PDF files or Adobe Reader XI.

    When I tried to open the program to the drive, it just opened a gray page and then closed by itself.  I am on Windows 7 and already ran TDSSKiller to check rootkit infection.  He said, 'no threat found.'  I tried to uninstall and reinstall the player program, but it does not always work.  I used to be able to run previous Reader version.  What should I do now?  Thank you!

    You can open Adobe Reader by itself?  If so, try to disable the Protected Mode [Edit |] Preferences | (Improved) security].

    Another thing to try is Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader, and then double-click Eula.exe and accept the license agreement.

  • How to open an XML file in Adobe Reader on a form created in LiveCycle ES2

    I need help to conversion or reading an XML file, I had sent me a form I created in Adobe LiveCycle ES2 without using Office Suite complete Adobe (I think that if I have any other programs, I wouldn't have to have additional permissions to see what I could create, don't you think?).  I'm looking to display the form in Reader or Acrobat or even in LiveCycle itself, and the course of my research I've just been hitting brick walls.  Any help out there?

    If it is Acrobat X or more later, click on tools and go to the forms section. Perhaps more Options - form data management - Import.

  • How to remove PDF files in Adobe acrobat?

    How to remove the PDF FILES in ADOBE ACROBAT?


    Please take a look at the following document to see if it answers your question.

    How to manage files Acrobat DC for iOS

    What do you think of the new app?  Please let us know what you think. Thank you.

  • How to enable a LiveCycle PDF form in Adobe Reader?

    I have a PDF interactive form that I created in LiveCycle. However, when opened with Adobe Reader, the user cannot save it. They can print only to the reader. How to enable LiveCycle PDF form in Adobe Reader?

    Add save rights with Acrobat.

    Free you can form in Acrobat and then record it using file > save as other > Reader Extended PDF > activate tools more.

Maybe you are looking for

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