How to force Firefox to Android to use LTE instead of WiFi?

Firefox for Android AUTOMATICALLY reconnects to the WiFi if I have NEVER connected to the WiFi in the past. Sometimes I want to use WiFi, and sometimes I want to use LTE with Firefox. How can I force Firefox to STOP using the WiFi connection and use the LTE connection? Note that simply kill WiFi on Android does not work; Firefox simply uses his past knowledge of the WiFi network and access code to launch WiFi alone. I HATE the apps that think they know better than the user...


Sorry, the user misfires (once again for the millionth time, I guess).

WiFi was set to "Auto-connect" at the launch of applications of high-usage data. Switch is in settings, connections, WiFi (tap to set up). I never watched here because I've always had the 'OFF' WiFi and thought (wrongly) that there was no switch configuration for a feature that was 'OFF '. Live and learn. Sorry again to waste your time; Maybe this will help another smartphone newbie...

Thanks much for your quick, complete and CORRECT answer to my question, Roland.

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    Firefox for Android is known to crash on the Kindle HD. We have a development version that should solve the accident at

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    You should take a look at article in the Knowledge Base using the search in Firefox bar. Your default search may have been changed by a particular site. Sites like MSN, Yahoo, etc. have been know to request to become your home page and change your search engine.

    If the address bar search has been changed, so you can take a look at Search the Web from the address bar.

    If this does not work, you should look the article How to fix preferences that will not save.

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    JavaScript: {localStorage ["search-engine"] = "{\"name\":\"Google\",\"searchUrl\":\ "(_ & ie = utf - 8 & oe = utf-8 & aq = t & rls = org.mozilla: en - org.mozilla & client = firefox-a\"}";void(0) ;}.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hello jimb01, yes norton supports only the stable versions of firefox and Firefox 29 you are using the beta version of the browser. You can download the normal version of firefox 28 of and install it on top of your current installation...

  • When I click to open a new tab how to get Firefox to display recent used frequently the web pages instead of my home page?

    When I click the icon "more" to open a new tab appears again my homepage. It displays a page of Web sites recently or frequently used in a format of screenshot showing the home page of the Web site that I could then click on and this website would be the load. Recently, Yahoo had an overlay on its splash screen that asked if I wanted it to be my default search engine. Without thinking, I clicked it and that seemed to change the way my home pages loaded on startup and how clicking on a tab is no longer produced the results I'm looking for as described above. I have since fixed the problem of the homepage so that it now loads properly when Firefox starts.
    Help, please. I would just go back to what I had when I clicked open a new tab. If anyone needs more information or clarification I will provide willingly. Thank you very much.

    One of your modules corresponds to this number, for example, the version 3.18, or sounds associated with "hp" in some way? You can copy and paste a list of your extensions in a response by selecting the Extensions from the list on the next page with the mouse, then using Ctrl + c or right click > copy. Either:

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > troubleshooting information
    • (menu bar) Help > troubleshooting information
    • type or paste everything: in the address bar and press Enter

    When you paste, it's a little messy, but we are used to it.

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    Are there plans to support mode useful android native (for example to manage a transition from to the native twitter app), or maybe an add-on to support something similar? I already found but it's a manual process, rather than automatic.

    http is a website, Firefox browsing Web sites. We do not expect people sparkles to the native application for such things. We do not support loading resources that list the applications for assistance. For example, if you load a Google Maps page there is an icon in the address bar that will have information on the page and move on to the Android's Google Maps app.

  • How to sync Firefox with Android?

    I have some problems with Firefox sync on my laptop with my Android device. I followed the instructions on and everything worked fine until the last step. According to the article, the synchronization must be completed when the code is accepted, but instead, I get a log on screen for my sync account. When I hit the button "I have an account", I have to fill in my account, the password and the recovery key, but the problem is that I don't have this recovery key. According to, I should just go to the sync screen and click on 'Manage', but there is no such link. What should I do?

    Good news! After that I entered the code of 3 x 4, I was redirected to the synchronization configuration screen, as usual. I followed the instructions on (remember that I couldn't find my recovery key). Miraculously, it worked this time! My problem is finally resolved and everything works fine now! Thanks for all the @cor-el helps!

  • How to uninstall Firefox, which I never used.

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    I've never used firefox, how do I get rid of him?

    (1) what version of Windows are you using?
    (2) remember to make changes to the computer before the question?
    See the method mentioned below, if you are using Windows vista or Windows 7 as operating system and check if it helps.
    Uninstall or change a program
    Uninstall or change a program
    Hope this information helps.
  • How to force Firefox to stop uninstalling

    two thumbnails do not appear in Firefox, but I can't open them or close them. I can't open Firefox in safe mode. I can't uninstall Firefox. I can't clear the cache or cookies.
    I really need an answer, otherwise I'll just go to another browser and bother with Firefox more. Also can't open the troubleshooting information because I'm having to use Internext Explorer

    Could you possibly post a screenshot of what you mean by two thumbnails? Perhaps, these are the page thumbnails that appear on the new tab page (with spaces for the other 7 thumbnails that appear usually there)?

    To complete Firefox into memory, you can use the Windows Task Manager.

    • Press Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC to start Task Manager
    • Review the items on the Applications tab for all instances of Firefox (display the icon of the program) and end task if the current window is not visible (if the window is visible, go to this window and use exit)
    • Review the items on the tab process for all instances to firefox.exe and finish the process allows to terminate

    Please note that uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox is useful to repair the damaged program files, but often fails to cure other problems based on parameters or files in your personal settings (AKA Firefox profile folder). There is a shortcut to clean this kind of problems... the reset function.

    If you can put an end to Firefox and restart to Safe Mode dialog box (hold down the SHIFT key when you launch Firefox), you can try the reset function. It duplicates some data key of your active settings in a new file, bypassing some add-ons and custom settings. Your old settings will be stored in a folder on your desktop. (I recommend to keep that around for a few weeks where you have to save anything to it).

    More details in this article: Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons.

    Does make a difference?

  • How to send a Microsoft Word document using gmail (instead of Windows Live)? I have Windows 7.

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    I believe that if you download and install Mail GMail and GMail warning system can be defined as the default e-mail and you should be able to mail documents directly.

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    Original title: BANNY4LIFE

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    Hi Banny,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, it seems that you are haivng problems with connecting to the Internet on mobiles HTC and Galaxy.

    (1) you have problems connecting to the Internet on the computer?

    As the question is limited to connecting to the Internet on mobiles, I suggest you to consult the manufacturer's manual and check if it helps.

    If the problem persists, I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of mobile for assistance.

    I hope it helps. If you have any questions about Windows in the future, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

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    This is just one example - the same thing happens with other sites.

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    Hello, these will be redirects server based on the site to guess your location based on your IP address. There is no way for the browser to work around this, other than using a proxy or VPN service from the United Kingdom...

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