How to format an external hard drive in el capitan

How to format an external hard drive in el capitan?

I have a new iMac and bought a WD 2 TB hard drive. The manual says that I have to reformat the hard disk to use it with OS X.

I opened the disk utility program, but there is no button to format the hard drive.

How can I manage to reformat the hard drive?

Select the external drive, and then click clear. Format Mac OS Extended journaled. If you want the drive to be bootable partition with the Guid partition scheme.

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    I have a Seagate 0.5 to drive and I want to format using an iMac. It was previously connected to a PC and is probably implemented in FAT16 or FAT32.  When I select a folder on the disc, working in "Finder", I find that I can not remove it so I have no way to make space.

    This article should help you to Format Mac OS extended before using with Aperture - Apple Support external drives

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    How to format an external hard drive in Windows XP? Can you give me instructions? Thank you.

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    I am trying to format an external HARD drive, but when I do I can not because a message appears saying that it is write protected.  I don't know how to change this permission.  Help please


    Open the file in Windows Explorer and select the drive letter of your external hard dirve (eg. h:\).

    Right-click on it to display the context menu, and then select Properties

    Then, from the Properties dialog box, select the Security tab and give you read permissions / writing.

    You should then be able to use the context menu Format


    Start > computer, right-click and select Manage (you will need the administrator privelleges)... then disk management... With administrator privelleges your should be able to format the drive in the My Computer Management console.

    Kind regards.

  • To format an external hard drive (1 TB) FAT32 in NTFS file system.

    I recently bought nine Transcend (TS1TSJ25M3) 1 TB External Hard Drive

    who is in the FAT32 file system. There are currently 930 GB of free space available. I decided to convert

    It is in the NTFS file system. So:

    First of all, there is no data in the player (it's free)

    Second, how much space will I get after formatting to NTFS file system?

    And third: is it possible to do this in Windows 7 64 - bit OS, or do I have to use another OS?

    Please I need answers to my doubts.

    Hi Dev,

    Thank you for choosing to post your request in the Microsoft forums.

    I understand that you want to format an external hard drive, that has been converted to NTFS. Yes it is possible in Windows 7 to format a NTFS drive. Check out the link.

    Formatting disks and drives

    (Information and methods provided for in article also applies to Windows 7)

    For more information on FAT and NTFS refer the link.

    File systems by comparing NTFS and FAT

    If you have any other questions, please let us know, we will be happy to help you.

  • External hard drive does not work. Is there another way I could solve the problem without formatting the external hard drive?

    My external hard drive works. I tried to plug and when I tried to open it, it says to format the drive until I could use it. Everything works well as when I plugged the USB icon shown on the screen. When I check the disk management, it showed that the partition of the drive is there.

    I tried to change the drive letters, but still having the same problem. I also tried to run the disk check on the command prompt and the properties of the drive, but it still can not because there is error popping up saying that the disk check cannot be performed because Windows cannot access the disk.

    Is there another way I could solve the problem without formatting the external hard drive?

    I tried the first step in troubleshooting the hard drive, but it gives a
    error in saying that "hardware changes might not have been detected.

    So I tried the second method, and when I click on the "Check now" button his
    gives an error saying that "the disk check cannot be performed because .
    Windows can not access the disk".".

    So is there any other way or option?

    Thank you


  • Anyone know where I can get a formatting tool to format an external hard drive to FAT32?

    Anyone know where I can get a formatting tool to format an external hard drive to FAT32 using OEM of Windows 7 (32 bit).

    I want to use a Western Digital elements external Hard Drive 500 GB/GB on my Panasonic Blu RAY recorder DMR-BW850.

    Formatting on W7 tool reformatted hard drives only as exFAT, who does not work, works only FAT32.

    original title: FAT32 formatting help

    Throw on this article. This can be easily done from the command prompt.

    Remember that you cannot store a file that is greater than 4 GB on a FAT32 partition.

  • Question: How can I format an external hard drive

    I am trying to use an external hard drive with Time Machine.  He tells me that my external must be formatted in a format "journaled". I can't find any way to do it and the Mac is do not do it either. Can someone tell me how to proceed so that Time Machine works to put in shape?

    If Time Machine is not reformat the disk itself, choose Utilities in the Finder Go menu, open disk utility, select the drive in the sidebar and delete it.


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    My old external HD Time Machine does not so I bought a 2 TB Seagate Backup more Portable Drive to replace it. It has been formatted for Windows but provided a configuration "NTFS_ Mac download for_ I ran. I'd like to partition the drive & use 1 TB for Time Machine.

    When I go into disk utility, I cannot and select the Seagate HD, the choice of the Partition is grey and not selectable.

    Any suggestion how to get this HD formatted correctly so that it is recognized in disk utility?

    I guess that the external hard drive is formatted NTFS, so disk utility does not have to perform all the tasks in this topic. It you can't format it on some Windows system with the FAT file system? Once the FAT is made, the Mac of THE it reformats with HFS. However if you want to do with the above partition size (1 TB HFS and 1 TB NTFS or FAT) then can try you with a disk management utility. Read more external for Time Machine & Windows hard disk Partition

  • Formatting an external hard drive to FAT32 using vista


    I own an Xbox 360 and a Windows Vista-based computer.  I wanted to store music and movies on an external hard drive and connect it to my Xbox 360 so I can make use for more then just a game.  I first tried this using a 2 GB USB key and it worked better then I could have hoped.  However, given that 2 GB does not go very far, I went out and bought a FreeAgent 1.5 TB drive external hard.  I can use it in Vista and works very well, but it does not recognize the Xbox 360.  I read in a forum that the 360 requires the external hard drive to FAT32, but Vista cannot format the disc in all except exFAT and NTFS.  How can I get the external drive in a format that can recognize the Xbox?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello, Durandal95

    Please use the Forum for answers.

    You can format a drive using the FAT, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS filesystems using the format command-line tool.

    WARNING: Formatting your drive will completely erase it, exercise caution when you use the format features.

    To do this, go to start, all programs, accessories, click with the right button on command prompt and choose Run as administrator. In the command prompt window, type the following command and press ENTER: format X: / FS: FAT32 / q
    Note: Replace X: the good reader.

    You can find help on the XBOX on both, the help and the community pages:

    XBOX Help:
    XBOX community:

    I hope this helps.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Impossible to format an external hard drive?

    So, I am trying to format a 1 TB WD My Passport external hard drive but get the error messages.  I recently completely wiped out this player because he was running extremely slow and when I try to create a simple format through the disk management I get an error message "request cannot be performed because of an i/o error".  He also sees the drive, in disk management, but there is no associated letter and he said that all of the disk is not affected (931 GB).  How do I get this problem?

    In cases where the Disk Manager does not work, I use a 3rd party application EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition (freeware @ It allows to create a partition in the unallocated space, and then name it and assign it a letter then put it. Then, Windows will recognize the newly formatted disk.

    I don't know why Windows won't do, but I had this happens on two external drives, and it works.

  • Format an external hard drive (1 TB) FAT32 in NTFS file system

    I recently bought nine Transcend (TS1TSJ25M3) 1 TB External Hard Drive

    who is in the FAT32 file system. There are currently 930 GB of free space available. I decided to convert 
    it to NTFS File system. So first of all, there is no data in thePlayer(it's free)
    Second, how much space will get after the formatting in NTFS file system?
    And third: is it possible to do it on Windows 7 64-bit OS, or do I have to use another OS?
    Please I need answers to my doubts.

    In Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive and select Format. Choose NTFS as method in shape.

    You will have 930MB after formatting. The rule is that you have 7% less space than the nominal capacity, which allows the difference between the ability of manufacturers of discs (1 GB = 10 ^ 6) and the ability of Windows (1 GB = 2 ^ 10) and space unusable, drawn upward by the method in shape.
  • Force erase/Format an external hard drive

    I spent $ 140 on an external hard drive Seagate Backup Plus. As you can imagine, the instructions are crap. None of the software that are supposed to be installed on my external hard drive is there, and I am not given the choice of formatting a Mac.

    So I thought I could just open disk utility, erase the hard drive, then format for Mac.

    But when I click on the delete button, I get the message "failed the erase process.

    Is there a way I can replace the error messages and force to erase an external hard drive?

    Thank you.

    Have you tried the tab partition in disk utility? This will erase the disc and give you the ability to format in Mac OS extended (journaled).

  • How to use an external hard drive to share files with other computers

    I have a HP Personal Media Drive that is currently used to share files with another computer. However, it is very old and I want to continue the sharing of files. Can I use an external hard drive? and if yes, how I have set up?

    I have an external hard drive, Toshiba-1 t. It is connected with a USB cable. My computer has wireless access, and the other computer does not work. The internet allows us to connect.

    Suppose that your external drive to your is connected to PC 1. When you open Windows Explorer on PC1 then this disk will appear as if it was a local, integrated drive. To make it accessible to PC 2, you need to "share". When you type this phrase in a Google search box then you will get many excellent recipes step by step on how to do this:

    sharing files in Windows

  • How to find an external hard drive using bridge

    I use CS4 in a Mac. Due to lack of space, I transferred all folders of photos to an external hard drive Lacie. Now, I can find the Lacie with Bridge and find and open all folders of photos. But when I try to search by keyword, they are not found. How do I do that?

    You will need to reindex all files before that search works.

    I purge the existing cache and then perform a search in the top folder.  Select "Include Non-Indexed files" at the bottom of the search window.

    All files will be indexed, but it will take a while.  It start when you leave work on computer for awhile.

    Hope this fixes the problem.

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