How to format Satellite A60 302 without using the CD/DVD drive


I have a laptop SATELLITE A60-302, and I had a problem with cd player. I want to format the computer (WIN XP) and I wanned to ask if I can format the computer not by the cd player but another way as disk on key or something...

Thanks :)


Your best bet might be trying to use an external CD/DVD drive to install Windows XP (must confirm that your laptop can boot from USB CD/DVD). I would not recommend it otherwise because they are pretty complicated and you will encounter other issues.


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  • Recovery system on Satellite M70-204 PSM71E. The CD/DVD drive does not work


    Can you please give me a help and advice on how to solve the following problems:

    I got on the last minor problems for three months with Windows Installer: software updates may not always be performed successfully, an error message was issued by Windows Installer on Quick Time, when I started the computer. Apart from him, the computer has been properly runing. I was intending to restore the system with the Toshiba CD in the coming weeks to correct the problems.

    But since yesterday, I had a new problem. The CD drive is not recognized in Windows XP.

    I tried to repair the driver from the CD player, following the procedure described by Toshiba. It did not work. I don't know if this is a hardware or a software problem preventing me to recognize and use the CD drive and DVD under Windows XP and I don't know or if I can run even more a restoration process.

    _ * 1 / if I run a restore process, I think that, initially, the HD will be formatted. How can I be sure that my computer will be able to read the data from the Toshiba Recovery CD? * _ (I have today a computer that almost works. I do not want to be stuck with a dead computer, if the restore process fails because of the CD driver)

    _ * 2 / is it possible to restore without using the internal CD player? (using an external CD drive or an external hard drive) * _

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice!

    I delighted to hear that you solved this Mr. thank you for the comments!

  • Installtion of recovery using the external DVD drive


    I have a satellite A50 and try to use the recovery disk using a USB DVD drive (internal is damaged), is it possible? and how?

    Thank you


    It is possible, but you need an extended drive Toshiba compatible and taken in charge.
    I would recommend asking the service partner for readers supported and ordering of the ASP him. He has information on the supported devices and you'll be sure you get a car 100% taken in charge.

  • Can satellite A100-097 - I replace the cd - dvd drive


    The cd-burner in my Satellite A100-097 drive begins to age, burns can sometimes fail, sometimes cannot even read simple audio cds.

    Can someone tell me if I can replace it with a new and where to find it, finally?

    Thank you


    Yes, you can replace the CD/DVD drive with a new one.
    But be aware that not all of the sides are compatible due to different master/slave/c-salt settings

    Manual of use you should find some details about compatible readers and supported
    Check it out
    If you have no user manual then go to the Toshiba European page to download.

    In addition, you can buy a player of an ASP supported in your country
    The guys would be able to order it at Toshiba if necessary.

  • Satellite A300 - is not eject the CD/DVD drive

    I have exactly the same problem with my 4 month Satellite A300. Every now and then and apparently without cause, the CD-ROM drive (Mat * a DVD - RAM) refuses to open. The little light near the eject button flickers when the button is pressed, but nothing. It will do if the drive is empty or not. Device Manager can see the disk and claims that it works correctly and that the driver is up-to-date. But if, for example, I display open with a trombone player and load a DVD, ImageBurn (which could also see the drive) calls for a communication error (e/s).

    Nothing seems to make the drive to work once he got into this State with the exception of a reboot, and even in this case we know remain 'dead' until a second reboot.

    I followed the instructions on [this site |] and the disc looked good for three days, then made his old trick. I checked the registry and the filters that I removed is still deleted. I uninstalled the drive via the Device Manager and let Vista find again to restart. Everything worked fine for 24 hours then the problem comes back.

    When the drive opens the button it works perfectly in all ways music - reading, writing, start, DVD...

    Very frustrating.

    The above post was originally a response on an existing thread, so I don't know where the rest disappeared. And I can't change it. This forum works as well as laptops.

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  • I'll be able to use the external dvd drive on microsoft surface?

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    You can attach an external USB hub or port replicator and connect USB devices to one. And, if connected to the network, you can use the DVD player on any other computer network with any active permissinns and sharing.

    In addition, there are at least a DVD player wireless.

    Tom Ferguson

  • How to restart the Satellite 5200 801 without using the recovery disk?

    I haven't used my Satellite 5200 801 for awhile and now it does not start. That's what I have on the black screen:

    Intel® Boot Agent Version 4.1.04
    Copyright © 1997-2002, Intel Corporation
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - M0F: Exit Intel Boot Agent.
    Insert system disk in drive.
    Press a key when tready.

    I have the product recovery disc, but which will erase all existing data and rebuild. Is there a way to boot my PC without the use of the recovery disk?

    Thanks for any help.

    > PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of

    This message means that laptop tried to boot from LAN.
    Given that this was not possible the PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable appeared

    I guess that the HARD drive is defect and therefore, the laptop won't boot from the internal HARD drive.
    In this case also your internal data on the HARD disk are lost.

    But to be100% sure that you can remove the laptop HARD drive, could use a drive enclosure HARD 2.5 to connect the HARD drive to another computer just to check if you would be able to access data on the HARD drive

  • Satellite A300 - cannot use the CD/DVD drive


    I have Satellite A300 and my DVD drive is not seen by Windows 7.

    I do not see in the Device Manager, and when I use the updates provided by TEMPRO, and on the site, it just won't update.
    When I opened the Toshiba Disc Creator, it gives me an error saying that it does not have any drive connected.

    See you soon.


    You should try to remove the upper and lower filters in the Windows registry. So just follow this work around:

    Another question: can boot you from this drive?

  • Satellite L310-D4010: OS became dead slow while using the CD/DVD drive

    Hi all

    I bought Toshiba Satellite L310-D4010 in chennai, India.

    It has 2 GB of RAM and processor 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.

    But my system became * slow * while I use the optical drive, that is, when I write a disk and copy the content form the drive.

    I was not able to open any application while I am using the DVD player.

    Please guide me to solve this problem.

    Thanking you.

    This is nothing unusual.

    My windows system is also busy when burning the CD or DVD!
    The point is that most of the resources of mobile phone as a disk, CD/DVD player, RAM, CPU, etc. are necessary and run it with maximum performance during this procedure and to be honest not advisable to work with the laptop during a burning, because this may affect the quality of combustion.

    In my opinion there is noting wrong with your laptop, but if you want you could check if some process is not required are running in the background of the OS.
    In addition, you may disable auto-start for some non-material applications while the Windows start the process.

  • Satellite L300 can not detect the CD/DVD drive

    Hi all!!

    I hope someone can help! My laptop can't find my CD/DVD-rom device.
    I haven't done anything with it, have not installed all the software and Device Manger shows:
    The device cannot be charged - when I want to update the driver - check systems and the driver is the most recent?

    When I de - activate and it the system will find the same driver. But no CD DVD device.
    TSST corp CDDVDW TS-L633A

    What can I do to get access to this new?
    Thank you!


    What operating system do you use?
    What is the status of the optical disc drive in Device Manager?
    I assume that the drive is not displayed in windows Explorer. Can you confirm this?

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    amount of ID
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    Edited by: sake1 1-dec-2010 08:16

    I used Altavista and found an example, how is it?

      /* there is no built array in oracle, you must declare
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      if the one after the current one is smaller , then
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      bubble sorts
      in other languages. The only real diff is the syntax.
      FOR i IN 0 .. n - 1 LOOP
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          IF (Nums(j) > Nums(j + 1)) THEN
            Temp := Nums(j);
            Nums(j) :=  Nums(j + 1);
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      END LOOP;
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    In the code the first comment is wrong in fact, I think, this one:
    "There is no table built in oracle, you must declare your own."
    I remember there are some types of collection of the system, if I not mix with something, I remember there was a sort of like they were undocumented, so we can say legally that the comment in the code has always been right.

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    I need to count backwards from 6,500,000,000.

    Any ideas how to remove that (and especially the separation with commas)?

    I was about to try this tutorial , but it has the same limit of number 30000.

    Perhaps misunderstood that, although...

    You probably, but not in a strictly formalistic sense. This problem is a general limitation in how deals AE 16-bit double whole precision that affects all the effects / values of the controls (see here for another such case). When you are missing the obvious, is that you don't recognize that for the Visual result no matter how the numbers are generated mathematically, which means that nothing prevents you to use these multiple effects and stringing together to create the illusion. People have done this for years. As an alternative, try to use layers of text and expressions as explained here.


  • Satellite A60 - 302 frezes when the DVD or CD has been put in place

    Load music CDs, but if I put it in a data CD or DVD laptop freezes even with the recovery disk it freezes the laptop. I have to manually turn off and start again always tried to load the software just freezes.


    Maybe you have a problem with a Virus, please start with the last Configuration function or do a restart with the OS CD and do a repair of the system files, do a Virus scan.


Maybe you are looking for