How to get a MEID

The phone XPRT should be activated by Sprint for an MEID HEX? I used the XPRT off Sprint network since purchase. It does not appear that I can activate the device in the Sprint area while not on their network. Can I call to activate the XPRT?

The only way to get the MEID HEX is remove the battery and to read the label.

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  • Adware? And how to get rid of?

    Since last week when I'm redirected to a game at random navigation site. First of all, I thought it was just something to do with Firefox (the browser I used), but then the same thing happened with other browsers too. I then installed Opera to judge if it would happen again and Yes, it happened. Then I tried to reinstall the whole OS, hoping that would solve the problem. There can be no. I always get redirected to a site "yu0123456". How to get rid of this? I installed AdGuard so it blocks me enter the site, but still not open tabs. After the reset of the operating system (I also erased the hard drive), I did not visit malicious sites. I just downloaded programs I had before that happens again (steam, Spotify, discord). I tried to scan my Mac with Malware Antibytes, but he found nothing. If it's harmless, I could live with that, but it's very irritaring. If there is a chance he could phis my information, so I want that he removed as soon as possible. What can I do?

    Thanks in advance!

    Adware is usually not malicious. Its purpose is to push ads into your face. Adware makers get a fraction of a payment of one hundred whenever an ad is shown. That's their motivation.

    You say wipe you the drive, but if you restored a backup Time Machine or Migration Wizard to restore your applications and the user account, you managed that by copying the problem at the back.

    MalwareBytes for Mac can't catch everything. The adware manufacturers are constantly changing which moved things and which appoints the files have. It's a job without end for manufacturers of MalwareBytes to catalogue these items, so they can be found and removed. But of course he is not hurt anything to use as it can remove a lot of problems for you, leaving only the new elements, unknown to locate and remove manually.

    Depending on where you have steam, Spotify and discord, the installers may have been (and often are) responsible for the installation of adware and you want to install.

    Download and run EtreCheck. Copy and paste the results here. It is written and maintained by long time forum member etresoft. Any personal information is automatically excluded from the output. The goal is to see what processes are running on your Mac. From there, they can usually determine what is wrong.

  • How the * get rid of suggestions on the first page of my phone?

    I've just updated the software on my iphone 6. It is now more slow and fitting much less easily than before...

    What is really annoying me is when I hit the button at home after he has been asleep for a while, I get this page with sire my calendar app, news and other suggestions.  All I want is to enter in the my phone - none of the other crap. And now need me more time to really get into the phone - I like it the way I put it in place - I'm not interested in Apple mucking around with my phone without my permission! I disabled siri and anything else I can think of and that's all - the really irritating thing is the news component is the crazies on the right wing who I am in any way interested in support.

    Please, please can someone tell me how to get this crap out of my phone?

    You should not get that unless you swipe to the left, right on the lock screen.

  • My iphone6s display just broked. How to get a free display Exchange if repairs and Service coverage is still Active?

    My iphone screen just broked. How to get a free display Exchange if repairs and Service coverage is still Active?

    I found a few shops bestbuys and apple around me.

    Thank you very much!


    There is no exchange of free display.  You will pay is the AppleCare + fresh incident (if you bought AC +), or the elimination of guaranteed replacement costs / costs of replacing the screen.  Your best bet would be to visit the Apple store with a genius bar appointment.

    Make a Genius Bar reservation (or cancel an existing reservation)

    Log in using your Apple ID.

  • Re: Font book. I chose "restore standard fonts" by mistake. How to get back on my choice. The Cancel button is grayed out so I can't cancel it. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    Re: Font book.

    I chose "restore standard fonts" by mistake. How to get back on my selection. The Cancel button is grayed out so I can't cancel it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    If you click on 'Restore the standard fonts', fonts that are not included in the OS X systems is placed in a "fonts folder (deleted) next to the fonts folder.

    / Library/Fonts

  • I was charged for an application that was not mean to buy how I get my money back?

    I was charged for an application that was not mean to buy how I get my money back?

    Purchases are considered final, but you can try the page 'report a problem' to contact iTunes Support and see if they will refund or credit you:

    Or you can try to contact iTunes Support via: or

  • How to get free GarageBand on iPod touch?

    I Googled it and came to this Web page:

    Get free Apple apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    According to this, my 16 GB iPod touch 6th generation is eligible to get GarageBand. But when I go to the App Store, he always comes back with the price (note this is in AUD)

    How can I get free GarageBand?

    * To download GarageBand, you need a device that has been activated or bought the or after September 1, 2014.

    has been your device purchased the or after September 1, 2014? If so, you will need to contact Apple using the link at the bottom of this page and learn how to get this software. Otherwise, your device becomes ineligible for this software.

  • How to get the text have the same effect as the video?


    For the first time post here, but I wonder how to get the text of the titles have the same effect as the video behind her.

    For my video, I use 'bad tv' and other effects such as Gaussian that obviously changes the appearance of video, creating the look of VHS. However, I then inserted text via the title, but it normally appears. How can I make this text have the same effects as the video behind it?

    A friend told me I might need to add text to the video first, then do the effects, I have not tried, but wonder if there is an easier way, as this would require me to restart.

    EDIT: That's what I'm looking for. The text has the same effect as the video.

    Thank you

    One way is to create a clip made up based on the title and the original clip. Then apply the effect.

    Another way is to use an adjustment layer.

    Good luck.


  • How to get the box remove on the lock screen?

    So I know how to respond to a text on the lock screen, but what I want to know is how to get that red box delete instead of the response box.

    In the picture you can see that there's a reply box. How can I get the box remove red over there?

    Press the "x" to remove the message from the lock screen. There is no way to 'delete' a message from the lock screen. Deleting messages can be done in the Messages application.

  • I have just refrehed Firefox, but have lost the upper left menu which had 'Bookmarks' 'tools' etc. Can you please tell me how to get that back?

    I have just updated Firefox, but seems to have lost the menu on top left of the page (very useful) who had a number of elements, including the 'bookmarks', 'tools' etc.. On the far left of this 4/5 menu item is the logo of Mozilla.

    Can you please tell me how to get it back?

    Hi Peter, to activate different bars on and outside, including the Menu bar, you can use one of the following methods to view the list of the toolbar, and then select the desired bar (s) there:

    To activate the menu bar, toolbar bookmarks or other bars, click it in the list.

    Is - that you are looking for?

    If something isn't quite right, it is possible that an extension has been tweaking the menu/toolbar area...

  • How to get ringtones purchased from my new camera

    How to get ringtones I bought on Apple devices prior to my new device from Apple iPhone 5 s when I use the same iTunes account? the title of the purchase I see my music from my iPhone, and not all of my music from my previous devices that I bought are there, but what of my purchased so ringtones? None of them are appearing

    Tones are a unique download only, they will not appear in purchased for redownloading. If you have them in the section of tones from your computer's iTunes library, you can synchronize the phone from there, if they are only on your backup of your library of downloads / you can add to your computer via file iTunes library > add to library so that you can synchronize. Or if you still have your old appliances with them to connect to iTunes on your computer and file > devices > transfer purchases and you can then synchronize with your new phone.

  • Each new tab includes search Secure AV - how to get rid of him?

    Each new tab includes search Secure AV - how to get rid of him?

    Type of topic: addons< enter > in the address bar to open your add-ons Manager.
    Access key; < Control >(Mac: < command >)< shift > has)

    In the Manager of Add-ons, on the left, select Extensions. Remove AVG
    Whatever it is. Now do the same in the case computer programs.

    Windows: Start > Control Panel > uninstall programs.
    Mac: Open the folder "Applications".
    Linux: See your user manual.

  • Att/yahoo updated my email, which suggests to select Firefox as the browser, but how to get back the taskbar?

    Att/yahoo updated my email, which suggests to select Firefox as the browser, but how to get back the taskbar?

    Hi, you are missing the taskbar Windows, which usually appears at the bottom of the screen? Firefox normally does not block the taskbar if you do not use the mode full-screen. To check if you are using full-screen, you can use the F11 key that toggles between full screen and normal mode.

    Or if you meant the menu bar (File, Edit, View), you have two options:

    (1) display on request: press the ALT key to press F10 to display bar temporarily

    (2) time full display: you can use one of the following methods to view the list of the toolbar, and then select menu bar it:


  • How to get back to the old cat, without meeting places

    The new listing - for contacts - Hangouts appeared a few days ago. I had not asked her. How to get back the old cat and list of contacts?

    Sounds like a question for any site that turns "old cat and meeting places.

    If you tell us what Web site which is, maybe someone here knows and might be able to help.

  • How to get back: Save on Quit!

    Firefox uses offer to save on success.

    Now it is NOT.

    How to get back: Save on success?

    Thank you

    Okay - I found 'Finally' it! (Thanks to reprimand does not me!)
    (I didn't know it was on the Drop Down ("when Firefox starts")
    ((and he was watching me in the face all the time!))

    Thanks for the help and Patience!

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    Hello Since the upgrade in the section of the battery, there is no more by app battery consumption. I'm the only one hit? Thank you

  • My xbox to stop 11/09 to red light E82

    I have not received one email from staff, saying that I was goin to receive another email on the details of the repair, but, so far, I have nothing. The bag does not help because of the stupid beta program, then, what do I do?

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    When I open the sounds and audio devices in Control Panel displays the properties box but there is no audio device, how do I reinstall? Thanks in advance.