How to get a 'white' answer when you use 'if' statements in a table

I use a table for an invoice where an element is classified, but more can be shipped as ordered. I have figured out formcalc expression where I can get a 0 in the column "out of stock" If the delivered quantity is more than the ordered article, but I can't get rid of a value of 0 in the rest of the column out of stock when all information "shipped" columns "orderly" and. Try to get this column blank if there is no order or shipping information.

So far, it works for the math part. Don't know how to write an 'empty' in the calculation


If (Sum(ordered-shipped) > 0)

then backordered = Sum(ordered-shipped)

ElseIf (Sum(ordered-shipped) < 0)

then out of stock = 0


Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Have you checked the patterns listed for your numeric field in the object palette?

This could be the cause for the zero. I tried on my system local and if I assign null, he demonstrated an empty value.


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    ·         You are able to install programs and drivers?

    ·         What is the motherboard Chipset Drivers file extension?

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    Warning: BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    Hope this information helps. Let us now if you would like more support on Windows.

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    I use Oracle Policy Modeling on windows 7. I use embedded apache tomcat to test.

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    Looks like you have probably changed the Boolean value "the parent is eligible for compassionate care benefits" from the global to the parent. This means that is no longer a goal because it is a single Boolean value that can be determined, it is now a Boolean value for each parent in the rule template.

    The goal that presents itself as the first screen in your interview display all the high-level objectives - that is, all objectives at the global level.

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    Note that I posted this already above, but don't not checked if she was tried.

    You may need to allow cookies from third party (visited or all).

    To view the history settings and cookies, choose:

    • Firefox > Preferences > privacy > Firefox will be: "use the custom settings for history".
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    Hi all

    create the table SAMPLE_ITEMS

    (ITEM_NO, varchar2 (10))


    Number of QTY_SUM1

    Number of QTY_SUM2

    Number ITEM_QTY,

    Number ORDER_QTY,

    Number ITEM_AMOUNT,

    Number of SALES_AMOUNT


    insert into SAMPLE_ITEMS values ('AAA', ' 28 / 04/2014 ',-88, 0,475,262,-123.45,-1188);

    insert into SAMPLE_ITEMS values ('AAA', ' 28 / 05/2014 ', 0, - 122, 475, 262, - 10.234,-1647);

    insert into SAMPLE_ITEMS values ('AAA', ' 16 / 06/2014. ', 0, 0,475,262,-80.59,-135);

    insert into SAMPLE_ITEMS values ('AAA', 19 December 2014 ', 0, 0,475,262,-42.29,-67.5);

    Setting out with my own query,


    Every time I question as code

    Select * from SAMPLE_ITEMS

    where DELIVERY_DATE between April 28, 2014 ' and 19 December 2014 '-> they must pass as a parameter

    I need to get only one line



    Note; Please do not use MAX for Date and do not want to display Date columns in the result

    Note 1: I want to choose DELIVERY_DATE in select it also and only get a line like above the expected result

    SELECT item_no

    SUM (qty_sum1),

    SUM (qty_sum2),

    SUM (DISTINCT item_qty),

    SUM (DISTINCT order_qty),

    SUM (item_amount),

    SUM (sales_amount)


    WHERE the DELIVERY_DATE BETWEEN TO_DATE (28 April 2014 ', "dd/mm/yyyy")

    AND TO_DATE (19 December 2014 ', "dd/mm/yyyy")

    GROUP BY item_no;

    I will get


    AAA             12/19/2014                         -88                 -122                475                262                       -256.564              -3037.5

    OK fine, I want to choose DELIVERY_DATE as if so I'll have all the lines, but I want to only show one as shown above

    Because I do report discoverer in Oracle Apps, without taking the DELIVERY_DATE of the select query, it is not possible to move the date as a parameter

    Can you please help me how to do this?

    Thank you

    Post edited by: Rajesh123 NOTE added in the body of the Message

    Post edited by: added test Rajesh123 messages

    Maybe you want a single line in all cases

    Select si.item_no,

    start_date min (d.start_date),

    min (d.end_date) end_date,

    min (si.qty_sum1) qty_sum1,

    min (si.qty_sum2) qty_sum2,

    min (si.item_qty) item_qty,

    min (si.order_qty) order_qty,

    Sum (si.item_amount) item_amount,

    Sum (if. Sales_Amount) sales_amount

    of (start_date select to_date(:date_from,'dd-MON-yyyy'))

    to_date(:date_to,'dd-mon-yyyy') end_date

    of the double

    ) d

    left outer join

    TR sample_items

    on the si.delivery_date between d.start_date and d.end_date

    Group of item_no

    - 01/01/1900 31/12/2000 - - - - - -



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    I hope that you did not try to install the old software of Adobe Type Manager . If you did, you may need to completely reload Windows if you cannot restore your system to its state before you try to install this software!

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