How to get a Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 pre-loaded drive?

Vista SP2 installation disc

I have a DVD disc of installation for Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, with no SP. I bought it retail at Fry shortly after that Vista was released and have used this copy of Vista on an Intel D975XBX2 Mobo. I kept Vista updated with periodic downloads from Windows Update. I have a valid product key provided with the DVD of the installion said. For reasons which are not relevant, I lost the hard drive I was using with Intel MoBo975XBX2. Now, I'm doing a clean install on this MoBo Intel even using the original installation DVD. Because my installation DVD is obsolete, I can't complete installation.

I would like to get a DVD with SP2 installation of Windows. How can I do?

You pouvez integrate service packs in your DVD, but everything that it is placing the SPs in the update folder and adding their execution for the installation of Windows script, result being an RTM installation with automatic update for SP1 and SP2, therefore subsequently. Allows you to save a few clicks of the mouse after the initial Setup, but is probably the same that if you downloaded the SPs manually through Windows Update.

Install DVD with integrated SP2 are available through Technet. If the download is not free. But maybe you know someone who has access Technet, which might give you a disc?

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