How to get back my full and indisputable administrator rights and privileges back as if it was before on my user account

Well, for starters, I use a HP Pavilion G6 and it runs Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

Well, I personally did the implementation of the PC and fact my user account on the system (with full administrator privileges) while I'm my songs and other stuff on it, well, I share the PC with my sister (she is not to do much with it except video games and songs), yes as I had my stuff on the PC , I noticed that could be considered my user account from my sister stuff, just double click on it (I did its standard user account), that worried me, I mean what was the point of password protecting the account if one day she'll find my user folder and just to open and access all my stuff? So I decided to remove a few rights (I couldn't find a way to his lock out of my user folder. Honestly, I thought I was doing the right thing, well I saw properties of my user folder, go to the Security section and well refused all access features to the (to change to call you) personally I expected to block his access to my stuff, but he finished only take stuff on the desk and me to my own account lockout.

I found a way and used the administrator (surprisingly, I thought I was administrator since I did the setting in (I know there is a default Administrator account and a few others for things far from MS).) So I did it, in a way of to return, my rights and my stuff back, but now it seems that I'm not admin, all I want to do requires an admin who don't have troubled me some time ago, I went to the local disk properties and made sure that I had all access on my user account , but no, something is still not back to normal.

The result is, I want to just that my account of the way he has been, with full administrator privileges and everything, without requiring me this user or that, to be the boss.

Oh, and the My Music folder is not too just need admin just before you do anything in, I went to its security properties, and it allows me to check full access.

I really need help everyone, could help you?

I want my account respected as an administrator again.

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You can probably fix your problem by using the system restore. Here's how it works:
1. keep tapping F8 during the first phase of startup.
2. select Repair from the menu.
3. Select an administrator account, and then enter its password.
4. When you are prompted, select System Restore.
5. set Windows to a point before this problem occurred.

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