How to get back my old programs and games after the upgrade to Windows 7?

I just upgraded from Windows XP 32-bit to 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium and I followed the instructions on the Microsoft site. After installation, all my shortcuts were gone and the old programs and games, I had were put into a file called "windows.old". How can I get the programs and games in new windows? I don't want to download and reinstall EVERYTHING I had before.


You need to reinstall... 32 to 64-bit is a change of platform and requires a clean installation. Data are stored in Windows.old

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    I just upgraded my computer hp laptop Pavilion dv9310us from Windows Vista to Windows 8. Worked well, except that Windows 8 has a 1024 x 768 screen resolution of the laptop.  There is no option to set it to any other screen resolutions. And the only display driver listed is "Microsoft base map.

    I tried all of the following characteristics, which none has contributed to this issue:

    -J' ran "Update device drivers" in the Device Manager.

    -J' installed all the updates of Windows 8.

    -J' downloaded the Nvidia 306.97-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-32bit-english-whql.exe (the pilot, that they said was more appropriate for this computer); He said that "the Nvidia Setup program cannot continue. This graphics driver cannot find compatible graphics hardware. »

    Any suggestions on how I can get Windows 8 to run on the native resolution of 1440 x 900 for this laptop?

    Thank you!


    Your machine uses: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA) as mentined on its specifications:

    It's a video card laptop, Nvidia 306.97 -Office-win8-win7-winvista-32bit-english-wh

    QL.exe will not work.

    The former Vista driver may work as mentioned in the following note:

    "Use 7zip to extract everything in the folder on the desktop.

    move the folder to E:\NVIDIA or elsewhere, you want.

    Type "Device Manager" in the Panel Office win8... go to graphics cards > right click and basic ms > update driver > choose from a list of drivers > have disk > select 'nvqh.inf' from the win64 folder in the folder that you created earlier.

    Work done... restart the computer... enjoy. »

    Kind regards.

  • Can not activate my old copy of CS2 after the upgrade to Windows 7

    I have just updated to Windows 7 and had to reinstall my copy of Creative Suite 2 Standard. Try to use the software, I went through the routine of activation and it wouldn't activate online or via the phone.

    How can I activate my copy of this software. I always use this and want to keep it as an option before moving on to creative cloud.

    Thank you



  • I installed vista SP2 and when I started my computer back up everything on my computer is missing... How to get back all my pictures and music files?

    I installed vista SP2 and when I started my computer back up everything on my computer is missing... How to get back all my pictures and music files? I tried to do a system restore, and I can't go back any further, then the service pack install... so everything is still missing... Please help!


    Were there any changes or updates made on the computer?

    I suggest you to see link and check if it helps.

    Recover lost or deleted files

    See the articles and looking for the missing files.

    Find a file or folder

    Tips for finding files

  • After the upgrade to windows 7 to 10 windows, can I go back to windows 7 and upgrade will it effect other already installed OS like ubuntu?

    I got the upgrade notification windows 10 and I booked it. Is to show that after July 29, it will download a 3 GB file and then it will move to windows 10.

    I have two questions-

    • Once upgrade of windows 7 windows 10, is it possible to get back to it in windows 7? I certainly do not want to reinstall windows 7 again. [after the upgrade to windows 10, both windows 7 & 10 windows will always be in my system?]  ]
    • I have two OS on my system - window 7 and ubuntu 14.04 [both are level of OS boot ] it will make my Ubuntu OS during the upgrade of windows 10.

    Yes, you can restore it will affect the Ubuntu:

    Can I uninstall Windows 10 if I do not like it or something is wrong?

    Yes, you can see the following: how: go back to an earlier version of Windows from Windows 10

    Please note:

    Backing up your computer:
    When you make significant changes to your computer for example updated operating system, you must always back up. See the links to resources on the backup by clicking the link for each version of Windows you are using: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1

    Also check:

    How to back up and restore your files manually

    How to: build 10 tips before installing the latest version of Windows 10

    How to: 10 things to do if the Windows 10 install fails.

    Once you have installed these important updates and followed the required steps, you should be ready to receive your free Windows 10 update this summer.

  • I am running vista 32 bit and I think the upgrade to windows 7

    I'm running vista 32 bit and I think the upgrade to windows 7, I don't know if I choose the upgrade option, I can keep all my files and all the software that I

    installed on my laptop but that include photos, video and music and send the parameters I use outlook 2003.

    Thank you


    Depends on which edition of Vista you use on Windows 7 edition, you can switch to.

    And as you use 32-bit, you can only switch to Windows 7 32 bit.

    32-bit to 64-bit should be done with a clean install.

    Before purchasing Windows 7, follow these steps:

    Go to your computer / computer laptop manufacturer Web site and see if Windows 7 drivers are available for your make and model computer / laptop.

    If this is not available, Windows 7 will not properly work for you.

    Run the "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

    Check if your specifications are compatible for Windows 7:

    "Windows 7 system requirements"

    "Windows 7 Compatibility Center" for software and hardware:

    Windows 7 upgrade paths: (v = ws.10) .aspx

    And the Microsoft Store where you can get an idea of the price of Windows 7:

    See you soon.

  • Cannot connect to internet after a reboot before you uninstall and then reinstall the network card. (After the upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista)

    This problem started immediately after the upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) to Windows Vista Ultimate (32 bit).  Again, I want to remind that I never had this problem before installing Windows 7.

    -After a reboot, I am presented with the impossible to connect the network indicator (yellow triangle with!) in the task bar.  (It was how I was welcomed after the installation of Windows 7 is said by the way).

    -The only way I found to regain connectivity is to uninstall and reinstall the network via the device manager card, date at which the computer always successfully connects and remains connected until the next reboot.

    Network card: Realtek RTL8168C (P) / 811C (P) Family PCI - E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)

    Driver provider: Microsoft
    Driver date: 14/05/2009
    Driver version: 7.2.1127.2008
    Digital signer: Microsoft Windows

    Thus, we have solved the problem! There are two possibilities of your problems:
    1 company Adobe uses the Bonjour service , this service should be disabled.
    Computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services => find the bonjour service (sometimes stated as long numbers), stop service and if the Disabled value. It works!

    2. If it is not signed as Bonjour service. Try to disable the service:
    Shutdown mDNSResponder .exe (he is represented by # Id_String1.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B879762 #).

    It is installed with Adobe software. If you upgrade the Vista, it will generally many users problem!

  • After the upgrade to Windows 10 ALL my pictures are GONE! Lightroom started upward as if it were a completely new program. Tried the Adobe difficulty (all 3 steps) nothing.

    After the upgrade to Windows 10 ALL my pictures are GONE! Lightroom started upward as if it were a completely new program. Tried the Adobe difficulty (all 3 steps) nothing. What now?

    Hi lisah64134956


    • Please specify what adobe patch are you talking about?
    • A you kept a backup pf your LR catalog and images somewhere before moving on to Windows 10.
    • You have access to your original images, or they went too?
    • Try to search the catalog using windows search, .lrcat is the extension of the catalogue, see if you find something.



  • I lost my msn icon after the upgrade to windows 7. How I connect msn plsu? What is the web address?

    I lost my msn icon after the upgrade to windows 7. How I connect msn plsu? What is the web address?


    I suggest you to contact MSN customer support for assistance.

    Here is the link for "how to contact MSN Support.

    I hope that helps!

  • HDR and Panorama fail after the upgrade to Windows 10

    After the upgrade to Windows 10, trying to merge pictures gives the message "unknown error occurred".  After the first attempt, I've updated my driver graphic card, and HDR worked.  But the next time, the error message reappears, and this has been consistent - if the graphics card is engaged or disabled!  My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 750 M.

    The problem turned out to be unrelated to Windows 10.  For reasons I can't understand, it is limited to one set of photos taken on a single morning. So, no problems with Windows 10.

  • computer with windows 7 and cs4 will be cs 4 still work after the upgrade to windows 8

    computer with windows 7 and creative suite 4 will it still work after the upgrade to windows 8

    You can expect problems from not being able to install to the loss of some functionality.  the best you can do is to install using the mode of compatibility or upgrade to cs6.

  • reinstalled vista and I want to get my old programs and data in the windows.old directory saved

    My system crashed, and after that a dozen tries to fix, I reinstalled edition vista family. I still have my old files and progrmas in windows.old file I can access but can't get the programs and data in the file. Is there a way to do this?


    These should help you recover you can:

    How to restore your personal files after you perform a custom Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation

    How to restore your Windows.old folder in a new Installation

    I hope this helps.

  • How to get back to old google

    I just reinstalled firefox because it had been infiltrated by MSN/Bing as a default search engine. As a result, I have a Google ugly and bulky at the start page. How to get back '' pure and simple ''?
    ("Plain and simple was one of the attractions of Firefox in the first place)

    Try "Reset all preferences default user of Firefox" on issues to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode start window.

  • Problem with opening programs of text and photos after the upgrade of computer for Windows 8

    Original title: Photos open in Notepad


    Laptop with win 8.

    Recently upgraded XP to win8 with purchased MS DVD.

    All text programs open graphics (pictures) in Irfanview & if I send them WORD show as hieroglyphics jeeperish.

    And all the photos to open Notepad in hieroglyphs jeeperish but if I open them with "Sendto" Irfanview or MS photo editor pictures appear.

    Seems the association went haywire. How can I fix this please?

    8 win in my PC is not that.      .. thanx... .Nick

    Hi Nick,

    Please contact Microsoft Community. I understand that you have a problem with opening the programs of text and pictures after the computer upgrade to Windows 8. I appreciate your efforts to solve this problem, I'll probably help you solve this problem.

    This problem could occur if the default applications are not set correctly.

    I suggest you read the article that will help define the default applications that Windows automatically uses when you open a particular type of file, such as a song, film, photo or Web page.

    Choose the apps Windows uses by default

    Hope this information helps. Reply to the post with an up-to-date report of the issue so that we can help you further.

  • DeskJet 2546 b: Wireless print job stays in queue and poster printer offline after the upgrade to Windows 10

    I write a fix I found for a pretty annoying problem involving 10 Windows and HP wireless printers.

    My Deskjet 2546-b printer was printing OK wireless to the point 8.1 of Windows until that I upgraded my computer to Windows 10. Immediately after I upgraded to Windows 10, I could not scan, so I reinstalled the printer software and has worked for a day or two and then the printer would print not unless I restarted the printer or the computer - sometimes 2 or 3 times. This went on for a few weeks, sometimes it would be nice, sometimes, usually after the computer restarts, he would simply go offline. Once, he went offline 3 times when I was printing about 20 postage labels, recently he went 1 week without any problems.

    Long story short, after a lot of troubleshooting and to help a friend to HP, I found the problem to be associated with the WSD/service Port in Windows 10. My printer still maintains a stable connection with my Netgear router (wireless to the printer light stays on blue) and I was able to scan from the HP software and I could ping the printer... but printing would be just stuck in the print queue (the spooler service) and the printer showed offline in the queue, hardware and windows devices , or when printing from a program like Windows.

    I learned that if I went in devices and printers, until I sent a print job, if the printer showed offline, I could save time by restarting the printer simply and he would come every time (less painful) online.

    But it's just a solution and not a solution.

    Nothing worked... not even print and scan doctor. The final fix that worked was to define an IP address manually for the printer, and then I put the print driver to use a standard TCP/IP port.

    Here is the step by step. Your printer must already be connected to your network (solid blue on printer).

    Step 1: Make sure your printer uses a manual IP address

    (1) to obtain the IP address of your printer:

    • If your printer has a control panel with a menu, it's easy... Just look in the settings menu without wire/report and write your printer IPv4 address.
    • If your printer is not a menu of fancy and repower the computer and printer HP Print and Scan Doctor network menu display use (wireless), or you can connect to your router from a web browser (usually and look at attached IPs (like me). Some printers can also print a report of the network when you hold down some buttons everything back up and running, but you will need to search the web site of the Internet or HP to find the process for your printer model - the report displays the IP Address of the printer.

    (2) once you have the IP address of the printer number, type this information in a web browser... like 192.168.1.x (where x is the last number of your printer)

    Web page of the printer should find - otherwise, use another browser (you can use a tablet or iPad if you want). HP has several different forms of printing of web pages (embedded web servers) depending on your printer model, but they all have a large number of parameters.

    (3) since the network tab or section, look for a manual IP address configuration.

    (4) suggest an IP address or type in a new.  I've personally used suggest and then replaced by the last number 241. You want to use a high number, something in the order of 240 to 250 to reduce the risk of problems caused by your router assign this number to something else on your network. Note the 4 digits for the new IP address manual, you will use them later.

    5) click apply and close the web page of the printer.

    Step 2: Make the print driver using the manual IP address of the printer

    Open the devices and printers in Windows, right click on your printing device and select printer properties. Follow the prompts to get the WSD port and on a new local port...

    1) click on the ports tab.

    (2) add the Port.

    (3) click on after the first screen, and then click new port type.

    (4) enter the IP address of the printer.

    (5) next.

    (6) select the new port.

    7) click OK.

    You have now two pilots displayed in the printers and devices window, you can now print... but you might not be able to scan and the HP printing software may not work as he might want to lets you add a new printer when you open it... If Yes, proceed to step 3.

    Step 3: Remove print devices and install a new one.

    Need to do this to get the software back HP synchronized so you can scan.

    (1) right click 2 print devices listed in the window of your printer and remove them by clicking on remove device.

    (2) open the HP printer Assistant software (from the icon on the desktop or you can search Windows by using the name of your printer).

    (3) installation/add a new printer... go fast and a new device icon is added to the printers and devices window.

    4) return to the printers and devices window and open the properties of the printer again for your printer icon.

    5) go to the ports tab (yet) and you'll see a new selected WSD port, select Port Standard, you created earlier in step 2.

    (6) you have now two print devices in the window (again), but now everything should work.

    These two devices alone from here on out. Do not remove one and everything should work fine. At least it worked for me. I hope it works for you. I'm hoping a Windows update resolves this problem soon, I see many people who cannot print or scan wireless after they upgraded - not just the stuff of HP.

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