How to get back to the original page with a NavigationPane

Hi, is there a method with which I can navigate to the home page of an application that uses a NavigationPane?

The user does not have the ability to navigate 'back' again.

have you tried function navigateTo?


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    A long while back, I changed the theme skin. How do I change to the original theme? Thank you.

    1. On the Tools menu, select Add-ons to open the Add-ons Manager
    2. Go to the themes section
    3. In the list of themes, click the default theme
    4. Click on the button "Use Theme".

    For more information about using themes, see

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    Seasons is the blue bridge, only that I see. It is possible that your computer manufacturer had custom maps, then when you change the appearance, the changes were lost.

  • How can I back to the original page after a link to the different layout?

    I want my user to be able to click the link, and switch to the display of the page, then return to the original location so that they can continue to read the document. Right now I'm using bookmarks and Table of contents to post a link back to the area where the drive started from. There must be a better way. Thank you.

    Hi Tami,

    User can also use combinations of shortcut that is (ALT + LEFT ARROW) keys or the navigation path see-> Page Navigation-> previous view.

    Kind regards

  • How to get back to the original LR upgrade options?

    I just bought the upgrade of LR3, and the installation, asked if I wanted to create a separate catalog for LR3 or merge (right word?) in the existing LR2 catalog.  I looked in my applications folder and I've seen separate icons for LR 1 and 2 so I chose to create a new catalog in LR3.  Apres_qu' it is installed, I opened and found: a) no pictures and b) no keywords.  I uninstalled and installed again but didn't was not a particular issue on the installation of the second.  I tried the LR2 catalog import but do not import keywords.  How to return to the original option?  Help.

    There are several options for you:

    (a) go to your applications folder and delete the newly created catalog in LR3 - LR is closed - and then start LR;

    (b) or LR3 go > file > open catalog and the former catalogue;

    (c) LR 3 or with your catalog, which shows nothing to go to > file > import from catalog and access your old catalog. With this option, you first import your LR2 catalog, then your catalog LR1.


  • How to get back to the original font


    Nicely, I decided to do a small lable in Disney Simple letter, now every time I have put some text, it is in the police instead of my old Plains ordinary time.

    How can I go back to regular time happen when I place a note or a text?

    Thank you


    With nothing selected, choose the font you want to use by default.


  • My screen is on the scale I cannot access or do not know how to get back to the original setting__

    My screen too large is unable to read half of the message.


    Here is a link that should prove beneficial to get a resolution to your inquiry...

    -Contact the OEM of the screen or view the manual to change the display of monitor settings.

    I hope that this information is beneficial.

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • I can't use Roboform with 4.0 beta 10, so I can't use Firefox. How to get back to the beta version 9?

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    I think that there is a little more for it, but here's a solution that seems to work. After the installation of Roboform 7.1.7, go to: and scroll down to a table listing the three browsers identifying the XPI file to load if it was not loaded automatically. Click the Firefox will ask you if you want to allow this should be installed. Let him. Finish installation, restart Firefox 4.0b10, and you'll see a Roboform 7.1.7 toolbar works. I did it on two computers, and everything seems to work.

  • my taskbar has moved to the top left corner how to bring back to the original position, which means at the bottom of the screen. I am using microsoft windows xp

    my taskbar has moved to the top left corner how to bring back to the original position, which means at the bottom of the screen. I am using microsoft windows xp

    Right-click on the taskbar and unlock it. Take an empty place and slide it downwards. Lock the taskbar.

  • The Start button and the taskbar on my computer has changed and I don't know how to get back to its original look, I have windows vista

    The Start button and the taskbar on my computer has changed and I don't know what to do to get back to its original state. I have windows Vista


    Have you changed the desktop theme?

    Change windows to Classic view

    Refer: Change Desktop Theme

    Why are some Visual elements will automatically turn off?

    Thank you

  • How to get back to the old cat, without meeting places

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    Sounds like a question for any site that turns "old cat and meeting places.

    If you tell us what Web site which is, maybe someone here knows and might be able to help.

  • How to get back to the grid panel

    There must be a command key to move between the Panel grid or wrap and the keywording Panel, isn't there? I don't want to use my mouse. I just want (if I'm in the grid panel I just move right or left arrow), select the photo and then go to the Panel (command-K) keywording and then GET BACK to THE GRID PANEL so I CAN CHOOSE THE NEXT PHOTO. I looked at many articles and lists of keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom 4 and can't seem to find the answer.


  • How to get back in the car Fusion 3 TB to the original scores?

    I just had my Fusion 3 TB 2012 end iMac drive replaced under warranty and have encountered a problem after trying to create a 2 TB Bootcamp partition.  For some reason, I ran into problems installing Win 10 after having successfully created the partition, so I decided to use the Bootcamp assistant to delete the Bootcamp partition, but it threw an error message before the end!  That left me with a disc Mac HD 1 TB and 2 TB of space utility disk refuses to acknowledge, and I don't see a way to extend the Mac HD partition to fill this space?  Is there a simple way to restore the drive to its original state or what I need to use commercial partitioning software to do this?

    Apple did not provide an easy way to recover from this condition. Please read this message before doing anything. If you don't feel confident that you can follow the instructions, ask someone more experienced to help you. One option is to take an appointment 'Genius' on an Apple Store.

    This procedure applies only to an iMac or a Mac mini with a drive installed in the smelter. If one of the internal drives (SSD and HDD) has been replaced by a hot spare, ask for other instructions.

    You must read these instructions while no web browser is running, so either print them or load them onto another device before you start.

    1. all the data on the internal disks will be deleted, including Boot Camp data, which are not saved by Time Machine. You need at least two complete and independent backups. A backup is not enough to be sure. There are ways to back up a computer that is not fully functional. Ask if you need advice.

    2. you will need to start one recovery system other than the one on the internal hard drive (if he has one.) There are several ways to do so.

    a. If you have a backup time of the Machine (not a network backup), or a compatible Mac OS X installation on an external drive, then you should be able to start it by holding down press option key to start ringing. Select the external hard drive in the row of icons that is displayed. I mean by "compatible", an installation running on the machine. A version of Mac OS X that is older than the machine is not compatible.

    b. If you used Recovery Disk Wizard (or can use it now) to prepare a system recovery on a USB flash drive, you can start that by pressing the C button on the ring. No icons will appear. Startup will be much slower than usual.

    c. start the Internet recovery mode by pressing the key combination command-option-R to start ringing. Release the keys when you see a spinning globe. Select a language, if you are prompted.

    Note: You need an Ethernet or Wi - Fi connection to Internet to use the features of recovery network. It will not work with modems USB or PPPoE, proxy servers or networks that require a certificate for authentication.

    3. disconnect all other external storage devices.

    4. in the OS X Utilities screen, select get online help. Safari will launch. While in recovery, you will have no access to your bookmarks or history, but you won't need them. Load this web page.

    5. triple - click anywhere in the line below to select this option:

    diskutil cs deleteLVG `diskutil cs list | awk 'NR==3{print $NF}'`

    Copy the selected text in the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination.

    Quit Safari. You go back to the OS X Utilities screen.

    6. in the menu bar, select

    Utilities ▹ Terminal

    Launch the Terminal application. Paste in the Terminal window by pressing the command-V key combination. Wait for a new line ending with a number sign (#) to appear. If nothing happens, press the return key.

    Quit the Terminal must be returned to the main screen.

    What happens then depends on what version of recovery that you are running.

    ☞ If the machine came with OS X 10.10 ("Yosemite"), 10.9 ("Swat") or 10.8 ("Mountain Lion"), and you're in the recovery of the Internet, please take step 7A and proceed to step 7B.

    ☞ otherwise, go to step 7A and 7B step.

    If you are unsure which version of Mac OS X, the machine came with, search for it on this page.

    After taking these steps apply, you must have a reader of empty Fusion named 'Macintosh HD' on which you can perform step 8a or 8b step.

    7. repair of the Fusion drive (see "Troubleshooting" on the linked page.) Quit disk utility.

    7. Enter the command below as in steps 4-6:

    N=Macintosh\ HD; for d in /dev/disk?; do o=`diskutil info $d`; [[ ! "$SSD" ]] && grep -lqw 'APPLE SSD' <<< "$o" && SSD=$d; [[ ! "$HDD" ]] && grep -lqw 'APPLE HDD' <<< "$o" && HDD=$d; [[ "$SSD" && "$HDD" ]] && break; done; diskutil cs create "$N" $SSD $HDD && diskutil cs createLV "$N" jhfs+ "$N" 100%

    It is a very long line, and you won't see it on the web page. Be sure to select the entire line, not just the part that you can see.

    Leaving the Terminal.

    8. If you have a Time Machine backup, connect the device to backup and restore your data. If you have saved to a network like a time Capsule device, it must be connected automatically.

    8B. If you do not have a Time Machine backup, or if you can not restore from Time Machine backup that you do not have, install OS x Restore data later in The Migration Wizard.

    In the Internet recovery mode, you install the original version of Mac OS X comes with the machine. If you have upgraded the operating system on the App Store, you will need to do it again.

  • How to get back to the logo fox &amp; original world?

    He was replaced a few days ago with the word FOXYEAH and 6 people under it.

    It is a temporary marketing campaign to get people to enroll in the program of the friends of Firefox and the foxyeah campaign. He goes back to the normal logo in a few days. You can also change your homepage to something else.

  • How to get rid of the Original message loaded


    Can someone help me solve the following problem with my HP Photosmart C6180 All in;

    Some how I managed to get a message on the printer screen saying "Original charge."

    I turned the printer off, entered the menu copy, but can't find anyway to delete. As it became clear that I can't use the copy machine, it makes a noise and produces a blank page.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and all advice will be appreciated.


    Check the paper sensor in the ADF (automatic document feeder):

    Figure 2: Lift the scanner

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  • iPhoto no longer works

    iPhoto worked 2 weeks ago and now when I go to open it it crashes immediately.  Sometimes he tells me to repair the database, but as soon as it starts, it crashes again.  I am running OSX 10.8.5 my husband took my laptop to the Genius Bar, who preten

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