How to get down my Cyber - shot DSC - H90 video?

I have a video on the camera that is playable, but when I try to record video the computer does not see. The computer sees the photos, but not the video.  When the device is plugged into the camera, I see the camera in my computer. Records only I see under the camera of removable storage. In file storage removable, all I see are the photos. I also tried to use the piece of software Mamories without success.

I have a Sony Cyber - shot DSC - H90 and a windows 7 PC.



Please change the setting of your camera to the MTP/PTP USB connection to view the files in your computer. After changing the setting, reconnect your camera using the USB cable and open the PMH. All the files should appear on the import page, photos and videos as well.

Here is a guide on how to change the settings:

  1. MENU (settings) (main settings) [USB connection setting] mode 

Note: Please select MTP/PTP mode desired when you use Windows Vista, 7 and Mac OS

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  • need to download software for cyber shot DSC - H90

    Where can download software of Sony cyber shot DSC - H90?

    Hello mkorthaus,

    You can download the software PlayMemories home (WPH) from the link after choosing the appropriate operating system below.

    Drivers required to connect the Sony camera to a computer are already included in the Windows operating system.

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  • Cyber-shot DSC-P100 pic view very blue sky

    My camera is 10 years (Cyber-shot DSC-P100 and until that time, no problem.)

    Problem: When you try to view the photos from the memory card or take those pictures become almost 'ghostly' very light blue or as an old "negative." I bought a new batttery lithium thinking there had to be a but prob continues. It turns out that the battery is fine. But the problem persists.

    Background: a month ago I was taking pictures of friends sports game and I accidentally pushed the movie mode. I tried to change back to still images, but not able to do. If I pushed a worng framework without my glasses... do not know how to trouble shoot since I can not find the manual.

    So two questions.

    Q1 How can I activate video recording mode?

    Q2 How can I get rid of the mode clear blue appearance on all my photos?

    Thank you


    I presume it is the camera?

    You have a dial to the Middle top, which has all of your pictures modes, an excerpt, and film. Probably you have it shot on film, turn as well as the dial until the marker bit on the left dashboard points to P or the small picture with the Green camera for fully automatic mode. This should take you off video recording.

    For the blue tint, you may accidentally changed the white balance.

    By pressing the menu button should show the standard settings - look for WB (white balance), and you can put it back on AWB (auto white balance).
    I hope that this should be the cause of your ghostly photos.

    If this isn't the case, it could be the sensor is dying, but I guess that's not.

    Good luck

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    their knowledge? Thank you!


    Tauramarie in New York

    Hi Tauramarie,


    Proceed as shown on the lower section of the technical support to resolve this issue:

    This should solve the problem. If the problem persists, unfortunately; Camera will must be repaired.

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    Yes it is compatible

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  • Sony Cyber Shot DSC RX100 Raw files (.) ARW) treated with Photoshop Elements 9.0.3?

    Sony Cyber Shot DSC RX100 Raw files (.) ARW) treated with Photoshop Elements 9.0.3?

    Hi Allen, DSC RX 100 needs ACR 7.2 which is taken in charge with PES 11

    You must upgrade to 11 PES or DNG converter allows you to convert RAW images to DNG so that you can use in PES 9

  • My new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC RX100II and how to use it

    Hello - new here and quite overwhelmed with this beautiful camera I bidded on and won... and do not know how to use.  I used point and shoot camera cyber-shot in the past and understand the camera and the conditions of very basic photography.  For example: I know that when I want the best shot on my ebay for details product, I go to the macro.

    But this camera so much, I don't know where to start.  I am looking for the instructions online for the * thing and can't even find that.  I spent time on the internet looking for instruction but have not yet found.  I found an app on my Kindle HDX, which seems to be a good and will spend some time, but if anyone knows a good educational site for this particular unit who speaks English and not of photo-ese, I would be VERY grateful.  (and Yes, I know that I need to learn the photo-ese as well).

    See this link to download the user manual and User Guide:

    I recommend you get a book titled "The photographer for the Sony DSC - RX100 II Guide", written by Alexander S. White.  It's a great book giving each bit of the camera which will help you in your learning.

  • Replacement of a card memory Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T100

    I have a Sony Cybershot DSC T100. I lost the memory card recently. wondering how I can replace it. Thank you!

    The Cyber-shot can use a Memory Stick Duo.

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    View > sidebar and UNCHECK bookmarks.

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    How to get off the keyboard?


    You want to replace the keyboard or what?

    The keyboard is fixed with 2 screws. The two screws are hidden under the cover of thin plastic above the F1 - F12 key
    You must remove this plastic, thin cover to access these screws

    But note; the keyboard is connected to the motherboard with a flat cable, you will need to do this first of all unplug until you can remove the keyboard completely

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    What application are you using?
    If you use Windows Live Messenger I suggest you to ask your question on the forum below.
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    OT Shot downloaded when I downloaded another program.  It caused problems almost immediately.  As recommended when I Googled, I deleted it via the control panel but the remains have stayed behind.  It's in the start menu as a small icon of heart.  It does not appear in a security analysis, but it is still havoc on my computer.  Apparently, it is malware.  How can I get rid of him?

    What worked for me was download the trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security and run a full scan... their analysis is much more powerful to detect and remove malware from Microsoft.  (Scan of Microsoft has not detected any problems.)  After that, I still had the message OT skin could not load, then the prompt to import my contacts in Outlook, that I ignored it.  I finally spoke to a tech support guy, who accompanied me through how to remove it completely: in Start menu, type Manager tasks in the search bar, and then click the drop down menu find Otshot and Hotshot (apparently, they are the same thing) and then I think, click on end process.  (I think remember me dragging it over into the trash, before or after the year-end process, but I did not have an anything to test with now).  Restart the computer and it should be gone.

  • Sony Cyber - shot DSC - H2 shutter button

    The shutter button was broken and fell out. How can I replace it? Thank you.

    The DSC - H2 and H5 have a serious design flaw, shutter button positions are about 1/32 of an inch thick and break ALL THE TIME. Don't waste your money buy another one from Sony for $25 + because it will break again.

    You want an aluminum pole so that it will NEVER break again! Sony does not sell them, and won't admit that there is a problem with the design of the camera. They will charge you $171 to fix the camera if you want to send to them well! Not a very good deal if you ask me.

    The only place to get a position of massive aluminium shutter release button comes from the and the full package of repair is only $70 if you want to send in for repair.

    $25 for the same position in plastic that has already erupted, or $25 for a solid aluminium with a lifetime warranty that it will never break again?

    Thomas Drayton

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