How to get fullname of the user after login


I'm developing a simple web panel with the vCloud API readonly information.

I was able to get information about organizations, vApps, TDC and VMs, but something "simple" that to get the full name of the user logged in using the login process API vCloud is impossible for me.

Please, can someone give me help on this?

I use vCloud API SDK for PHP, but I'd appreciate any kind of information or instructions on how to get connected fullname of the user.

Thanks in advance for you help.

In order to be able to do this you will first need to connect to the organization with the user "administrator of the Organization" and record the information about users somewhere - in a database, or some kind of in-memory cache. You can't get much information on a normal user to user.

Users to get information, to get the 'admin' of an organization representation.

GET https://> /api/v1.0/admin/org/>

When you make the request in the response above, you will find a section

After that, you do a GET request for each user and read the information. Save it somewhere and use it later.


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      The last window that you will see will ask you if you want to keep the soon-to-be-used user represents the files in a folder on your desktop. It's your choice here.

      • If you have already backed up all important data on this user account, you can safely click on 'delete files '.
      • If you do not, you must click "keep files".
    7. Kind regards
    Amith Malherbe
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  • doubt Doc ID 1618305.1 how to install and configure the user interface for content with WebCenter content

    doubt Doc-ID 1618305.1 How to install and configure the user interface with WebCenter content content

    The portal_domain field contains;

    AdminServer (admin) and Enterprise Manager, (port 7001)

    IBR_server1, (port 16250)

    UCM_server1, (port 16200)

    WC_Spaces1, (port 8888).

    On the same machine, I have another weblogic, admin and for the ITS.

    The case is that continued to develop for the upgrade to the new skin WebCenter content.

    That's my goal.

    Then I did some research and came to the following notes in support.

    1 - how to install and configure the UI content with WebCenter content and (Doc ID 1618305.1() & ID = 1618305.1 & _afrWindowMode = 0 & _adf. CTRL-State = c7eq7vwdt_216


    2 - update of the UI content after you apply the Patch of Bundle WebCenter content 3 (MLR 3) or higher (Doc ID 1617477.1() & ID = 1617477.1 & _afrWindowMode = 0 & _adf. CTRL-State = c7eq7vwdt_245

    The UCM_server1 has the following House / app / oracle / Middleware / Oracle_ECM1 /.

    And the list of patches;


    Installed products of higher level (1):

    Oracle WebCenter content management install

    There are 1 products in this House of Oracle.

    Installed products (40):

    Cloning of the 11g Application Server component

    Enterprise Manager Application Server Integrator Plugin - Management Service Support11.

    FMW Control Plugin for Oracle inbound refinery

    FMW Control Plugin for Oracle WebCenter Capture

    Component install SDK

    Oracle Application Server Configuration

    Part of Oracle Bali

    Oracle capture

    Common files Oracle WebCenter content management

    Oracle Content Server

    Content of Oracle Server component

    Content access Content Server Oracle

    Access to the contents of the Oracle Content Server files

    Oracle Content Server Core

    Oracle server content distribution

    Oracle extended Windowing Toolkit

    Oracle Fusion Middleware Admin Config

    Oracle Help for Java

    Oracle Help for the Web - UIX

    Oracle Help for the Web Shared Library

    Oracle Help share library

    Ice browser Oracle

    Oracle IRM                                                 

    Oracle extended JFC Windowing Toolkit

    One-time correction of Oracle installer

    Oracle outside in technology

    Oracle Remote Client of Intradoc

    Component of Oracle rules

    Oracle SOA workflow

    Universal Oracle install

    Oracle Upgrade Wizard

    Oracle Upgrade Wizard

    Upgrade Oracle WebCenter content management Assistant

    Oracle WebCenter Capture

    Oracle Webcenter content - rights documentalist

    Oracle WebCenter content - Universal Content Manager

    Oracle WebCenter content management install

    Oracle WebCenter content management product suite

    Oracle WebCenter content: Imaging

    OracleAS Documentation

    There are 40 products installed in this House of Oracle.

    Interim plates (2):

    Patch 18188143: applied the sea Mar 19 17:37:32 BRT 2014

    Patch ID: 17263162

    Created February 5, 2014, 12:56:41 pm

    Bugs fixed:

    15872313, 17184457, 17515691, 16633496, 14317920, 15991141, 16892410

    14071471, 17929776, 13414481, 16042293, 17018964, 17627211, 16768600

    16037162, 14521663, 17768056, 14738077, 16460053, 17567819, 17806416

    15905591, 16080297, 17569908, 17043756, 18139768, 17211093, 17805499

    16418434, 16828356, 16671687, 17039391, 16698130, 17943394, 17632731

    17560900, 14246603, 15941347, 16045712

    Location of patch in the inventory:

    / app/Oracle/middleware/Oracle_ECM1/Inventory/oneoffs/18188143

    Patch location in the storage area:


    Patch 18088049: applied the sea Mar 19 17:35:58 BRT 2014

    Patch ID: 17182855

    Created February 16, 2014 20:35:48 hrs PST8PDT

    Bugs fixed:

    17919101, 17894065, 17884570, 17883868, 17883112, 17854549, 17835742

    17832305, 17819213, 17812338, 17789722, 17783376, 17778867, 17761746

    17740542, 17733871, 17698852, 17658821, 17642431, 17636186, 17622384

    17616664, 17616611, 17616489, 17613656, 17608703, 17589960, 17581458

    17574153, 17567413, 17565564, 17558210, 17558068, 17546505, 17545841

    17540480, 17528590, 17514070, 17511368, 17511271, 17511089, 17501678

    17500375, 17475733, 17449617, 17421368, 17417817, 17416821, 17416807

    17416771, 17416377, 17416343, 17402732, 17401071, 17401052, 17397875

    17393920, 17393892, 17369286, 17368525, 17368096, 17362858, 17362130

    17354877, 17353764, 17352746, 17335303, 17335290, 17330493, 17324707

    17323595, 17323038, 17317268, 17314494, 17313064, 17313052, 17313000

    17312990, 17312933, 17312863, 17312366, 17298386, 17295962, 17290804

    17285105, 17270986, 17261952, 17255019, 17219134, 17216119, 17206903

    17201035, 17200854, 17199763, 17187804, 17185539, 17171852, 17171818

    17164502, 17160600, 17153780, 17074852, 17050451, 17049175, 17026301

    17008220, 17007746, 17007534, 17006378, 16999307, 16999291, 16991380

    16980256, 16980207, 16980196, 16979042, 16961904, 16958142, 16954858

    16941623, 16936055, 16936048, 16936036, 16936020, 16936006, 16935987

    16935976, 16921682, 16908287, 16858148, 16815976, 16796213, 13931337

    17424037, 17006115, 17171834

    OPatch succeeded.


    And contains the following configurations in config.cfg


    SocketAddressHostSecurityFilter = | 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 | 192.168.1. * |

    xPortalSecurityPropagate = true

    Web server = javaAppServer

    AllowUpdateForGenwww = 1

    SearchIndexerEngineName = OracleTextSearch

    IndexerDatabaseProviderName = SystemDatabase

    AdditionalEscapeChars = -: #.

    FileEncoding = UTF8

    MaxQueryRows = 2000

    DisableAuthorizationTokenCheck = true

    IntradocServerPort = 4444

    SchemaPublishInterval = 604800

    SSAllowDelayedProjectWrites = true

    IdcServerThreadQueryTimeout = 120

    DisableQueryTimeoutSupport = false

    MaxSearchConnections = 20


    UseSearchCache = false


    #AdditionalEscapeChars = _: #, -: {-}, has: A, GOLD: GOLD, CAN: CAN, AND: AND at the END:

    # Accesing a content item on a mapped Web URL (WebUrlMap) fails with the error: "unable to retrieve the content. Security access denied» (Doc ID 1639028.1()

    MaxAccountsInSecurityClause = 300

    # end (Doc ID 1639028.1()

    #Search fails for external users in WCC after upgrade to (Doc ID 1676468.1()

    DoCaseInsensitiveAcctSearch = false

    # end (Doc ID 1676468.1()

    #MigrationFormatForfApplicationGUID = dCollectionName:dCollectionGUID


    To my UCM_Server1 content WebCenter.

    As I already have a WebCenter content I have to follow the second part of the note

    How to install and configure the UI content with WebCenter content and (Doc ID 1618305.1).

    Install and configure content WebCenter ADF WebUI against WebCenter Content Server

    Step 1) install the MDS schema

    (Step 2), install the Weblogic Server

    11 GR 1 material step 3) DOWNLOAD and install Oracle Application Development Framework ( in the new WebUI WLS Middleware House, found here

    Step 4) Download and apply Patch 16, 546 129.

    Step 5) Download and apply Patch 16, 546 157.

    Step 6) download and apply the Patch and then 19,469,801, 18,102,108 Patch

    Step 7) copy the wccadf files in the field of user interface

    Step 8) Oracle on demand services (MDS) metadata registry

    Step 9) Place the WebCenter content domain user interface model

    Step 10) run the Setup Wizard on the new home of Middleware WebUI to create the new domain

    Step 11) updated the Oracle ADF of shared libraries

    Step 12) start the domain WebUI administration server

    Step 13) Save target Managed Server with the MDS repository and create the metadata partition

    Step 14) start the server managed WebUI.

    Step 15) associate UI WebCenter content to Content Server.

    Step 16) reboot the WebUI ADF server managed.

    Step 17 access the WebUI

    Step 18) complete the Configuration of the workflow

    Step 19) apply the latest Patch Bundle content UI of WebCenter


    To read the steps that I understood, to 19, with success, in the end, I will have an another WebLogic with a domain name and its respective EM.

    I have two servers weblogic?

    portal_domain (explained above) and a new wccui_domain wls and domain.

    This fix it?

    Two WLS to keep WebCenter portal and content, and other elements.

    Because I'm not able to do with the WLS even where I UCM_server1 today?

    Thanks for all suggestions and criticism.

    To read the steps that I understood, to 19, with success, in the end, I will have an another WebLogic with a domain name and its respective EM.

    I have two servers weblogic?

    portal_domain (explained above) and a new wccui_domain wls and domain.

    This fix it?

    Two WLS to keep WebCenter portal and content, and other elements.

    Because I could not do with the WLS even where I UCM_server1 today?

    Yes, up to, you will need to install a new wls House (new wls server admin) and then configure WCC ui there. User interface and COE will not work in the same field. You can have the portal and content under the same House of wls and install a new one for the user interface.

    This is due to a problem with ADF and WCC libraries.

    With 12 c, this dependence is not there, and you can install / configure all 3 (Portal, content and adf ui) applications on the same domain.

  • How to get rid of the stupid list dropdown in the search box

    How to get rid of the stupid list dropdown in the search box

    If you want to restore the window previously used independently to manage search engines, you can enable or disable this pref to false with a middle-click on the topic: config page.

    • topic: config page: = false

    Close and restart Firefox to force change.

  • How to get rid of the new menu button on the right side of the toolbar

    Honestly, I don't know why the developers cannot offer new features that we can use or not, by choice. Instead, things are forced upon us.

    Could someone tell me please how to get rid of the new menu button on the right side of the toolbar?

    It doesn't seem to be an option to remove via the Customize Toolbars window.

    Thank you very much.

    CTR extension makes Firefox customizable menu button 3 bar, so you can drag this button in the palette to customize to remove it from the Navigation toolbar.

    Reload and stop probably combine only if you set the two buttons in the correct order (reload - Stop and non-Stop - Reload)

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    How to get rid of the superdrive in menu bar?

    Hold down the command key and drag it off the menu.

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    I tried to contact Toshiba online but it does not connect.

    Thank you

    Sorry mate but I put t understand the question
    What cell phone do you have?
    Do you mean the internal s laptop webcam?

    If this can be useful?

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