How to get my homepage index.html to stand, I've added files?


How to get my homepage index.html to stand, I've added files?

I created folders in the root and Idex.htlm file, but when I ADDED a file to the file, the INDEX or photos. Files HTML moves downwards.

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I do not think too that you can have the index at the top of the "stack".

However, you can group the files / folders by Type, Date modified and file size by double clicking on the topic at the top of the File Manager.



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    I'm afraid, it's default system process and it is not possible to change the file name for the first page created in Adobe Muse of index.html at home or any other file name.

    You can also refer to some articles about why it is important to have the index.html page in your site: what is the index.HTML Page - default Web Pages , the Homepage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    This can be done by your end host please contact you host make index.html as starting or landing page of the doamin.

    Kind regards


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    How to get the string (specified by row and column) of txt file with labview


    As far as I know, a text file has no column.  Be more specific.  Do you mean something like the 5th word on line 4, where the words are separated by a space, and lines are separated by a newline character?  You can read from the spreadsheet String function and set the delimiter to a space.  This will produce a 2D channels table.  Then use the table to index and give the line number and column number.

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    Dreamweaver is a tool, not an install Android of web authoring tool.

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    Download link for DNG Converter to convert your files to DNG and then you can import them to Lightroom 5: -.

    Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Macintosh

    Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Windows

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  • How to get the path of the vmdk to a VM stop file?

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    How to get the path of the vmdk to a VM stop file in ESX Server via the VIX API?

    I try to get it via the VixVM_ReadVariable() function. but it seems that this function requires that the virtual machine is power on.

    I don't want to go the virtual machine started, I just want to know if I can get the path of the vmdk file when a virtual machine is power off.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry, I don't have any samples.

    However, if you look at the layoutEx of the managed object VirtualMachine field, you will see that the VirtualMachineFileLayoutEx data object has a field "files" which should contain the paths of affected files.

    I hope that it should be able to help get started.

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    I'm new to soa, I want to create an xml with the data from database tables, I'll have the xsd please suggest me how to get the data in the tables and insert in a file

    in your bpel process, you can use the db adapter to communicate with the database.
    with this type of adapter, you can use stored procedures, selects, etc to get the data from your database into your bpel workflow.

    When did it call in your bpel to the db adapter process it will return an output_variable with the contents of your table data, represented in a style of xml form.

    After that, you can use the second card (a file synchronization adapter) to write to the content of this variable in output to the file system

  • Dreamweaver / excel or access - how to get the series of html files


    IM pretty newbe to dreameaver, any advice is appreciated.

    I have prepared a web page layout using dreamweaver. I also have a list of 200 lines with 4 columns in excel.

    I d like dreamweaver automatically create series of clean html files (no java or other technologies) only html and css, and use the data from the excel file.

    I d like dreamweaver to 'take' each of the cells of a row in the excel file and put it in its place for the layout (description3, description1, description2, description4). as the output, I d like to get 200 html files.

    I was sleeping me with options of database in dreamweaver for a few days and I had the feeling that the features are rather designed for someone who creates dynamic web pages and a database installed on a server. in one such case dreamweaver inserts... java, ajax and spry... (I don't know m) code that I don't want.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have the

    This may seem a little too complex, but you "could" export your Excel files to xml format and built pages by using spry data sets.

    In this way, you wouldn't need a database and the learning curve is perhaps easier.

    "Look at the demos of spry on the following link and the previous link to connect to the developers for ' how - to of.

    Using spry and export your data from Excel to xml format would mean just update your xml file to reflect changes you need for data to Web sites.


    Note: in this way, you can use any server provider and there is no specific requirement.

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  • sorting table, how to get the new index of the last value?

    Hi all!

    I use a Subvi, which adds a cluter of the parameters to an array and then sort this table by one of the parameters in clusters.

    It works very well, with examples, that I found in this forum

    but now, I would like to know if it is possible to obtain at the end of the new cluster index first added.

    See attached VI

    Thank you

    You take the size of the table and insert the new element to this level is anything other than the table of construction and a simple construction would do that.

    In your question, I assume you're asking on the index of the item that you inserted after the sorting of the table, right? In this case, you can compare the cluster element that you introduce to the initial with the cluster table you get after a sorting of the table. This will give you the index of the item that you insert at the start.

  • How to get APEX_APPLICATION elements index for lines checked

    Hi, I built a report like this:
    + 'TNE_CASH_ADVANCE ' +.

    You can see that the 2nd is an input box for the user to enter the number.
    But here's a nuisance. For the submission process:

    P_CAA_NO VARCHAR2 (14);
    P_WO_TOTAL: = 0;
    + / * erase all profits. prepare for the write-off of validation * / +.
    BECAUSE me in 1.APEX_APPLICATION. G_F11. Count
    raise_application_error (-20001, P_WO_AMT);

    We know that the arrary F11 will return only selected lines. But this leads to a mistake on go get the F12.
    The F12 will have a bad index (i). Right?

    Anyone has any experience on this? Thanks in advance.

    Add one more APEX_ITEM - element hidden with the same ID as in your ARTICLE in the BOX. As you wrote, F11 (i) returns only selected ID. checkboxes so, if you add an element with the same ID value to compare with your box. In your loop, if these two values are the same, this means checkbox for the current, I even checked. E.g.:

    apex_item. Hidden(1,TABLE_ID) | apex_item. Hidden (2, SEQ_ID) | apex_item. CheckBox(3,SEQ_ID) "remove."
    of une_table

    Erase your process:

    BECAUSE me in 1... apex_application.g_f01. COUNTY
    FOR j from 1... apex_application.g_f03. COUNTY
    IF apex_application.g_f03 (j) = apex_application.g_f02 (i) THEN
    / delete process using only the i-references.
    END IF;

    With this condition you don't need to use APEX_APPLICATION. G_F12 (APEX_APPLICATION. G_F11 (i)); but:


    Kind regards

  • How to get broke the index of the row in the listview?

    Hi all

    I use the function of the snap of the listview to stop the scrolling on the single point. Is there a way to get the row of the line broke without drawing on the line?

    Just found a solution. With the help of the listscrollstatehandler and make use of the firstVisibleItem to get the row of the visible line of the listview, and everything will work.

  • How to get page amx text and open it in a class file in oracle MAF 12.1.3

    I created a simple form using amx as below:

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >

    " < amx:view xmlns: xsi =" "

    ' xmlns:amx = ' "xmlns:dvtm =" ">

    < amx:panelPage id = "pp1" >

    < amx:facet name = "header" >

    < amx:outputText value = "Header" id = "ot1" / >

    < / amx:facet >

    < amx:facet = "primary" name >

    < amx:commandButton id = "cb1" / >

    < / amx:facet >

    < amx:facet = "secondary" name >

    < amx:commandButton id = "cb2" / >

    < / amx:facet >

    < amx:panelFormLayout id = "p1" >

    < amx:inputText id = "i2" hintText = 'enter something '.

    Label = "Edit Text" > < / amx:inputText >

    < amx:inputText id = "text1" label = "" enter password: ""

    secret = "true" / >

    < / amx:panelFormLayout >

    < amx:commandButton id = "c1" text = "Send" action = "getFormDetails" > < / amx:commandButton >

    < / amx:panelPage >

    < / amx:view >

    I want to extract text entries and access in a class file. Please help me.

    You can store values in pageflowscope and then get these in javaclass.


    «"" "AMX page:»»"»

    secret = "true" / >

    Java class:

    public void getFormDetails() {}

    AdfELContext adfELContext = AdfmfJavaUtilities.getAdfELContext ();

    ValueExpression ve = AdfmfJavaUtilities.getValueExpression ("#{}", String.class);

    String val = (String) ve.getValue (adfELContext);


  • How to get the UTF-8 encoding &amp; exhaust URL to an xml file?

    How can I optimize exhaust URL & UTF-8 encoding in XML that is created using the DBMS. XMLGEN for non-ASCII characters.

    There is a parameter controlling the character of output defined in the function, which is not by default the game as I thought initially of characters in database:

      FUNCTION escape(url                   IN VARCHAR2 CHARACTER SET ANY_CS,
                      escape_reserved_chars IN BOOLEAN  DEFAULT FALSE,
                      url_charset           IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT
                      RETURN VARCHAR2 CHARACTER SET url%CHARSET;

    Knowing this, two options:

    SQL> select utl_url.escape(url => 'ümlat.php&q=name', url_charset => 'AL32UTF8') from dual;


    SQL> exec utl_http.set_body_charset('AL32UTF8');
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed
    SQL> select utl_url.escape('ümlat.php&q=name') from dual;
  • How to get the full path using HTP. PRINT ("&lt;" input type = "file")...

    Hello everyone,

    I'm working on downloading the page file to another using the package HTP, but whenever I submit the form, it takes only the file name without the full path.
    for example:
    If I sent 'c:\dir\a.txt', the other page receives the parameter file as 'a.txt ".

    the code is here

    Download of the PROCEDURE (appno in varchar2, wsct in varchar2) AS

    l_real_name VARCHAR2 (1000);


    HTP.title ("Test Upload'");
    HTP.header (1, 'Test Upload');
    HTP.print ('< form action = "" method = "get" >');
    HTP.print (' download file: < input type = "file" name = "file" >)
    HTP.print ('< input type = "submit" value = "Upload" >');
    HTP.print ('< activated >');

    Download END;

    the other page see so

    file is "water lilies.jpg".

    Thank you

    Published by: dtabed on March 30, 2011 01:02

    For Internet Explorer 8 and later versions, you must set a security setting to get the full qualified path: see

    For other browsers, there could be a similar setting.

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