How to get my serial number

I have the cd of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium, but I want to get my serial number to use my product.

Find your serial No.

If you have not yet saved the program if the serial number is not indicated on your account... , then click on Plans & products top

.. and you have lost the serial number that came inside the box... you are out of luck

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  • How to get my serial number for Acrobat DC std to install? I have only the number of contract!

    How to get my serial number for Acrobat DC std to install? I have only the number of contract!


    You can find serial number here sign in French - Adobe ID . Please make sure you sign in with your Adobe under which you purchased Adobe Acrobat DC Standard ID.

    See this KB doc for help: find the serial number of your product Adobe quickly

    Let us know if you need help.

    Kind regards


  • How can get a serial number

    How can get a serial number

    Adobe apps in the creative cloud no longer use serial numbers.

    Once you purchase a subscription, connect you to the designer Cloud Desktop App to download programs. As long as your user ID is associated with a valid subscription, the function of programs.

    Click here to take a subscription: pricing and membershipcreative cloud plans | Adobe Creative Cloud

    If you already have an earlier version of the program, pre creative cloud, you can find your serial number on your package or under your Adobe Id profile used to save the program.

    Adobe can't stand CC pre versions.

  • How to get my serial number lost? I bought my Adobe Creative Suite years from a retailer. This is an installation CD.

    How to get my serial number lost? I bought my Adobe Creative Suite years from a retailer. This is an installation CD.

    Janneh82309070, I looked at the e-mail address you sent me via private message and there is no Adobe software titles registered under this account.  By the document referenced by Ned in the message #1 this discussion, please contact our support team directly at contact customer service if you are unable to locate your serial number.  You want to be prepared with any other e-mail addresses or telephone numbers that may have been used to record the Creative Suite 4.  If the software title was never registered then Adobe will not have a record of the serial number.

    I apologise for the difficulties you have find your serial number Janneh82309070.  Future versions of the Creative Suite registration was automatic to help reduce this type of events.

  • I can't find my serial number for Photoshop Elements version 8. It came with a HP computer I bought in 2010. I recently had to do a recovery, it has been uninstalled. I moved since then and don't know how to get the serial number.

    I can't find my serial number for Photoshop Elements version 8. It came with a HP computer I bought in 2010. I recently had to do a recovery, it has been uninstalled. I moved since then and don't know how to get the serial number.

    Please explain how I can get the serial number?

    James, if it came with the machine and you are not registered, then you can't get it from the dealer where you purchased the machine. PSE 8 is now end of life and we have limited resources for the same thing, make sure you check the system requirements | Adobe Photoshop Elements if you try to install it on a new machine.

    If you want to upgrade to the latest version, you can check: photo editor, change the images. Adobe Photoshop Elements 13


  • Can someone out there tell me how to get my serial number?

    Can anyone out there tell me how to get my serial number of my educational product that I wanted to start using this week.

    After spending 10 days 'CAT' team on several occasions, being left to wait 15 to 20 minutes after each answer, having several communications from 2 to 3 HOURS and when in desperation for a human voice I call says 'clouds' using the only available support is "online chat"?


    What specific educational product, including version number, please? Did you buy a subscription or buy outright?

  • How to get the serial number.


    I just settle payment with Adobe and had the program Ps CC yesterday.

    Now, he is asked for the serial number. Please tell us how to get it.

    Thank you

    Creating cloud app request serial number

  • How to get a serial number or the redemption code?

    I've already paid for the photography Plan and download the software, but why always the trial? How to get a code redemption or serial number?

    Hi Sadydu78,

    Like its a subscription service so not necessary to any number or redemption code. I would ask you try sign and connect to office creative cloud. If its still ask the serial number then please check the links below that the same question has been discussed.

    Creative Cloud applications unexpectedly back in test mode - creative software says cloud my free trial has expired, but I have a paid subscription

    Creating cloud asking serial number - Cloud Creative applications ask for serial number

    Let me know if you need more help on this.

    Thank you
    Florianne Jindal

  • How to get the serial number or the IMEI of my lost iphone icloud disconnection find my phone is off

    I lost my iphone and I do not know how to find because the icloud is disconnected and find my iphone is off too please help me.

    If find my iPhone is not enabled on the device, then you will not be able to follow. Nothing else you can do. You cannot follow the device with serial number or IMEI.

  • How to get a serial number on a pre installed product?


    I bought a mac someone and I have a lot of Adobe products installed. Open them all with the exception of the prelude asking me a serial number.

    How can I recover the said number? Is it possible to find the information on the computer?

    I forgot to mention that the guy before you buy the mac directly from Apple.

    Thanks for any help you can give,

    This license to use these adobe programs should be transferred to transfer a license of Adobe product

    If that were the case, you can retrieve the serial number using

  • How to get a serial number for the legacy

    Hello I downloaded a torrent after effects and not the serial number

    and I wonder how?

    He has no need of torrent anything. Just download the creative cloud of Adobe software and you can install one of the Adobe applications you want to use with no serial number at all! If you want to continue using it after the trial period is over, simply subscribe to the creative cloud so you can continue to use them as long as you want.

  • How to get a serial number after using the trial?

    I downloaded the demo of Lightroom 4, and I liked it, so I'll buy it.  However, when I click on the button 'buy' on the Launcher, it redirects me to the purchase page and he asks me if I want to download or have a disk shipped to me.  I just want to buy a serial number to activate my copy for good, since I the trial is essentially the version complete but with a time limit.  How can I do this?

    Click on download.  you don't have to install (or even save the download).  Simply use the serial number to activate the trial you already installed.

    remove the unnecessary download.

  • How to get the serial number of a version pre-installed Photoshop elements?

    Back in 2011, I bought a laptop that came with a full version of Photoshop Elements 8 included with it.

    It was already installed on the computer, so I don't have a serial number with her

    Now I recently bought a new computer and I would like to reinstall Photoshop Elements 8 on it. However, it requires a serial number which I did not. (I can't retrieve it some info of the software license, as the 4 last digits are missing).

    What can I do?

    You can try to use Belarc Advisor.  I used on a system Windows - XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and it works: >

    You can read about it on this link: >

    This tool will make a list of all your applications and their serial numbers.  It also tells you if patches are absent, but I do not rely on the part that I have other ways to find them.

    Good luck.

  • PageMill 2 - How to get the serial number?

    I have a CD for instalation of pagemill 2.0.  I'm tryin to reinstall, but I lost the code of validation.  Do I have any options?

    I didn't know people still run Vista

    In any case, good luck with it.

    However you will need to call the Adobe customer service to retrieve the serial number, assuming that it has been saved in the first place

  • How to get the serial number for an old software Acrobat?

    Hi all

    I lost the serial number as well as the case plastic of Acrobat 8 Standard edition that I bought in 2008.

    I found the CD without the box. Is there anyway to recover the serial number of the product?

    Please advice?



    If you have registered your product when you installed it first, then you might be able to find the serial number recorded in your Adobe account online.  In addition, you must contact Adobe Support by chat or phone when you have the serial number and activation problems.

    Here is a link to a page with options to help make contact:

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